Panties For Men

Ah, the most accessible, practical and private of all lingerie, panties. Panties are loved by transgendered people, crossdressing men and panty dabblers alike. Panties are everywhere, the trick for most men is in finding panties they like. These guides should help you in that mission.


How To Wear Panties Without Her Knowing | Crossover Panties For Men

Sometimes a man doesn’t want to leap into wearing women’s lingerie. Sometimes the price to pay from one’s loved ones might be too high to risk simply slipping into a pair of silky pink panties and saying ‘Darling, I love panties!’. Sometimes this sort of behavior can result in squealing, cursing and in extreme cases, divorce.

In those cases, cases where a man needs to cajole a partner over to the lacy side of life, crossover panties can be useful.

Men In Panties: Pretty Frilly Panties For Men

Most panties available on the market today are sexy panties, or plain panties, panties for seduction, filled with lace and mesh, or comfortable panties made of microfiber or cotton. It almost seems as if panty manufacturers have forgotten the joy of frills.

Fortunately, even though frills and prettiness seem to have been taken off the lingerie designers’ check lists in the major brands, there are still some smaller manufacturers who make the kind of old fashioned frilly panties men have dreamed about.

Nylon Panty Addiction! Why Men Can’t Get Enough of Hi Cut Nylon Panties

Of all the panties for men, hi cut nylon panties are the most popular. It’s a wild generalization of course, but a wildly accurate one. (Did you see what I did there? Word ninja-ism.) Yes, nylon hi cut panties can make even the most ostensibly poker faced lover of lingerie begin to salivate at the mere sight of a lace trimmed panel of nylon. That’s how they get you, you know.

Men In Lingerie: Satin Panties For Men

Many men say that nothing feels nicer against their skin than a pair of satin panties. There are two types of satin panties on the market at the moment – those made of real satin, and those made of synthetic material that feels like satin. The synthetic replica panties tend to be less expensive than real satin panties, and are good for the man on a budget. They also have another benefit in that they are less easy to stain than real satin panties, which can be ruined rather easily.

A Guide To Girly Panties For Guys

What are the girliest panties in the world? I have composed a guide for men who wish to understand girly panties on a deeper level. We will begin with the five panty pillars,

The Five Panty Pillars

  • Lace / Mesh
  • Frills
  • Pretty Colors
  • Sexy Cut
  • Fabrics

The Best Panties For Men Ever? Secret Hug Olga Panties For Men

In spite of the name being somewhat reminiscent of a heavyset Austrian milk maid, Olga panties have sent more than one man who wears lingerie into fits of fan boy passion. Why? Because Olga produces some of the filmiest, floatiest lingerie you will ever see, that’s why. Olga panties feel like a satin cloud wrapped up in a silk bowtie presented to you by a man wearing a lace dress and a monocle.

Mesh Panties For Men

I like mesh. Yeah, it can look kind of trashy, and it doesn’t have the classic overtones of lace, but damnit, I like mesh anyway. I like it for its see through naughtiness, for the way that it can turn an otherwise boring pair of panties into a sexy sensation. I love the way it can be used as a tease, revealing only so much skin, and leaving the rest to the imagination of the beholder, or it can be crass, revealing everything you’ve got to anyone who cares to look.