Pantied Boy Is Strictly Panties

You men with your incessant use of the words ‘sexual fantasies’ in a sex free zone, I don’t know. Here’s another scandalous comment that had to be moderated from Hub Pages. I hope you are wearing all your protective gear for this because it is most certainly not family safe, and if it’s not safe for families, it will probably bring down Western civilization as we know it.

This comment was posted to Lingerie Secrets Revealed, The Three Types Of Men Who Wear Lingerie

Pantied boy  says:

If I would really have to fit myself in one of the gategories, it would be the Strict Panties Man, but that’s not the whole truth.

Currently the only female clothes I own are panties, which i’m wearing 24/7, and I would like to own much more panties than average female do. Besides I’m quite interested in skirts, knee/thigh high socks, and nightdresses. However panties are the only must ones while the others would be just bit extra fun which I wouldn’t be wearing all the time.

I also have no problems accepting the fact that I have feminine side. Though I don’t really have two personas, pantied me and the other one. It’s just the one very same me all the time. Having cute panties on is just good way to express the softer side. When wearing panties I feel being totally myself. Giving myself a female name or dressing myself as close to female-look as possible isn’t something I could ever imagine myself doing. Yet I sometimes like to play with idea of me being a woman.

Well, I think anyone who believes people are only either 100% masculine or 100% feminine are way too much into black and white. On the other hand and some what contrary to all that I just wrote, I dislike the idea of defining human traits to be either masculine or feminine. I think it may work statistically but that’s it. Plain wrong conclusion from statistical correlations is to set expectations to someone basing purely on her/his gender.

What it comes to sexual orientation, I prefer to not categorize myself. All my experiences suggest that I’m mostly heterosexual. I have only ever had crushes on girls, and female outlook is what my eyes and mind loves. However, I have had (very) few sexual fantasies towards men, but those fantasies aren’t something I would like to take place in reality. So maybe I should call myself 99% heterosexual. ;)

To summarize it, I can see myself fitting partly into all of the three categories but not quite fully into any of them.

I got to say I like the term pigeon holing, even though I dislike it as action. As not being a native english-speaker, this was the first time I heard about it.