Bawdy Stockings For Blokes With Taste

levee-7025-largeWho doesn’t enjoy a touch of the bawdy in the boudoir? Hmm? I know you do, and of course, where stockings are concerned, the bawdyness does not have to be limited to the boudoir, no it can be extended to any place in the great wide world that your legs take you. If you conform to society’s pressures and wear pants over your stockings, they’re practically invisible to those around you, which means you can sneak your naughty stockings into places where no stockings have gone before.

Stockings so sexy, you’ll drool on your keyboard.

Five Reasons To Date A Man Who Wears Panties

sexy guy wearing pantiesGood news ladies! There is a whole untapped wellspring of male talent hiding under your very noses. Men who wear lingerie. Not quite cross dressers, not quite the traditional male, these men walk a fine line; embracing their masculine side, but also honoring the feminine. I know there has been a swing in popularity away from the SNAG (sensitive new age guys) and back towards caveman Og and his club, but ladies, you may not want to let your personal pendulums swing you right past a subset of male society made up of men who have the ability to make the women they love very happy indeed.

So what do men who wear lingerie have going for them?

Three Cheers For Convertible Bras For Men

toast wacoalConvertible bras were originally designed to allow women to wear all sorts of naughty pieces of outerwear without exposing their underwear. Men can enjoy the same benefits, plus the additional ones garnered from enjoying the sheer mechanical brilliance employed in the construction of such garments. I mean, to not secure the straps with thread, but to allow them to clip here there and everywhere!? Madness! But brilliant madness, madness you want a piece of.

Look at the pretty bras!

Cross Dresser, Spy, Messiah | One Man Who Wanted To Save The World

david shalyer deloresOne could say that David Shayler is hardly the best poster boy for the cross dressing community, but he is definitely one of the most high profile and perhaps influential. He also happens to be one of the few people who has spoken out against British intelligence agencies, though the price which he has paid for doing so appears to be a heavy one.

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Descending Into Lingerie Trash Hell With

leather and vinylA new player in the online shopping industry is, which is run by Bare Necessities. Those of you who read my earlier reviews of online lingerie shopping retailers I like to use will note that I called Bare Necessities something of a bland lingerie store. Well, is apparently their answer to this charge. currently stocks ‘Sexy Lingerie’ (as opposed to all that unsexy lingerie out there), ‘Costumes’, ‘Leather & Vinyl’, ‘Stockings’, ‘Bridal’, ‘Plus Size’, and ‘Accessories’. This might sound innocuous thus far, but trust me, the sordid depths run deep.

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My Wife Found My Lingerie, Now She’s Mad – What Next?

This question has recently come up, and I am sure that many men find themselves in this horrible situation. The women they love have discovered their lingerie stash and the results have not been good. There have been fights, angry questions, ultimatums and nights on the couch. What do you do now? Well, there are ways through this forest of dark lingerie secrets.

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Wife Won’t Let You Wear Panties? What Can You Do?

angry wifeSo your wife won’t let you wear panties. You’ve been married for a wee while and for the first part of your marriage, wearing lingerie didn’t feature as being a big issue for some reason. Maybe you were so buzzed on love you didn’t think about lingerie. Maybe your desire to wear lingerie has recently grown. Maybe you were busy dealing with other issues that distracted you from lingerie and now life has calmed down to the point that your mind is wandering back to the joys of lingerie.

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Buy Hot Panties For Men | Avoid The Five Circles Of Panty Hell

These are five things which will take a perfectly nice piece of lingerie and turn it into a hellish torture device. Use these as guidelines whilst buying new lingerie and avoid the lingerie hell which awaits us all at the end of any ill advised purchase. Don’t think that you just won’t wear them if they turn out not to be comfortable, one day you will forget to do laundry and all there will be in your panty drawer will be these panties and you will decide to wear them and spend the rest of the day regretting it. Trust me. I know. I’ve been there.

Panty Doctor Is In | How To Keep Your Lingerie Healthy

old pantiesLingerie is lovely, lingerie is great, however as with all things in life, all good lingerie must come to an end. Even the best lingerie will eventually age, and unless cared for with great care and very rarely worn, all lingerie will die. The following are signs of lingerie ill health, and tips for keeping your lingerie healthy. Read them and learn them well.

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Sexy Personal Trainers Explain Why They Buy Beige Lingerie

beige lingerieFor the longest time, I never understood the existence of beige lingerie. Then I read this article on and it became clear. You see the first four slides on the article titled ‘Best Lingerie For Your Body’ showcase lingerie which is clearly beige. They try to explain this in a cutesy fashion saying that it is lingerie for nudists. Clothing. For nudists. I see through this kind of ruse right away! But there are clues in the article which have allowed me to deduce the real reason for beige lingerie and thus solve a mystery which has been mystifying lingerie lovers for decades.

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The Magical Wishing Panties

Champagne-Satin-Panties-productBob had hesitated about buying panties online for a long time. One never knew where the panties had been, or the real quality of them. After all, he had heard about Nigerian scammers and the people selling illicit prescription medication, which later on turned out to be sugar pulls and secretly, he was a little afraid that if he should purchase a pair of lovely lacy panties online, all he would receive in the mail would be a disappointing cotton handkerchief.

Are some panties more magical than others?