Naughty Nylon Stockings For Men

f_red_seamed_stockingNylon stockings are throwbacks to the very inception of stockings. Well, okay, perhaps not the inception of stockings, but at least to WWII, which was a fairly long time ago, at least in terms of my life span. At that time, nylon stockings were in great demand because nylon was largely requistioned for use by the military in making parachutes and other things of an equally useful nature. Nylon stockings were difficult to purchase and many men and women were forced to go to black market dealers to get their stocking fix.

Yay, nylon stockings!

How To Wear Panties Without Her Knowing

fly-panties-for-menSometimes a man doesn’t want to leap into wearing women’s lingerie. Sometimes the price to pay from one’s loved ones might be too high to risk simply slipping into a pair of silky pink panties and saying ‘Darling, I love panties!’. Sometimes this sort of behavior can result in squealing, cursing and in extreme cases, divorce.

Here’s how to avoid all that hassle…

Why Won’t Men Just Stop Wearing Women’s Lingerie?

For most men who love women’s lingerie, the act of wanting it, let alone wearing it brings with it a host of problems.

There are the internal problems, in which a man questions his masculinity and sexuality, and external problems where others question his masculinity, sexuality and even his merit as a man. Men who wear lingerie must contend with the fear of rejection from others, and their fear of their own desires.

So why not just stop wearing lingerie alltogether?

I tell you why…

Cute Cotton Victoria’s Secret Panties For Men

bloomersLovers of cotton lingerie will love Victoria’s Secret, who can apparently take any kind of fabric, drape it over a pretty woman with an impossible figure and make it look good. I suspect that they’re magicians and wizards. Cotton lingerie from VS is smooth, soft and of high quality, which makes it perfect for men who wear lingerie.

Check out these panties…

Caught By A Cupless Bra | The Sexy Clearance Lingerie Trap

bondage-lingerie-setI was going to write an article about budget lingerie options (you know, with the economy being what it is and all,) but then I began to research the topic and discovered a strange underlying trend. When one searches for ‘cheap lingerie’ or ‘budget lingerie’ or even ‘clearance lingerie’, one inexplicably begins to turn up the sort of attire that would make ones ancestors roll in their graves, assuming your ancestors were the type of people to disapprove of an open cup bra, matching thong and, this one was a new one to me in the field of lingerie at least, silver chain halter wrist restraint set.

Read on, mateys…

Sexy Sensual Vintage Panties For Men

acetate-pantiesThere’s something so very charming about vintage lingerie. Perhaps it is the way it harks back to a simpler time, before you could program your implanted RFID chip with your mp3 player. Perhaps it is the way that the lingerie from days of olde (a time somewhere between the present and the olden days) always seems to have been handcrafted by tiny Belgian nuns, or disenfranchised Lithuanian princesses, or some such thing. An item of vintage lingerie¬† seems imbued with history, with a story that runs much deeper than the lingerie on offer at your local purveyor of lacy goods.

Read on, chaps…

Glamorous Wolford Stockings For Men

grit-tightsStockings are not lingerie essentials, they are the explicit domain of the lingerie lover. Carefully woven from the finest materials, stockings caress the wearer’s leg with every step, inviting them into a world of subtle passion where senses are heightened, the line between masculine and feminine blurs and the true nature of the human beast is let out to play.

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Men In Panties Showdown: Cotton Bikini Cut Panties For Men vs Nylon Bikini Cut Panties For Men


How you like that headline hmm? Seen one as long as that? Not in a long time, I’ll warrant. It has been suggested to me by various reliable sources that bikini cut panties are some of the best panties a man can wear. Not only do they provide full coverage in the front and back which makes them both comfortable and sensual, but they also expose the thigh in a sexy sort of fashion, creating a sexy look. With bikini cut panties a man really can have his cake and eat it too.

Let the showdown commence!

Cute Victoria’s Secret Bras For Men

vintage-victoriaA man who loves bras will soon find that he is spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing a bra. Does he want to be sensual? Does he want to be naughty? Does he want to choose a white bra which blends with the sheets and is hard to find after a night of passion? The choices are infinite, but our time here on earth is finite, which means some help in narrowing down the candidates is often appreciated.

Hope’s reviews of some sexy Victoria’s Secret Lingerie…

Hot Red Lingerie For Men

sexy-red-lingerieIt is said that a lady in red is more attractive than a lady in any other colour, but how about a man, hmm? Men who wear lingerie seem to have as much of a love affair with red lingerie on themselves as their lady. And why not? Red is the color of passion, of blood, of fire. Designers claim that red is the perfect color for calls to action, for inciting purchasing ‘violence’, if you will. Red lingerie arouses an entirely different kind of passion, passion of a more carnal type.

Sexy red lingerie awaits…

Why We Fear Men In Lingerie

This article jumps in the deep end, but don’t worry, it makes sense in the end, I promise.

As recently as WWII, European communities had to contend with the possibility of being wiped out. Men went away to war, leaving only the frail, the sick and the young. Upon their return from war, we saw the conception of the baby boomer generation, a generation founded on all important ‘family values’.

Read on,¬† find out why some people react to men in lingerie in the same way they react to a shark with a lazer on its head…