How Not To Get Caught Wearing A Bra At Work (And In Public)

guy in a braBelieve it or not, some men want to wear a bra to work, (or anywhere in public, for that matter,) but don’t want to get caught doing it. Gadzooks! How are they to achieve such a goal. I have some tips for them, which I believe will help. I can only help they read this in time, before they go running out of the house in a red lace bra under a wet white t-shirt.

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Large Band Size, Small Cup Size | How To Find A Bra For a Big Man

Anita_TopComfortRecently I have received some correspondence and comments from men looking for bras which fit them. The dilemma is simple, if the cup size fits, the band size is too small, and if the band size fits, then the cups are too large. Bra extenders alleviate the problem somewhat, but they also put the straps in a different position, which means they sometimes don’t fit the way they should.

Let us solve this lingerie dilemma…

Heavenly Pleasure State Lingerie

couture lingeriePleasure State comprehends the tantamount importance of looking super stylishly beautiful when undead. It is a fact of the human condition that men and women are both on an eternal hunt for razor blade cutting edge fashion and flawless fit. We crawl out of the womb in search of sweet lingerie, if only midwives thought to carry Pleasure State lingerie with them, humanity might be spared the post mortem search for the ultimate in lingerie pleasures…

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Hot Men In Petticoats | Pictures Of Men Wearing Petticoats

sexy man in hot petticoatI wrote a hub about petticoats, and men wearing petticoats, but you know what I didn’t have? Any pictures of men wearing petticoats. That left a gap in authenticity in my hub, after all, if I claim that men sometimes wear petticoats, but offer no pictures, how do you know that I am telling the truth, after all, the Second Law of the Internet clearly states: Pics or it didn’t happen.

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Men In Dresses and Women In Red, The Cost Of Fashion Freedom

Recently one of my readers left a comment on a hub saying that it was all very well and good for women to fight for equality, after all, they started at the bottom so they had nowhere to go but up, therefore they had nothing to lose. Men, on the other hand, are apparently at the top of the food chain and so have something to lose. I thought this was an interesting point and I have pondered deeply before penning this response

So you think you have a lot to lose?

Bubble Skirts, As Worn By A (Wo)man

tranny wearing a skirtVery few people know this, but the Apocalypse won’t just be all about plagues and famine and tsunamis and other cheerless events. No. The majority of suffering is destined to be caused by fashion, or rather, the lack thereof.

Just as some people claim that Swine Flu and AIDS are signs that the biblical Apocalypse is nigh. (Because the evolution of viruses should always be attributed to a vengeful invisible man in the sky where possible.) I maintain that the bubble skirt is one sign of the fashion Apocalypse.

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Men, Are Panties Worth Dying Over?

I recently received a comment to one of my hubs from a rather hysterical young chap ranting at women in general and blaming them for the fact that he felt held back in fashion (and presumably in life by,) these close minded women. Fair enough, I suppose, but he then went on to threaten suicide over the issue saying that he would be dead within the year and it was all because of bigoted women.

My response…

This Hub Is About Something Even More Important Than Men Wearing Panties (But Has A Picture Of A Man Wearing Panties)

Recently a concerned little birdie expressed his (or her) aforementioned concern over the plethora of hubs I have written about men and their lingerie. The comment went thus:

“What is the obsession with putting men in womens underwear? Granted most of these hubs are entertaining, and some even insightful; but still.

If there is anything else in your life this uimportant to you, I’d like to hear about it.

Concerned. Lol”

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When Men Must Wear Brassieres | Minimizer Bras For Men

Men must wear brassieres? Why? Well, men need support too you know. Not every man is a flat chested, muscled behemoth. Some men have breasty chest tissue which needs support as well. The official name for one form of this condition is gynecomastia. Gynecomastia involves the growth of mammary tissue in the male, resulting in breasts on a male. This is not to be mistaken for the ‘moob’ phenomenon in which a male simply puts on a fair bit of weight and as a result of this grows chest tissue in proportion.

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Fine Feminine Lingerie From Natori

natori peony braNatori is a luxury lifestyle brand with its roots in lingerie, and I gotta say, the lingerie is something to write home about. (The towels ain’t bad either, but they’re not what we’re here to talk about.) Delicate styling, cuts that break the rules and fabrics fit for a king are some of the factors that set Natori lingerie apart from the rest of the herd.

Let’s see what Josie Natori and her crew have been up to, shall we?

Coming Soon! Sexy Skirts For Men

sexy man in a skirtYou laughed when we said that men should be able to wear the same sort of clothes as women. You scoffed, saying men were too clunky to wear skirts and other forms of feminine attire. You thought the fashion landscape you were born into somehow reflected ultimate reality. You were wrong, so wrong, and skirts for men are now bubbling onto the catwalks of the fashion world.

Very sexy skirts for very sexy men…