The Magical Wishing Panties

Champagne-Satin-Panties-productBob had hesitated about buying panties online for a long time. One never knew where the panties had been, or the real quality of them. After all, he had heard about Nigerian scammers and the people selling illicit prescription medication, which later on turned out to be sugar pulls and secretly, he was a little afraid that if he should purchase a pair of lovely lacy panties online, all he would receive in the mail would be a disappointing cotton handkerchief.

Are some panties more magical than others?

Are Men Women When They Wear Lingerie?

doutzen-kroes-supermodel-obsession-06There’s a funny objection to the idea of men wearing lingerie, and that’s the objection to the idea that men are imagining themselves to be women. For some people, the very idea is against all that is natural and good in the world. It is unthinkable. It is… unimaginable.

But there is so much more to men wearing lingerie than meets the eye…

How Many Pairs Of Panties Can A Man Own?

This question came to me recently and I have decided to study it with all the seriousness it deserves. This means I have broken out my white coat, studious glasses and chemistry set, found my spy glass, powered up the electron microscope and alerted the Thunderbirds. (Should I fail in this endeavor, having a team of puppets to back me up may prove invaluable.)

How many? HOW MANY?

So Hot Right Now! Vintage Swimsuits For Men

glamorous swimsuitYou know why vintage swimsuits are so in right now? I’ll tell you why. It is not because history always repeats, or because there are only so many permutations of a swimsuit, it is because the old days were the good old days. Nothing bad ever happened in the old days, in fact, I believe that the earth was entirely peaceful and pleasant from 1920 up until 1960, when those filthy hippies came along and ruined the world with Ebola and Swine Flu.

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Feeling Feminine In Public | Female Fashion Trends For Men

cute designer braceletSay you’re a man who likes to wear women’s clothing, but isn’t quite comfortable going out in public that way. What you need is a way to ease into female fashions, a point of departure, so to speak. You’re looking for a way to express yourself without inviting the unwanted attentions of the less understanding sectors of society. The good news is that there are several ways to incorporate female fashions into everyday outfits without going the proverbial whole hog, and we’re going to have a look at some of them in this article.

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Saucy Stocking, Skirt and Suspender Sets For Men

mink_suspender_beltOh stockings and suspenders, is there an image more classically feminine? If there is, I don’t know what it is (unless we’re talking Botticelli’s nudes, but unfortunately rotund rolls of cellulite dotted flesh have fallen out of fashion for the time being.)

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Bodyhose For Men | Covered In Pantyhose From Head To Toe

bodyhose sexyEver looked down at your stocking clad leg and wished that you could be encased in the sensation of pantyhose? Not just covered from top to toe in some kind of bodystocking, but actually encapsulated entirely by the soft, smooth sensation of nylon? Well now you can be. It’s called bodyhose and it is described as clothing which covers the entire body, a seamless garment which cocoons the flesh.

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Also, this video of a young French woman performing flexible dance in a different kind of bodyhose.

Art of Contortion on Spiegel Im SpiegelClick here for more home videos

Girl Throws Drink At Guy, Guy Knocks Girl On Her Butt | Gender Equality In 2009

So there’s this little video that has been doing the rounds on social networking sites, long story short, girl throws a drink in a guy’s face, guy sweeps her legs and dumps her on the ground. It’s been greeted with general hilarity because both parties are clearly idiots and nobody actually gets hurt. However, it has inspired great discussion on one of my favorite social networking sites of all time, Reddit, and I thought it would be highly relevant to the interests of my readers as well.

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