Sexy Skimpy Low Rise Panties For Men

gold coast low tiseMany men enjoy women’s panties, and quite often it is the high waisted full brief and hi cut panties that get named as being favorites. However, that is not the case for all men. Sometimes a man’s body is not built to comfortably wear high waisted panties, and instead of sitting nice and snugly up under his belly button, they end up sliding down and setting near his crotch.

The solution to this problem is to purchase low riding panties to begin with. Not only are low rise panties comfortable, but they also have another advantage – they are much easier to hide in every day street clothes.

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How To Make The World Accept Men Who Wear Women’s Clothing

pinky_and_the_brain_articleDo you wish that the world were more accepting of your little quirks? Are you a guy who wishes that he could step out in his panties and skirt and be greeted with smiles and nods of approval?

Though accepted norms can and do evolve over time, and in time, I think that greater acceptance for men who want to wear womens lingerie is actually fairly inevitable.

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Is There Too Much Lingerie In Your Relationship?

man wearing lingerieBalancing your love life and your lingerie life can be difficult, and some men struggle with it. It is important to maintain balance however, nobody wants to live a life entirely alone but surrounded by frilly lace.

Is there such a thing as too much lingerie in a relationship? Yes. Definitely.

Here’s how to tell if there is too much lingerie in your life.

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Beautiful Lacy Skamp Bali Panties For Men

lacy skamp briefBali is another lingerie brand, similar to Vanity Fair, but wit a little more lace about the place. Much like Vanity Fair, Bali panties are designed to fit well without an overwhelming emphasis on appearance. The exceptions in their line are two panties which take very much after Olga styling, with a Bali twist. (I’d hate to imply panty plagiarism, I’m sure the penalties for that sort of thing are very steep indeed.)

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He Wears Panties Forum Update

I’m really pleased to announce that the forum has gotten off to a great start! Already we have 19 members, and that’s sure to keep climbing as people discover the place. Some new categories have been introduced, they include:

  • Advice (A section for asking for and giving advice.  I’ll be frequenting this forum especially, so if you have any questions for me, or other men and women involved with cross dressing, feel free to ask your question there.
  • Stories (A forum to share your stories and experiences with regards to wearing lingerie and women’s clothing.)
  • X Rated (Where all the naughty, adult oriented stuff goes. Nothing is moderated here unless it is illegal.)

As promised, the first to join have been awarded ‘Panty Vigilante’ status. There will be more forum rewards up for grabs as time goes  on.

Come, join free and participate in the He Wears Panties community!

Feel Good Panties | Vanity Fair Nylon Panties For Men

ravissantWhen you talk to men who love wearing lingerie, one brand comes up time and time again, Vanity Fair. Vanity Fair is not one of the showiest brands, nor is it the most feminine from an aesthetic standpoint, but it is undeniably one of the most comfortable and incredibly soft brands with designs that lend themselves well to being worn by men.

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He Wears Panties Forum

Great news everybody! I’ve opened a forum on the site which will allow much greater communication to take place between readers and me, and the readers and other readers. This comes as a result of user suggestions, and I hope it will be an asset to the He Wears Panties community.

At present time, I’ve left the forum open so that once you become a member, you’ll be able to log in and post as you please.  Stories, pictures, questions for me, questions for the other readers, it’s all possible now! As a special bonus, the first ten members to sign up to the forum will earn the rank of ‘Panty Vigilante’

He Wears Panties Forum

Dark Designer Lingerie | La Perla Black Label

la perla lingerieInternational Italian based brand and lingerie of the stars, La Perla lingerie is that lingerie you buy when you’ve bought all the other lingerie and you’re sick of Kanye West’s panties being more fly than your own. (I don’t know if Kanye actually wears panties, if he did, it is pretty certain that they would be La Perla panties.)

Lingerie that has to be seen to be believed…

Women Rule? A World Without Men

powerful womenMen fear, and some feminists have joyously awaited the day when we no longer need men in our societies. Instead we can reproduce through the wonders of science, and live in a golden age of peace and prosperity, presumably because, having gotten rid of men, we will no longer have all that angry war and greed around the place.

Here’s why I think that is less likely than highly advanced aliens coming to the planet to get relationship advice from Dr Phil.

Outrageous Rhinestone Jewelry For Women For Men

rhinestone gunsRhinestones are natures way of saying ‘Hell yeah, you’re shiny and hot,’. Which is why, if you happen to be hot, and perhaps a little shiny, you should definitely wear them. Rhinestones can be worn by men or women, though women often corner the market on them because, like ravens, they want to take them back to their nests and make their nests look pretty.

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