Daring Demi Cup Bras For Men

bettybra12Demi cup bras, as one might imagine, are brassieres which have low cut cups which barely hope to contain the treasure inside. When women wear demi cups they are at constant risk of spilling out all over the place, which is why demi cup bras have become so popular over the years in places like Hollywood, where the only way you can gracefully fall out of your top is to have a ‘wardrobe malfunction’.

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Sporty Stealth Bras For Men

anita light sportsBras are fun, bras are hot, but bras are also much harder to get away with than panties. If you intend on wearing a brassiere out in the field, and if the possibility of hostiles becoming aware of your hidden cargo is of concern to you, why not try one of these stealth bras, made tough for men who may just have to throw themselves on the ground and roll to safety through enemy fire, or dangle from the edge of a sky scraper at a moment’s notice.

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How To Quit Wearing Women’s Clothing

A young man recently wrote to me and expressed his desire to stop wearing panties. He asked my advice on the matter and immediately I was thrown into something of a quandry. The bulk of my articles are aimed at supporting the idea of men wearing women’s panties, and whatever else they feel like wearing, so to write an article that advocates the ceasing of such behavior may at first seem hypocritical and contradictory. I am going to write this article however, and I am going to reveal what I consider to be the secret to quitting not only wearing women’s clothing, but stopping almost any behavior. It takes time, but it works.

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From Raunchy To Romantic | Wacoal Bras For Men

wild bunch silverThere is something romantic about a well made bra, a bra which has been designed carefully from the underwire up, a bra that is really less a garment and more a work of art. Wacoal have earned their name in the lingerie world by consistently producing gorgeous, well made bras that, once seen, are hard to forget. In this little collection you will find brassieres that shimmer and shine, brassieres which cannot be ignored. You will also find much more subtle bras, bras, which seem to be so plain until one looks a little closer and realizes what a prize one has obtained. Whether you already love Wacoal lingerie, or whether this is your first encounter with it, you are in for a real treat!

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Why Bras Love Men

sexy hot bra for menIt’s a well known fact that many men love bras. They love bras with a passion which can only come from being kept apart from such a delightful and entirely gorgeous taboo object. The women of this world can wear brassieres with impunity, and in a tragedy greater than they will every know, some women don’t actually wear bras at all. Women are bra spoiled, we take brassieres for granted. To us, they are mere utilitarian devices, only good for supporting our mammary glands and luring mates from dark corners.

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How To Share Your Love Of Lingerie On Hub Pages

pinkstripepantiesA few of you may wonder why your comments have not been showing up lately. This document will hopefully clarify why this has been occurring. If your comments are being repeatedly moderated, it is because they are inappropriate for this venue. Don’t take this as an insult, it’s not, it is simply a matter of time and place, just as you wouldn’t wear a PVC floral mini skirt to a Royal Ball, or a sheer body stocking and nothing else to a family funeral.

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Why Women Leave Men Who Wear Women’s Clothing

sexy man in braA bonus, weekend length article about an issue which affects all men who wear women’ s clothing at one time or another…

This is a tough issue, but I think that it is one that needs to be addressed. It has become obvious that many men who wear women’s clothing, both those who wear panties, and those who take their female fashions much further have difficulty sustaining romantic relationships with women. Some men even report losing several partners because of the lingerie, or because of the skirts and high heels.

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Blades, Wax and Lasers: How To Look Good In Your Panties

cute girl in pantiesAs any man who has ever slipped on a pair of panties will have noticed, panties do an admirable job of covering what absolutely needs to be covered (unless they happen to be crotchless panties, in which case you’re on your own.) Unfortunately however, even women often discover that not all panties cover that which needs to be covered, and little curlies are visible around the sides of panties. This is regarded by some as being quite a distasteful sight, so steps are usually taken to remove the hair around the genital region.

But how!? I reveal all… (or some, quite a lot really…)

How to Love Yourself In Lingerie (Stop Feeling Guilty Because You Wear Panties)

Photo 88Men who don’t wear lingerie and women who have never really thought about men who wear lingerie often don’t appreciate the difficulties associated with being a man who wears lingerie. If you spend any amount of time speaking with men who wear lingerie however, it soon becomes apparent that being a man who wears panties is a lot harder than it sounds.

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How Can I Stop My Husband / Boyfriend Wearing Lingerie?

So you have a husband or boyfriend and in many respects he is quite satisfactory. Unfortunately, you have discovered that he likes to wear lingerie, which is obviously unacceptable. Although you like to wear jeans now and then, and think you look pretty cute when you slip into his shirt, it’s quite unacceptable for him to go so far as to enjoy wearing women’s clothing. Women can wear whatever they want, but men need to toe the fashion line. We can’t have them dressing in whatever takes their fancy, can we now. That sort of thing leads to communism, witchcraft, and the furthering of the atheist homosexual agenda.

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