Plaid Skirts For Men

tartan skirtsPlaid skirts for men are often referred to as kilts, because oftentimes they are. What’s the difference between a kilt and a mere skirt? Well, a kilt is a pleated skirt which is usually patterned with a clan tartan. Kilts close to the side at the front and are best worn with a large kilt pin which will keep them from flying open at inopportune moments and showing the world everything you have.

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One thought on “Plaid Skirts For Men

  1. martinus

    Sure, men should wear skirts. Most men looking great in it.
    It is known very well that men’s ‘private’ area should be 1 degree cooler than the rest of the body. It is impossible by wearing pants.
    And hosery – panties? Yes, why not. Is there one single reason on earth why men should not wear ‘fine’ stuff. I think men deserves the same as women, they are not 2nd class creatures.
    But only manly men can wear skirts and panties, they have to show their confidence. But I don’t know anything about shoes, I do not like always white socks and military boots… it looks silly to me. It is much more elegant wearing pantyhose (there are some created especially for men).

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