Sand Zebra Animal Panties For All Day Comfort

sand zebraDo you like to wear panties all day long? Do you like to be comfortable whilst you do it? Do you think the concepts of sand and zebras aren’t combined often enough? If you answered yes to any of those questions. Or if you answered no to any of those questions, then these are possibly the panties for you. Designed to be super comfortable in a range of color styles, including the outrageous animal pattern shown above. But there’s also two shades of brown, which is great news for the beige brigade. One is mocha, and one is plain sand. For people who thought that the animal print waistband was too gaudy. In addition to mocha and sand there’s black, black with animal print waist and minty blue. Minty blue. Heck yes.

But that’s not what’s truly exciting about these panties. What’s truly exciting about them is that they feature 4-way stretch, which I think means that these panties stretch through the x,y and z axis – as well as through time itself.

Check out these time travelling animal themed super comfortable panties from Warners!