Pettipants For Men

The pettipant is somewhat anachronistic, but there are plenty of men who enjoy this kind of lingerie for a range of reasons. A certain old-fashioned charm is certainly one reason, add to that the unparalleled soft nylon coverage and abundance of lace and you’ve got piece of lingerie that combine comfort, sensuality and classic appeal. They’re basically the Audrey Hepburns of lingerie. As some readers might not have considered pettipants at all before this very moment, today three pettipants will enter the pettiring today and all three of them will leave because they’re all gorgeous in their own way.

Ilusion Pettitpants

We will begin our exploration of the pettipant with these relatively simple, almost boxer short appearing pettipants from Illusions. As with all pettipants, they are designed to be worn under clothing without causing clinging or catching. This means that pettipants are almost always made of high quality nylon, and always feel amazing against the skin. These particular pettipants should work well under long shorts or pants, which, for most men, means that they’ll work with their entire wardrobe. Handy!

Vanity Fair Petti Pant

You might notice that these pettipants from Vanity Fair are long. They’re very long in fact, over the knees, though I suppose if you happen to be a taller gentleman, your knees might still be shamefully exposed whilst wearing them. They measure up at 18 inches, which is an impressive amount of lingerie any which way you slice it. They are also 100% nylon for non-slip smooth wearing and come trimmed with pretty lace.

Velrose Snip-it Pettipants

The pettipants from Velrose feature three tiers of lace plafully traced across the lower legs. Although you might be admiring that lace as a purely aesthetic touch, it actually serves a purpose. The three lace bands are designed so that the garment can be ‘snipped’ to the length you like it. Sort of like those velcro stripper pants, except nothing like that. Forget I said anything.