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  1. Mikki

    Jeeze Hope… am I the only one (besides John) who likes to comment on this page? I note that several others comment on your HUB itself… do you have a preference as to where we should all post? If not, perhaps I’ll just post in both!

    I think wanting to be a woman and wanting to be feminine are two different things. Speaking for only myself, but somewhat based on my experiences with other crossdressing males, it is the dressing and assuming the feminine role both mentally and physically that is so strong for many. When I dress in lingerie I also mentally dress in my perception of the female role – giving, nurturing and making every effort to be gentle and considerate in my immediate social setting. To be honest, this does not typically include being subservient in any negative way – I actually do not practice or am interested in those who are submissive humiliation seekers. I prefer open, fun loving and active partners who enjoy embracing their role playing as much as I do.

    I have said before in this hub, I wear female attire under my business clothing 4 out of 7 days when possible. There can be long stretches where I don’t, and I notice that during those times I become more assertive, competitive and less considerate in my thinking – not always in my actions because I am aware of it, but I do notice a change in my mental state. When I am dressed, there is a distinct change in my mood, my perceptions and my processing of social interactions… I become saner, more inclined to build consensus for decisions, more tolerant of mistakes, more nurturing of subordinates… you get the idea. Is this brought about by a few scraps of nylon and lace? Or, is this an unconcious reflection of the identity I assume in my feminine frame of mind?

    Darned if I know for sure… but I am just happier in a nice pair of panties instead of mens underwear made of the same material. Go figure!

  2. Hope Post author

    Hey Mikki :) I guess most end up commenting on the hubs because that’s where they end up after they’ve finished reading the article. I personally don’t mind where people comment, though you’re right, it does look a little like it’s just you and I here most days :) There is more scope for adult comments here though, so perhaps I should mention that. I can’t have the NSFW or NSFF on the hubs, but this space is pretty much free reign.

    That’s a very interesting point you make about femininity and wanting to be a woman not being the same thing. Thank you for the insights, I find them very interesting, and I am sure other readers and lurkers do to :)

  3. Mikki

    At the risk of being a mutual admiration society of two, I think we gain equally from our respective insights. It is interesting to see a young and (presumptive) attractive woman who has such a keen insight into a lifestyle choice that has been practiced since the first his/her animal skins were produced. (If history teaches us anything, it’s that morality is a personal issue and can’t be packaged and adhered to by a group larger than 1.)
    I wonder, when you decide you have met a partner that meets your needs/wants/hopes/desires, what your reaction would be to a long term relationship with a cross dressing male? I wonder if it would matter if he was an outer dresser or an under dresser – or if he was passable enough to venture out in dress… what if he had better legs or a better bottom than you? ;-) I tease, but it is an honest consideration.
    I guess none of us know how we would react until we are faced with circumstances like this… but it’s food for thought.
    Keep up the work and spread the word…

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