Latex VS Lace | A Lingerie Showdown

black lace pantiesRecently we have discussed both lace and latex. Many men who wear lingerie have never so much as considered latex, their fascination lies with finer materials, filmier fabrics which can be worn discreetly under everyday clothing. Latex on the other hand, functions more often than not as the main event. Let’s look at them both in a little more depth….

Latex or Lace, You Decide

Hanky Panky Lace Thongs – Lingerie That Caught The Eye of Wall Street

hanky panky low riseNot all lace lingerie is made equal, a fact proved by Hanky Panky, a brand making themselves a name for high quality whisper soft lingerie that has become a sensation amongst Wall Street commentators and celebrities alike. It has been said that supermodel Cindy Crawford, pop sensation Jessica Simpson and Goldie Hawn’s daughter Kate Hudson (who scientists have discovered has the genes for detecting luxury lingerie built into her very being,) all wear hanky panky lace thongs. These thongs even got a mention in the Wall Street Journal, which called them ‘lace butter.’

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What Panties Would Neo Wear? Latex Lingerie From The Matrix

red_latex_lingerieThe Matrix is all around you. It has you. You’re a little copper top powering a race of evil robots, but you might as well enjoy the benefits of your situation, access to some digitally sweet lingerie. (And Rob Zombie remixes which are most excellent also. Edgy, yet very mainstream.)

The chosen material of lingerie in the matrix is latex. It’s stylish, futuristic, and you can peel it on and off whilst bathing in the opulence of a red goo bath. With latex lingerie, there’s no need to get pulled aboard a ship, full of metallic holes and butt naked

The latex lingerie, it is hot…

John Wears Lingerie | How To Secretly Wear Lingerie

rosy olga pantiesEver wondered how to wear lingerie without anyone knowing? Take some hints and tips from John, a married man and father of two who manages to wear lingerie without anyone knowing at all…

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(Photo provided courtesy of awesome He Wears Panties reader, view more like this on the Men In Panties Pics page.)

Panty Poetry For Men….

It’s a game! I have written the first line… you leave subsequent lines in the comment section. What fun!

I wandered, lonely as a single front seamed 15 denier nylon stocking…

Nail Care Essentials For Men | A Question of Cuticles

manicured nailsMy last article, a basic guide to nail polish for men got a good reaction, but I realized shortly after publishing it that I had somewhat jumped the gun. If you’re new to nail care and nail polish, then odds are, your fingernails simply aren’t ready for nail polish yet.

If it has been several years since you did anything but wash your hands with soap and water and occasionally nibble at a hangnail, odds are that your fingernails are ill shaped for nail polish, jagged around the edges and have cuticles raging across them like Mongolian hordes across China.

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Hope’s Evil Comment Dictatorship

My barbaric comment policy goes thus:

There are already a plethora of sites where you can go to ‘get off’ on the idea of men wearing lingerie if you so desire,  and talk dirty to other members.  This isn’t one of those places. Sure, the wearing of lingerie is a sensual and indeed sexual experience, and there are pictures, videos and the occasional story, but this isn’t the venue for a great deal of highly sexually charged commentary.  I want this to be a place of support and discussion for men who wear lingerie and other items of women’s lingerie, and whilst what you do behind the privacy of your own computer screen is your own business, in public, we’re keeping it (relatively) clean.

For example:

“I have always found lingerie to be conducive to arousal.” Fine

“OMG I have a huge erection right now.” Not so much.

You may now return to your usual business.

Big Breasts Rule The World | How To Make It Look Like You Have Big Boobs

massive-breastsAs is self evident fact requiring no argument or evidence, people with big boobs are happier. I include both women and men in that sentence and sentiment for good reason. Over the past decade it has even become fashionable for women to undergo actual real life, honest to god, getting sliced open under anesthetic surgery just to obtain bigger breasts.

Want to make it look like you have big breasts? Read on…

Nail Polish For Men | A Basic How To Guide

pretty-nail-polish-for-menMen who wear lingerie often end up experimenting with other elements of so called “women’s fashions.” Perhaps out of a desire to further explore their feminine sides, perhaps out of pure curiosity, perhaps because once a man tries the forbidden fruit, he sometimes finds it hard to stop. (Now men know how Eve felt in the garden of Eden.)

How to get started on the road to pretty nails…

Macho Guys vs Sissies | The Male Paradox

In this modern age, macho guys have become as much of a parody of themselves as gay men who walk around limp wristed and lisping about Liz Taylor. Our perception of machismo has become cliched. We think of macho men as men who move in packs, playing sports, leering at women and doing other manly things, like destroying their livers with alcoholic beverages. Professionally, their jobs generally involve some kind of violence. They hunt tigers, they build steel bridges, they become bionic sniper men.

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