Panties Under Five Bucks From Rene Rof

cheap panties for men

In spite of the fact that the maker of these panties sounds like something my dog might say after spending an afternoon chewing grass, these are some pretty and inexpensive panties that won’t break the budget. Unless the budget was less than 4.95, in which case, they sort of will. What these panties lack in price, they make up for with a plethora of prints and styles. Frankly, I can’t stop feasting my eyes on many of these designs, they look good enough to eat. Click on any of the images in this article to be taken to product information for the panties displayed. There are just so many in such a vibrant range of colors I can’t pick one pair or style to feature.

Some might call these garish, and maybe they’d be right. But you know what else was fairly garish? The 80’s and I don’t think any of us regret the 80’s. Right?

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black and pink panty

pink and blue panties

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