Panty Champions! The Best Articles For Men Who Wear Lingerie

So you’re a man who loves wearing lingerie. A man who can’t keep his hands out of the panty drawer. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of the most popular cross-dressing articles ever written (on this site at least.)  Could two million visitors be wrong? (What should we do with them if they are?)


A Basic Guide To Bras

Many men love to wear bras, but quickly become confused when confronted with the plethora of bras that are available on the market today. There are a wide range of terms and types of bra that can be a bit befuddling. That’s why I’ve prepared this simple guide to walk you through the more common types of bra, and give you a few pointers on which might be best for you. This article does assume at least a basic knowledge of the brassiere, as may be obtained by sneaking into lingerie drawers, panty raids, and other nefarious and not so nefarious means….

How To Wear Panties Without Her Knowing | Crossover Panties For Men

Sometimes a man doesn’t want to leap into wearing women’s lingerie. Sometimes the price to pay from one’s loved ones might be too high to risk simply slipping into a pair of silky pink panties and saying ‘Darling, I love panties!’. Sometimes this sort of behavior can result in squealing, cursing and in extreme cases, divorce.

Men Look Good In Lingerie | Real Men Wearing Lingerie

This is a follow up to the wildly popular and fiercely debated ‘Why It’s A Big Deal When Men Wear Women’s Clothes In Public’, and a rebuttal to some of the more ignorant comments there which claimed that men shouldn’t wear women’s clothing not because they don’t have the right to, but because they don’t look good in it.

The sheer arrogance and indeed, shallowness of these claims aside, this is one of those times where fire can be fought with fire, for the claim that men do not look good in women’s clothing is simply false.

And I can prove it…

Why Can’t Men Wear Panties?

Sometimes, a man just likes the feel of panties. Or bras, or corsets, or camisoles, or any one of the delightful array of lingerie that is open without reserve to womenfolk, but which, in spite of feminism being in full swing in this, the new millennium, is still largely closed to men not in a commercial sense, but in a social sense.

Why is it that we no longer blink to see a woman in jeans, and a lady wearing men’s boxers is considered cute and sexy, but a man in panties is often considered strange, or tasteless?

Men In Panties: Why I Like My Men In Lingerie

As a woman, I write a great deal about men who wear lingerie. To be honest, it has become rather a passion of mine over the past few years, but it wasn’t always that way. This is the story of how I came upon this phenomenon of men who like to wear lingerie, and how I came to love a man who wore panties. In the beginning, I was introduced to men wearing lingerie by a wonderful man who hesitantly revealed his proclivity towards wearing lingerie after several dates.

Men In Lingerie: Do Men Have The Right To Wear Panties?

This is a question I ponder when I hear from men who are trapped in relationships with women. ( No, I’m not singling out women as the bad gals here, it’s just that most men who wear panties tend to be straight, and a great proportion of them tend to be married as well.)

Oftentimes it seems that some women have a particularly snarky reaction to men wearing panties.

Men Wearing Women’s Shoes In Public

As many of you might know, I write quite extensively about men wearing lingerie. It’s a delightful topic, and I enjoy it, especially when the discussion turns to men leaving their homes wearing a piece or two of lingerie under their clothing. Men who wear lingerie can usually get away with wearing at the very least a pair of panties under their business suit. Men who wear women’s shoes, on the other hand, have a larger hurdle to face. It’s hard to wear a pair of women’s shoes without having people notice, or is it?

If Men Wear Dresses, Will Women Become Extinct?

Much of the panic women experience when men start to wear their styles of clothing comes from a fear of being obsolete, unneeded and unprotected. For all of feminism’s bluster, most women still choose partners who are capable of protecting them when they are vulnerable. For instance, they want men who won’t hide behind them when danger is present. (Guy who once hid behind me when faced with a German Shepherd, I’m looking at you, you pathetic specimen of humanity.)

How to Love Yourself In Lingerie (Stop Feeling Guilty Because You Wear Panties)

Men who don’t wear lingerie and women who have never really thought about men who wear lingerie often don’t appreciate the difficulties associated with being a man who wears lingerie. If you spend any amount of time speaking with men who wear lingerie however, it soon becomes apparent that being a man who wears panties is a lot harder than it sounds.

The Dangers of Women’s Lingerie For Men | The Magical Wishing Panties

Bob had hesitated about buying panties online for a long time. One never knew where the panties had been, or the real quality of them. After all, he had heard about Nigerian scammers and the people selling illicit prescription medication, which later on turned out to be sugar pulls and secretly, he was a little afraid that if he should purchase a pair of lovely lacy panties online, all he would receive in the mail would be a disappointing cotton handkerchief.