Self Loathing And Panties

Recently we’ve been having some discussions on the forum about what images are and aren’t acceptable. It’s looking like we’re not going to allow members to publish private images of themselves as the general consensus is that these images are often erotically charged, and that’s not the point of the site. I agree with that, but I’ve noticed something else in these discussions, something that quite frankly saddens me.

You may or may not be surprised to learn that there are people (cross-dressing people) who don’t like the image of Iggy Pop wearing a dress, which was described as, and I quote ‘scary.’ Interesting, no? A community of men that frequently bemoans discrimination contains a section which will quite happily discriminate against itself, like a snake eating it’s own tail.

Yes, like it or not, there are men who want to wear women’s clothing who nevertheless don’t want to see other men who wear women’s clothing – and not because it’s sexual, but because they simply don’t like the way it looks. This is rather akin to a lesbian taking offense at seeing two women holding hands on the street, in fact, it vaguely puts me in mind of the infamous Republican anti-gay crusaders who turn out to be having intimate relations with every man in a five mile radius. Sometimes, seeing something that reflects something we’re not totally comfortable with in ourselves elicits a visceral negative reaction. In fact, I dare say that for some men who like to cross-dress the level of negative reaction to a non-sexualised image of a man in a dress provides a pretty good indicator as to the level of one’s own self loathing.

Of course, that doesn’t apply to everyone. Not all men wear women’s clothing for the same reasons, and not all men who wear women’s clothing wear dresses. I know there are men who only like panties and not much more and who keep such things private and would prefer other men did the same. But (in spite of the name and my own lingerie focused posts) this site isn’t just for men who like to wear panties. This site is for all men who want freedom from traditional dress, it’s for opening minds. It’s not for people to pick and choose what they find personally appealing from the wide world of cross-dressing and try to censor or pour scorn upon the rest of it. The man who wears a dress has precisely the same right to do so as the man who has a pair of panties stuffed in the back of his office drawer, and both will be welcome, and represented here.