The Enlightenment of Men Who Wear Women’s Lingerie

Men who wear lingerie. Men who wear women’s clothes. Men who desire to embrace the feminine within themselves. Some dismiss the activity as a perversion, something done by ‘sick’ men who cannot embrace the narrow identity of masculinity they were assigned by their x and y chromosomal make up.

But, one could argue, there is more to men wearing women’s clothing than just perversion. Perhaps, for some men , the wearing of women’s lingerie, and the experiencing of the feminine is one step on the road to enlightenment.

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Men Wearing Lingerie Can Change The World

man_wearing_stockingsMany men who like to wear women’s lingerie bemoan the fact that ‘the world’ seems to be against men wearing women’s clothing. They’d like it to change, but they don’t know how to make that change. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on where one stands) for these men, the answer is as simple to say as it is difficult to find the courage to act on.

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Loneliness and the Man in Lingerie

Loneliness is a terrible pain that can strike anyone at any time. A feeling of isolation, it is possible to feel loneliness even when surrounded with many other people. (Yeah, I just explained what loneliness is as if you’d never heard of it before. Bear with me, it gets better.) Men who wear lingerie are prone to a certain type of loneliness that manifests in them feeling separate and ‘other’, sometimes even when in a lover’s embrace.

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Men In Lingerie, How Far Do You Go?

So here’s an interesting question. How far do you men in lingerie go? Is it a matter of slipping on a pair of panties and that’s all? Or have the panties lead to stockings, bras and other types of lingerie? Has your lingerie been a gateway into a who world of women’s attire? Having sampled the joys of a chemise, do you long to slip into a slinky dress?

Go forth and answer this most pressing question!

Men Wear Lingerie, Jesus Wore A Dress

(This most excellent title was inspired by reader GoneNylon after I wrote this article about Frilly Dresses For Men.)

Jesus wore a dress. Yes he did. I have plenty of referential artwork to prove it. Jesus was also apparently very European in appearance and had a well trimmed beard, not to mention slightly wavy hair.

Yes, it is a somewhat provocactive peice combining cross dressing and religion. That’s how I roll.

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How To Buy A Man’s Bra

man-wearing-a-braAn article for women or men buying bras for other men. Did you ever wish your significant other knew what to look for when buying lingerie for you? (You lucky devil.) Point them in the direction of this guide if they’re just not hitting your lingerie buttons with their purchases.  As always,  your feedback is more than welcome.

How To Buy A Bra For A Man

What Are Your Fancy Panties?

Most women have a pair or three or more ‘fancy panties’, panties they only wear for a special occasion. Panties which a man who had any sense would espy and know for sure that he was going to be getting lucky tonight.  It’s my theory that men who wear lingerie generally tend to have a more lavish approach to their panties anyway because for them panties tend to be all about pleasure. For women, panties serve a utilitarian purpose which means that there are a wide range of panty types in any woman’s panty drawer. (For more information, review the panty pyramid.)

So men, here is the question. Do you have any special ‘fancy panties’ you reserve for special occasions? Or is it a special occasion every time you slip into a pair of sexy panties?

Petticoats, Slips and Chemises For Men

petticoatI usually write about traditional lingerie for men, but the truth of the matter is that there is a whole wide world of lingerie out there, like petticoats. And you know what? Petticoats can be incredibly sexy, as evidenced in the picture you see before you.

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A Man’s First Panties

A man’s first panties are special. Most men who wear panties can clearly remember the first pair of panties they tried on, and the first pair of panties they bought. Though many panties will come and go over a man’s lifetime, those first panties will always have a special place in his heart and oftentimes, in his lingerie drawer.

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