Are Cross Dressing Men Offensive To Women?

masculine-feminineI wrote an article recently titled ‘Why Women Find Cross Dressing Men Scary‘, an article which reflected on the way that cross dressing men can sometimes be quite intimidating because of the ‘uber’ feminine appearance and manner they have.

One reader, Tracy, made a comment which was perhaps tangential to the initial point of the article, but which I think has a great deal of merit and definitely deserves discussion.

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Satin and Lace Lingerie For Men

lace and satin redSatin and lace, lovely on their own, but when combined together they become one of the greatest couples in the history of lingerie. The Brangelina of lingerie, if you will, or perhaps the Prince Rainer and Princess Grace of lingerie, if you’re more inclined to worship royalty over large lipped actors. This article takes a look at some of the saucy satin and lace lingerie out there.

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Hope on Transgender Cross Dressing on TG LIFE

Another column  of mine has been published on TG Life.  This one’s ostensibly about Christians and Cross Dressers, but what it’s really about is examining the power of our beliefs.  It’s a little bit edgy, perhaps a wee bit controversial, but if you’re a fan of thinking deeply about the issues surrounding identity and reality,  you might find it very interesting. At least, I hope you do.

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On another note, I’ve found TG LIFE to be quite an interesting site. There’s a great wealth of information there for men and women who are looking to cross dress / transition, and some interesting perspectives from transgendered and transsexual people alike.

Kiss Me Deadly Girdles and Suspenders

sirena suspender beltLingerie isn’t worth wearing if it doesn’t imply some sort of dire physical threat, at least, that’s how I’ve always felt. It wasn’t until the advent of Kiss Me Deadly lingerie that I felt a lingerie designer truly understood the needs of the dark side of the lingerie wearer.

Fortunately, Kiss Me Deadly isn’t some lame emo attempt at lingerie covered in skulls and crossbones, no, it is fine lingerie with distinctly retro / vintage styling. Once you’ve viewed these pieces, you’ll never look at lingerie the same way again.

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Sexy Women’s Socks Men Will Love

toe socksI’ve been receiving quite a few emails recently on the topic of incorporating women’s clothing into male attire. Some men ask how to do it, others offer hints and tips, so I am going to do a bit of a series on pieces of female attire you can work into your male wardrobe without anyone being any the wiser.

We’ll start with the feet today and look at women’s socks.

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Real Spider Silk Cloth

spider silk clothSome of you may recall this little tale I wrote concerning a fellow who created invisible lingerie by weaving the silk of spiders into cloth. Well, little did I know as I was writing it that somewhere in the world, (Madagascar, as it happens,) there were some guys actually painstakingly weaving silk cloth from the silk of a million wild spiders. As usual, life is far stranger and far more interesting than anything dreamed up in fiction.

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Can A Dress Turn A Man Into A Woman?

victor victoriaBefore you scoff at the idea of a Y chromosome fixing garment which somehow knits the DNA of a man into a more feminine form, hear me out. Many men say that when they wear lingerie and women’s things they become softer and more feminine. A great deal of men report that when dressed en femme they find themselves expressing so called ‘feminine’ personality traits such as increased sensitivity and emotion. In some cases, their personality changes so much that they assign a female name to their new feminine identity.

Come and share your experiences!

Lovely Ladies Lace Gloves

free_people_glovesLace gloves, how pretty, how lovely, how feminine, how proper, how delightfully Victorian retro vintage.  They’re like lingerie for your hands!

Lace gloves are the perfect fashion accessory when one wants to say ‘My, look at how quirky and fashionable I am,’ without sacrificing manual dexterity in one’s digits. Wearing lace gloves one is still quite able to partake of dances at a ball, or typing missives upon the keyboard of one’s computational device.

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Fine Lace Parasols | A Lady Like Life Saving Accessory

juliet hand made parasolOnce upon a time, fine ladies would always take a parasol with them when walking in the sun, because pale skin was valued highly. This is still the case in countries where a significant class divide exists between lowly peasant laborers and the educated upper classes whose skin need not be sullied by the rigors of hard work.

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Crossover Hosiery For Men | Patterned Tights

plaid patterned tightsThis one goes out as a reader request I received via email. As the astute reader noted, patterned tights feel great and can pass as socks on occasion. Thus we have the makings of the perfect cross over hosiery for men, hosiery that feels feminine but which is ambiguous enough to throw clothing gender purists off the scent long enough for one to make good their escape through the briar patch.

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Classic Camisoles | The Solution To Beige

lace camisoleAs part of my longstanding campaign for men who wear lingerie and against beige lingerie, this article will deal with the role and function of the camisole. Camisoles are items of lingerie which cover the shoulders and the torso. They are traditionally sleeveless. They feel lovely against the skin, due to the fact that they are most commonly made of nylon or silk and they look incredibly feminine as well.

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