Real Men Wear High Heels

man wearing high heelsMen’s high heels, now there’s a fashion trend likely to blow the mind of clothing conservatives. But why shouldn’t men wear high heels? Why should a man be restricted to his natural height, or wearing complicated lift arrangements that make him taller in a stealthy kind of way?

In the past, men could wear high heels as much as they wanted, in fact, high heels were an essential part of the well dressed gentleman’s wardrobe.

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2 thoughts on “Real Men Wear High Heels

  1. rd

    I myself love wearing heels. Unfortunately, there really doesn’t seem to be much uniformity of sizing in the shoe (or fashion, for that matter) industry. So your best bet is to to try them on before buying. However, with a foot that requires a man’s 10-1/2, finding ladies shoes in a 12 or 13 tends to be an online experience at best. Very few stores stock over a 10 and I’ve found none that stock over an 11 except Payless. Yea, Zappo’s and Pleaser’s are great about exchanges and returns, but it is a hassle and multiple shipping adds costs to the product. So as a result, my shoe collection is nowhere I’d like it to be.
    Keep up the great work, Hope. We love ya!

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