Paul Doesn’t Worry About His Visible Panty Line…


I wrote this article on VPL and how to avoid it months ago, but it is has recently become a hotly contested topic.

Is VPL an issue, or isn’t it? Paul doesn’t think so, and he is not alone….

paul says:

Why worry about VPL if you were wearing Y fronts then the lines would be the same as panties they have just about the same shape, if you were wearing Y fronts then you would never think of VPL you would go about your day with no thoughts on the matter at all.

I have worn panties every day for over 25 years and never worried about it i started to wear them when my ex wife removed all my male underwear and left me with just female items she told me if i wanted to wear female items when not at work then i should do it all the time ( i think she thought i would stop but it had the opposite effect),

At the time i was in the army and to start with i was scared incase the people who i worked with found out but after a while i stoped thinking about it.

I doubt many men think that when they see the panty line that you must be wearing female panties.

No one has ever asked me if i am wearing female panties and i wear skirts most of the time when i go out the only time i wear pants is when i am traveling by air as when you try to get in and out of the seats then your skirts just about every time ride up due to the small space they allow you.

If you are wearing panties then why worry that you have a line showing not many women give it a thought when they wear them at least it shows that you are wearing underwear unlike some people.

5 thoughts on “Paul Doesn’t Worry About His Visible Panty Line…

  1. Pantywearer

    I whole-heartedly agree with Paul. I’ve never minded if my panty lines are visible or not. I secretly want people (mainly women) to know that I wear panties (if only via VPL). I want my VPL to show. I haven’t gone as far as the four photos (shown above) shows, but one day, I would love to wear a skirt in public. If you’re wearing tight pants, I don’t think that VPL distinguishes if you’re wearing men’s briefs or women’s panties. I would love for a woman to comment on my VPL.

  2. Beez1717

    I personally feel vpl was invented by the underwear industry to get people to buy special undies. No underwear is going to show under anything but tight spandex and thin pants/shorts….

  3. rd

    Agree with Paul. At least VPL shows you’re not commando. I’ve never worried about VPL. Don’t even worry about garters / suspenders showing. If anyone has ever noticed, they’ve not commented. So I say Put on your panties (and whatever lingerie you like) and enjoy them. However, I think I’ll try to be a bit more discreet than the ladies in the photo. Mostly because it would probably lead to an exposure arrest in my area.

  4. Kevin

    Those photos are of a Japanese fad. They are not real panties, just prints on the material. On the subject of VPLs, I LOVE seeing womens VPLs, it is very sensual to me and I dont give a damn is peole see mine

  5. petathepantieboy

    I wear panties 24/7 and do not even thinl about VPL. I try to NOT allow my actual panties to be seen but if anyone sees my VPL I am sure that no one would think that I am wearing panties. They would most likely think that the VPL is from mens underwear.

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