Sensual Sensual Satin Corsets for Men From Shirley of Hollywood

marilyn-monroe-swarovski-corsetThere’s something undeniably sexy about corsets, perhaps its the way they are designed to control and confine, yet feel so very good.

The corsets in this article are all made by the inimitable Shirley of Hollywood, legends in lingerie. Prepare to drool, guys, these corsets aren’t just pieces of lingerie, they are truly works of art.

Mmmm… corsets…

Silk Power Panties For Men

silk-lined-pantiesUnleash the power of silk! When you have a pair of silk panties, the fabric of Emperors and Empresses is yours in the most intimate fashion possible. Silk is special. Lovers of lingerie yearn for it, prize it and adore it, and they’re not alone. Silk has held an honored position throughout history because of its relative rarity, the painstaking nature of its production and because of the incredible feel of fabrics woven from it. Wearing silk makes one part of a luxurious dynasty stretching back through the ages, and feels damn good too.

Here are a few silk panties from Mary Green and Hanky Panky, see what you think…

Sexy Silk Camisoles For Men

lace_bust_silk_camisoleThere’s very little in the world prettier or more “innocent” than the camisole, and there’s certainly no material more sensual than silk. Silk camisoles can easily become part of a man’s everyday wear as they are largely unobtrusive under a shirt of any sufficient weight and are certainly completely undetectable under a suit jacket.

See the sexy camisoles…

Hotter Than Thermite | Sexy Padded Push Up Bras For Men

jezebel-red-braThe padded bra was designed for one reason, to give the wearer a little more lift and life in the bust department. Padded bras are therefore perfect for men who like to wear lingerie and look feminine.

All the brassieres in this article (except one) are made by Felina and Jezebel, two brands which can be bought at a myriad of online retailers and in local stores, depending on what locale you’re in. (It’s not my fault if you chose to be born in some far flung corner of the world without proper access to lingerie stores, that was simply careless planning in your part.)

Look at the pretty bras! Pretty! Hot! Sexy! Now with extra exclamations!

How to Tell If Fabric Is Male Or Female

At one time, life was simple, things were either made out of cotton or animal hide. You knew where you were with that. Animal hides were male, and cotton was female. In the 1700’s, men’s undergarments were made exclusively of buckskin, whereas women’s undergarments were woven out of cotton.

It was a simpler time, a better time. In this brave new world of synthetic textiles, we’ve lost our way. We don’t know what we’re wearing anymore, and it’s damaging society as we know it.

Learn how to tell the difference, it could SAVE YOUR LIFE!

Pretty Purple Panties For Men

safari-pantyPurple is the traditional color for royalty, and is considered to connote luxury, wealth and sophistication. With associations like that, I’m surprised we don’t all wear purple more often. The sad fact of the matter is that purple is a relatively marginalized color in most lingerie collections. Pinks, blues and neutral tones reign supreme, but purple, well purple is a little out there for your average lingerie wearer.

But you, you are not the average lingerie wearer are you?

Booty Pop! Padded Panties For Men

mesh-booty-pop-pantyMen look great in lingerie, but like some women, some men suffer from a flat ass. A flat behind is quite obvious in panties, especially if one is entranced by the idea of looking as feminine as possible, in which case, flatness is something of a let down. Fortunately for guys with little junk in their trunk, there are panties on the market which do the work for you, allowing you to enjoy your trim figure whilst also having a nice rounded butt…

Make your booty pop…

Can Men In Dresses Make The Whole World Gay?

Recently I wrote a hub about why it’s a big deal when men wear women’s clothing, and it brought several women out of the proverbial woodwork who brought up points which, quite frankly, I had not thought about. My boyfriend and I don’t have children you see, we just have two cats, a dog and a bunny, which makes us completely unqualified to speak about anything. Once I engage my uterus for its intended purpose instead of letting it just flop about inside my body like a lazy house guest that just won’t help with the dishes, I’m sure I’ll see the light, as other ladies have.

Read on, it will be fun, I promise…

And Now For Something A Little Different…

ultimate-unitardBodystockings, bodysuits, teddies and now unitards. These aren’t lingerie, and they’re not women’s clothing, which puts us in a parallel clothing universe of awesomeness, a universe where it is not just the slip slide of nylon, silk or cotton which brings thrills to the wearer, but where Lycra joins the party in an all inclusive sort of way.

Check these babies out…

Three Kinds Of Lingerie She Won’t Know You’re Wearing

I like to talk about fashion freedom a lot, but that doesn’t mean we should forget those men still languishing under the tyrrany of special people in their lives who would indulge in extreme moral panic if they were to discover them wearing lingerie, or men who want to wear lingerie in public but don’t want to risk being caught.

Check out my suggestions for stealth lingerie…