Panman Says Men Should Wear Pink…

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Panman0304 says:

I love wearing pale pink panties and bras as they make me feel so totally feminine. I have also found that women love seeing me in pink as well…

So, if you want to feel more feminine and be seen as more feminine by the females in your life, wear pink, especially pale or pastel pink. I love my sheer pink panties and bras as well and yes, I do shop exclusively ay Victoria’s Secret where they help fit me with each bra and pair of panties I buy. What a wonderful, and exciting, service. I just love being fitted for panties and bras and standing there in front of the salesgirls in my pretty sheer thong panties and matching bra. God, I do love it so!!! I think they enjoy it as well – seeing through my sheer panties… :-)

3 thoughts on “Panman Says Men Should Wear Pink…

  1. Pantywearer

    Hi Panman,

    Love the article. How did you get started wearing panties & bras? I too shop at Victoria’s Secret…just love their line of lingerie. How did you go about getting fitted at Victoria’s? Did you just go up to a salesgirl and ask to be fitted? I have yet to get up the nerve to do what you have done….whether it’s Victoria’s or Frederick’s or another lingerie store. Would love to hear from you…thanks.

  2. Mikk

    Pink has been my favorite color for a long time. My dad has issues with wearing pink. He says it’s not “manly” but my brother and I always tell him he’s wrong…it takes a real man to wear pink, LOL. VS is also my favorite and I’ve also been fitted for items there the sales-reps are always very friendly. After all, our money is just as good as the ladies out there.

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