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Great news everybody! I’ve opened a forum on the site which will allow much greater communication to take place between readers and me, and the readers and other readers. This comes as a result of user suggestions, and I hope it will be an asset to the He Wears Panties community.

At present time, I’ve left the forum open so that once you become a member, you’ll be able to log in and post as you please.  Stories, pictures, questions for me, questions for the other readers, it’s all possible now! As a special bonus, the first ten members to sign up to the forum will earn the rank of ‘Panty Vigilante’

He Wears Panties Forum

Dark Designer Lingerie | La Perla Black Label

la perla lingerieInternational Italian based brand and lingerie of the stars, La Perla lingerie is that lingerie you buy when you’ve bought all the other lingerie and you’re sick of Kanye West’s panties being more fly than your own. (I don’t know if Kanye actually wears panties, if he did, it is pretty certain that they would be La Perla panties.)

Lingerie that has to be seen to be believed…

Women Rule? A World Without Men

powerful womenMen fear, and some feminists have joyously awaited the day when we no longer need men in our societies. Instead we can reproduce through the wonders of science, and live in a golden age of peace and prosperity, presumably because, having gotten rid of men, we will no longer have all that angry war and greed around the place.

Here’s why I think that is less likely than highly advanced aliens coming to the planet to get relationship advice from Dr Phil.

Outrageous Rhinestone Jewelry For Women For Men

rhinestone gunsRhinestones are natures way of saying ‘Hell yeah, you’re shiny and hot,’. Which is why, if you happen to be hot, and perhaps a little shiny, you should definitely wear them. Rhinestones can be worn by men or women, though women often corner the market on them because, like ravens, they want to take them back to their nests and make their nests look pretty.

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Wicked Dreamy White Lace Lingerie For Men

power mesh lingerieInspired by a recent series of pictures submitted to my site, He Wears Panties, by a reader, I’ve put together this set of reviews of white lace lingerie. There’s something very special about white lingerie. Whilst it’s not always the most popular amongst women for practical reasons (white shows every little mark and spot,) it is none the less one of the most popular choices of lingerie for brides. Part of this is because it matches the dress and part of this is because it signifies purity and femininity in a way that no other color can.

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A Study In White Lace Lingerie

man_wearing_lace_stockings_and_garterAn update to our reader’s pictures section today, with a reader prodly displaying his lovely white lingerie! There’s a great deal of lace and some smooth satiny lingerie as well.  We often overlook white lingerie because it seems so plain, but at this gallery demonstrates, white lingerie can be anything but plain.

See the pictures!

Ancient Arts and Lingerie | Hand Painted Silk Nightgowns

pretty silk nightgown for menNothing feels better against the skin than silk, but though silk is undeniably gorgeous, and though it looks lovely when embroidered with lace, silk can start to get a bit samey after a time. After all, once you have all the colors of the rainbow in the wardrobe, (and who doesn’t have a full compliment of silk nightgowns, I ask you,) you run out of ways to innovate in the silk department.

But wait… there’s more…

Are Women Better Than Men?

better than youBecause I write a lot for men who wear women’s clothing, I also interact with a great deal of men who aspire to femininity. There’s nothing wrong with that in itself, but occasionally I get the sense, (and occasionally it is spelled out for me very plainly,) that a man thinks that women are actually better than men. Sometimes a man might even be convinced that men are nearly worthless and women are better.

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Becoming Feminine | Frilly Bras For Men

satin gingham braThe interesting thing about lingerie designed for men who want to feel feminine and girly is that it is often designed in a very hyper feminine, hyper girly way. It is so feminine and girly in fact that it far out feminizes and girlifies anything a woman might wear. Some men like this kind of lingerie, some men don’t, but if nothing else I think it is incredibly fun and pretty to look at.

Check out these gorgeous feminine bras…

High Style Lingerie | Luxury Lace Negligees

black_lace_negligeeA negligee, aside from being a fun word to say, is a loose dressing gown for women. The term comes from the French ‘to neglect’, and between its roots and its meaning it sounds like a rather dowdy and boring piece of female attire. Don’t let appearances fool you however, a negligee is much greater than the sum of its French name and strict English definition. It is a lovely, sensual and yes, quite elegant piece of lingerie.

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The Day They Tried To Make Aussie Men Wear Skirts

men_wearing_skirtsI’ve always been for men wearing skirts if they want to, but nobody, male or female should have to wear a skirt against his or her will. The only possible outcome of forcing anyone to wear a skirt is rebellion in one form or another, as the mayors of the eastern shores of Australia discovered when they tried to make the male beach goers wear skirted attire.

See what happened next…

Pretty Purple Panties | Fine Alliterative Lingerie

purple bra and panty setPeter could pick a peck of pickled pretty purple panties, but can you? After reading this article and observing the symphony of purple panties which parades over your screen, I believe it may be difficult for you to resist the charms of these proud panties.

Purple is the color of royalty, and it is also the color of Tinky Winky. If those two things do not recommend it, then it is lost forever!

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