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gothic setAre you a childe of the night? Does your soul only know darkness? Is creation little more than the death scream of an agonized god? Do you think you look kind of fetching in spider / vamire / period themed clothing? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then you should seriously consider investing in some gothic lingerie. Imagine it. Delightful silky misery brushing against your skin with every step. Every wispy touch of lace reminding you of the impermanence of this world and the waiting embrace of death.

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Fancy Feminine French Heel Stockings For Men

dita von teeseFrench heel stockings hearken from a time when wearers would quite often wear through the heel of their stockings. Stockings were therefore reinforced with extra nylon, which created a very distinctive shape which could sometimes be observed above the wearer’s shoe. Upon discovering that this often occurred, some clever lingerie designer designed to make a feature out of it. French heel stockings therefore climb pyramid-style up the leg….

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Enchanting Lace Stockings and Pantyhose For Men

Victoiran PantyhoseStockings are almost always visions of nylon, but a little lace in the right place can transform an everyday pair of stockings into something truly special. Lace pantyhose and stockings come in two kinds, the kind where lace serves as a trim, and the kind where lace is incorporated into the design of the stocking or pantyhose as a whole. Both styles of lace hosiery have their place in any aficionado’s wardrobe.

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Angry Men In Dresses | The Rebecca Riots

RebeccaRiotsHere’s a little bit of charming cross dressing history for those interested. Nowadays we mostly think of men wearing dresses as peaceable folk just trying to stay out of trouble long enough to see the sunshine in their feminine finery. For 17th century Welsh men, however, dresses were not simply pieces of clothing, they were the garments of class war.

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Feminine Sarong Dresses For Men

fake sarong dressI have a confession to make. The sarong isn’t even really technically a dress. It’s probably more of a skirt, but it’s not really a skirt either. It’s more just a big piece of fabric that you wrap around yourself, kind of like a toga, but with fewer ancient Roman connections. Sarongs are popular among women and islander men because they are incredibly kick ass comfortable in a tropical environment and they don’t require the co-operation of a factory full of children in China or Taiwan to manufacture.

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Sneaky, Sexy, Show – Off Lingerie! Camisole Bras

comfort choiceSometimes a bra is not enough. You want more than a bra, but less than a full blown camisole. You want to experience the greatest amount of concentrated lingerie in the smallest space possible. You want to be banded about the chest, held firm by lingerie which both supports you and makes you look amazing. You though that it couldn’t be done, but you hadn’t met a camisole bra yet.

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Hope and He Wears Panties on TG LIFE

Gina Lance

Gina Lance

This is exciting news! From this month onwards, readers of He Wears Panties will occasionally be able to find a column by Hope Alexander on TG LIFE. (You love it when I talk self referentially in the third person, don’t you. You do. Yes you do! ) What is TG LIFE? It’s an exciting venture headed by Gina Lance, author of Get Dressed! Breaking Out of the Crossdressing Closet.  Gina Lance is famous, having appeared on MSNBC, MTV, HBO, NBC, E Channel and even Fox amongst other illustrious places. It’s an exciting time for He Wears Panties, and for Hope. Hope is totally stoked about this.

(This month’s column has already appeared on He Wears Panties, but future columns promise to be fresh and entirely unique to TG LIFE, and I believe them.)

The Brain Of A Man Named Susan | The Science Behind Men In Panties

berdacheGender is important to our monkey brains. It’s one of the first things we determine about any new human coming into this world and it dictates our lives from that moment onwards both genetically and socially. In modern culture, we approach gender as being a dichotomy. One is either male, or female. Although nature itself boldly defies this rule by producing children with male and female organs, as a society we have equally boldly ignored this hint and dismissed these children as anomalies to the ‘proper’ way of being, and in doing so have missed the hint which nature is dropping here.

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Jared Has a Body By Victoria

jared_number_oneVictoria’s Secret are running a competition called “Body By Victoria.” Entrants submit a picture (or pictures of themselves,) and say why they love their body. Winners are flown to NYC with a friend and get to enjoy a $500 shopping spree at the flagship Victoria’s Secret store, amongst other things.

Jared loves his body, so Jared entered. At the time of writing, Jared was #1….