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Gina Lance

Gina Lance

This is exciting news! From this month onwards, readers of He Wears Panties will occasionally be able to find a column by Hope Alexander on TG LIFE. (You love it when I talk self referentially in the third person, don’t you. You do. Yes you do! ) What is TG LIFE? It’s an exciting venture headed by Gina Lance, author of Get Dressed! Breaking Out of the Crossdressing Closet.  Gina Lance is famous, having appeared on MSNBC, MTV, HBO, NBC, E Channel and even Fox amongst other illustrious places. It’s an exciting time for He Wears Panties, and for Hope. Hope is totally stoked about this.

(This month’s column has already appeared on He Wears Panties, but future columns promise to be fresh and entirely unique to TG LIFE, and I believe them.)

The Brain Of A Man Named Susan | The Science Behind Men In Panties

berdacheGender is important to our monkey brains. It’s one of the first things we determine about any new human coming into this world and it dictates our lives from that moment onwards both genetically and socially. In modern culture, we approach gender as being a dichotomy. One is either male, or female. Although nature itself boldly defies this rule by producing children with male and female organs, as a society we have equally boldly ignored this hint and dismissed these children as anomalies to the ‘proper’ way of being, and in doing so have missed the hint which nature is dropping here.

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Jared Has a Body By Victoria

jared_number_oneVictoria’s Secret are running a competition called “Body By Victoria.” Entrants submit a picture (or pictures of themselves,) and say why they love their body. Winners are flown to NYC with a friend and get to enjoy a $500 shopping spree at the flagship Victoria’s Secret store, amongst other things.

Jared loves his body, so Jared entered. At the time of writing, Jared was #1….

How Women Claimed The Right To Wear Men’s Clothes (And How Men Can Do The Same)

hepburnYou know, for most of us wandering about the planet, there’s never been a time in our lives when we didn’t see women running around in jeans, in shorts, in harem pants. We were born into a world of equality for women. We had stickers in our rooms which said ‘Girls Can Do Anything.’ We were told that yes, we could be lawyers, bankers, surgeons, CEO’s, world leaders and we watched women be all these things and more.

I don’t think it ever crossed many of our minds that men don’t have the same rights as women. Whilst we women have claimed the world for our own, men still reside largely in the areas they always resided in. This is especially obvious and especially true when it comes to fashion.

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Gorgeous Girlish Girdles For Men

panty girdleWhat, pray tell, is a girdle? Why, it is a relatively old fashioned piece of lingerie and the evolutionary child of the corset. Put simply, a girdle is a piece of shape defining lingerie which runs from under the bust to over the hip. It promotes a lovely feminine shape and irons out any unseemly bumps of flesh which can get in the way of attaining the perfect hour glass figure.

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No Jack, You Can’t Wear Panties | The Objectification Of Men

There’s an ongoing debate between the men who like to wear ‘womens’ clothing and the women who say that such behavior is utterly unacceptable. The strongest argument I have encountered on the side of women who believe that men shouldn’t be able to wear women’s clothing is the argument that it simply isn’t attractive.

Rawr, debates!

Cute Ballet Flat Women’s Shoes For Men

poppyWhat better shoe for a man who wants to feel light and feminine than a ballet slipper? Not an actual ballet slipper of course, that would be incredibly uncomfortable. No, I mean the women’s fashion shoes known as ‘ballet flats.’

Though ballet flats have seen a resurgence in recent times, they are hardly a new fashion item. Audry Hepburn was said to be partial to a nice pair of ballet flats and was there anyone more feminine than Audry Hepburn on the planet ever? I think not.

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Scandalous Cross Dressing Women

woman wearing a suitI will warn readers in advance that the contents of this hub may disturb some people. It contains women blatantly and unashamedly cross dressing in public places. Some of you might find this improper. Some of you might find it sinful. Others of you might find it alluring. I must ask that you keep your comments respectful, even though decent men and women wear the attire assigned to them by their gender, we must respect the rights of the deviants and harlots who wear men’s clothing.

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