Panties For Guys

There are literally millions of guys who like to wear panties. Wearing women’s panties is a sensual experience in which a man breaks a taboo and unleashes his feminine aspect. Some men find that wearing panties makes them submissive, they become soft and compliant in their panties, willing slaves to woman or even another man. Some guys want to be forced into panties to find this same head space, to tap into the dark power of panty submission.

For other men, wearing panties is an incredibly powerful act. Feeling the silky material against the most sensitive areas of the body arouses them and makes them feel strong in ways they did not feel strong before.

If you’ve been tempted to slip into a pair of women’s panties, then now is the time to take the next step. If you’ve been wearing panties for a while now, congratulations, you’re living your life true to your inner self. Guys who fight the urge to wear panties find themselves frustrated and lonely. The man who wants to wear panties but doesn’t may even start to resent his loved ones, blaming them for stopping him wearing panties, even if they don’t know about his hidden desires. That’s no way to be, and there’s no need to be that way either.

This site has a great deal of information regarding the wearing of women’s panties, and plenty of links to places to buy women’s panties for guys. Whether its tips, support or just panties you require, you’ve come to the right place!