Cute Ballet Flat Women’s Shoes For Men

poppyWhat better shoe for a man who wants to feel light and feminine than a ballet slipper? Not an actual ballet slipper of course, that would be incredibly uncomfortable. No, I mean the women’s fashion shoes known as ‘ballet flats.’

Though ballet flats have seen a resurgence in recent times, they are hardly a new fashion item. Audry Hepburn was said to be partial to a nice pair of ballet flats and was there anyone more feminine than Audry Hepburn on the planet ever? I think not.

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Scandalous Cross Dressing Women

woman wearing a suitI will warn readers in advance that the contents of this hub may disturb some people. It contains women blatantly and unashamedly cross dressing in public places. Some of you might find this improper. Some of you might find it sinful. Others of you might find it alluring. I must ask that you keep your comments respectful, even though decent men and women wear the attire assigned to them by their gender, we must respect the rights of the deviants and harlots who wear men’s clothing.

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Hot PVC and Latex Rainwear | Raincoats and Mackintoshes

vintage yellow raincoatYou know what’s hot? The sound of rain pouring off the top of your PVC hood, dripping onto the wet ground all around you whilst you are cocooned in a plastic shield of goodness. Lovely latex, impermeable PVC. The joy of shielding the skin from watery wetness and the special feeling one can only get from wearing these amazing synthetic creations.

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Minxy Maxi Dresses For Men

cute pink maxi dressWhat’s a maxi dress? It’s a dress to the MAXIMUM. It’s a dress that could not get any more dressy if it tried. It is a dress which has surfed the solar winds of outer dressdom and arrived back on earth as long and full and flowing as it can be.

On a purely technical level, a maxi dress is a dress with a fitting bodice that flows out to swirl majestically around the wearer’s tootsies.

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He or She? Wicked Women’s Jeans For Men

gorgeous beltIf you’re the type of guy who likes to wear women’s clothes but doesn’t want anyone else noticing, then women’s jeans are an excellent purchase. With the wide range of styles and cuts out there, and predominant fashion trends ranging from baggy ‘gangster’ pants to super skinny ’emo goth’ tubes of doom, you can pretty much wear any kind of women’s jeans you want and get away with it.

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Are You Cursed To Be A Cross Dresser?

jude law minxIn spite of the YAY PANTIES! Yippy skippy attitude I’ve been partially (okay, largely) responsible for around these parts, I acknowledge and admit that many men who yearn to wear panties (and women’s clothing in general) often feel bad about the desire for a long time. From their adolescence they curse it, feeling upset and ashamed, wondering why they have been struck down with this terrible affliction. To be a man who wants to be feminine. How can that be? How awful!

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Operation Satin and Awe | Bra and Panty Sets To Blow You Away

vivicaIt’s been at least five years since Operation Shock and Awe went down and I think we can all agree that it’s not too soon to co-opt the title for vaguely punny headlines. This article is serious business, and though it is unlikely to be the instrument of the downfall of a despotic dictator and the harbinger of illegal military occupation, it is definitely going to be about classy, sexy and sensual satin garments that you won’t want to take off even when you’ve been wearing them all day in the inside of a tank and they’re starting to get a little whiffy.

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Men, How Not To Wear Women’s Panties

TrinnySuzRUK_468x344By now, most of us have been exposed to horror tv shows along the lines of ‘What Not To Wear’, where smug fashionistas take shabby people under their wing, stuff them, sausage style, into some support underwear and dress them in vaguely age appropriate clothing whilst squealing about how much younger they look now. This article does not follow along those lines, because those are the lines that lead to madness.

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How To Make Your Skirts Look Manly

guys wearing skirtsMen who wear women’s clothing in public are often struck with a particular challenge. How, in this pre fashion enlightened world, are they to wear their skirts out in public without having to go six rounds with the nearest moron. (Though, to be honest, depending on where you live, you may get nothing but smiles by going out in a dress.)

It is possible to be a guy, wear a skirt, and still look quite masculine. And in this article, men who really wear skirts share how it’s done!

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