How To Transform From A Man Into A Woman

half-man-half-womanWhat you are about to read here is not for the faint hearted or for the dabbler in feeling and looking feminine. These are the devices that the truly serious man who wants to be a woman uses. All of them are effective and all of them are entirely hormone and chemical free because I can’t imagine a worse idea than pumping your body full of rubbish not ‘native’ to it in order to make it look a certain way.

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How Much Lace Is Too Much Lace?

too much laceAt one time, I would have naively thought that one could never have too much lace. In fact, you can probably find multiple articles where I have expressed that very sentiment if you look around a bit. Unfortunately, I was wrong. Very wrong. There is such a thing as too much lace, and it took one of my favorite singers and fashionistas to bring the point home.

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The Tale of Spider Silk Lingerie

beautiful nylon camisoleIn which one man finds a way to wear lingerie against the odds…

For years, Mortimer had dreamed of wearing women’s lingerie. Unfortunately, his wife Deirdre was less than supportive of the whole idea. Less than supportive was a bit of an understatement really, she was vigorously anti the idea of him owning anything remotely shiny or satiny or soft and she seemed to have a nose for any lingerie he would buy and secrete about the house.

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Pantyhose For Men

wolfordPantyhose is hosiery which covers from toe to hip. But do we really know pantyhose all that well? After all, pantyhose, the favorite hosiery of many men who wear lingerie, is an odd little minx. For reasons which may not seem immediately clear to the uninitiated, or women and girls who used to have to wear it to work or school, there are those who absolutely love pantyhose with a passion that means if there was a house fire they would rush out of the house, their hair ablaze, soot staining their cheeks, hosiery drawer cradled delicately in their arms.

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Lilly Italia Fine Italian Lingerie For Men

giada_balconette_braSome of the finest things in life originate from Italy, and lingerie is no exception. The fashion lingerie I will be profiling today all comes from one Milan house of lingerie, Lilly Italia.

Lilly Italia has several lines and sets of lingerie, today I will be mentioning items from just three of their sets. Such a small sample, but more than enough to whet the lingerie appetite and give you a sense of what this lingerie company is all about. Giada, Sogini, Luna – these three names are sure to remain at the tip of your tongue and tenderly floating about your mind for hours to come.

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The Paranoid Man’s Guide To Wearing Lingerie

super sexy mens lingerieWearing lingerie can be a lot of fun and a source of joy and solace in a man’s life. However, coming to the place where wanting to wear lingerie is something you can accept about yourself can be difficult. I know and am sympathetic to the fact that not all men who wear lingerie are at the “Oh my! Look at me in my fabulous panties!” stage just yet.

Here are some tips just for you guys, I hope they prove useful in your lingerie journeys and dreams.

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How Women Pick Their Panties

sexy_pantiesI thought it might be of interest to the male panty wearing crowd to get an insight as to how women pick their panties, and for women to perhaps find some inspiration in future panty purchases. Most women have three types of panties in their panty drawer, though there may be a crossover between the types and it is quite common for panties to transition from one category to another over the course of their life times.

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Reader’s Lingerie Pictures

As you’ll be aware, I recently opened a forum here on He Wears Panties so that you guys could have your say and talk with one another, which is really important.

As you’re also no doubt aware, there has been a lingerie gallery on the site which you could submit to. I’m going to close the avenue of submissions via email as you can now all post your pictures on the He Wears Panties Picture Forum

This means no waiting around for me to sort myself out and post pictures.

I may still add some pictures from the forum to the gallery from time to time, but that will be done at my discretion, (read: when I get some time :).)

I’m really pleased with how the forums are going, and I hope you all are too. Don’t be afraid to get out there and start chatting!

Also, everyone who  posts pictures will be awarded a special profile panty badge.

The Big First Step! (Going Out In Women’s Clothes)

gina lanceThis is an article written by the wonderful Gina Lance. Gina is the current editor of TG LIFE, and the once was editor of groundbreaking transgender magazine, GIRL TALK. With over a decade’s experience being out of the TG Closet under her belt, Gina knows what she’s talking about.

Over the years many people have asked me about my first times out of the house, dressed! I always say that I was terrified, exhilarated, scared to death, thrilled and I experienced more emotions in those few short hours combined than I had ever faced in my life!

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He Makes Stockings Look Masculine

man in sheer stockingsAre you a man who loves the feeling of stockings or pantyhose against your skin? Do you joyously wear hosiery in private only to have to take it off when you leave your home? Have you ever wondered how to openly wear women’s stockings and pantyhose in the workplace without being sniggered at by the receptionist and being sent home in shame to change? One man has tackled this fashion problem and emerged triumphant and it is my pleasure to share his not so secrets with you.

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The Splendid World of Silk Lingerie

silk negligeeSilk. We don’t have enough of it.

Why wear silk lingerie? Well, much like my arch nemesis, cotton, silk is a natural fiber. However, unlike cotton, it is so smooth to the touch that the term “silky smooth” is actually in common usage. Okay “cotton soft” is also out there, but that’s just an international conspiracy up there with UFO’s, the sniper on the grassy knoll, and Sarah Palin’s VP nomination. Some things we will never understand.

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