Paradise Silk Panties For Men

silk bikini panties for men

Today I present you with not one, but three silken panty options for your perusal! The panties pictured above are a gorgeous string bikini fashioned in the softest silk guaranteed to make you feel sensual all day long.

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If you’re a larger fellow and you want bang for your buck, why not go for a triple threat?

triple silk panty pack

Two out of three reviews for these silky panties are from men*, which means that although these are women’s lingerie, they’re a hit on the male market. One out of three reviews is mildly inappropriate, which means they’re also a hit on the market for people who aren’t entirely sure how to behave in public. Does that sound like a perfect panty storm to you?

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Or, if three panties are hardly enough, and if you require a size other than XXL, then try the specially designed silk thong six pack, available in all sizes and a range of delicious colors.

lace thong panties for men

100% silk panties with a cheeky thong back, one for each day of the work week, with one to spare for weekend delights (or as a backup for panty emergencies.)

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