Comfortable Cotton Bras For Men

vs demi braI recently received a question on the He Wears Panties forum regarding comfortable bras for men. As the reader noted, men tend to perspire more than women, and combined with snug synthetic fabric many pretty womens bras are made from, this is a recipe for discomfort and even rashes.

Well, there is a solution to this problem, and this is the cotton bra.

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The Secret To Success When Shopping For Women’s Clothes For Men – A Woman!

woman-shoppingWhen you’re a man who wears women’s clothing and you decide to actually pursue your desires, you don’t realize what a fashion minefield you are walking into. Women are trained from a young age to navigate the streams, mountains and valleys of fashion, whilst men are often left at home to hit each other with sticks. Thus, as a grown man attempting to enter the world of female fashion, it is easy to get lost, stumble into a crevasse and emerge days later with broken heels and a handbag that most certainly doesn’t match.

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The Pantied Man and the Bigot

First things first. I address this to men who wear women’s clothing and do so in public. When people call you a ‘freak’, or react negatively to the fact that you fall outside the accepted standard deviations from the social norm, realize that it is not you who they are angry at. It is themselves. Your ‘strangeness’ reflects their own insecurities and fears about not fitting in back at them. They react to those feelings, not to you. They don’t know you. You barely register as a human on their radar of self centered ignorance. They are lost and alone, blinded by blinkers of fear and they are threatened by your flamboyant display, the courage which you possess but they will never have.

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Sensual Silk Bras For Men

karen milen braSilk. The soft, sensual feeling of silk against skin is a sensation every lingerie lover should experience at least once in their lifetimes, and if at all possible, once a week or more. Silk panties are quite often on a man who loves lingerie’s shopping list, but what about a silk bra or two? A silk bra completes the set and gives one a feeling of lingerie satisfaction and satiation, (until you take it off, that is.)

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Sexy Skimpy Low Rise Panties For Men

gold coast low tiseMany men enjoy women’s panties, and quite often it is the high waisted full brief and hi cut panties that get named as being favorites. However, that is not the case for all men. Sometimes a man’s body is not built to comfortably wear high waisted panties, and instead of sitting nice and snugly up under his belly button, they end up sliding down and setting near his crotch.

The solution to this problem is to purchase low riding panties to begin with. Not only are low rise panties comfortable, but they also have another advantage – they are much easier to hide in every day street clothes.

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How To Make The World Accept Men Who Wear Women’s Clothing

pinky_and_the_brain_articleDo you wish that the world were more accepting of your little quirks? Are you a guy who wishes that he could step out in his panties and skirt and be greeted with smiles and nods of approval?

Though accepted norms can and do evolve over time, and in time, I think that greater acceptance for men who want to wear womens lingerie is actually fairly inevitable.

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Is There Too Much Lingerie In Your Relationship?

man wearing lingerieBalancing your love life and your lingerie life can be difficult, and some men struggle with it. It is important to maintain balance however, nobody wants to live a life entirely alone but surrounded by frilly lace.

Is there such a thing as too much lingerie in a relationship? Yes. Definitely.

Here’s how to tell if there is too much lingerie in your life.

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Beautiful Lacy Skamp Bali Panties For Men

lacy skamp briefBali is another lingerie brand, similar to Vanity Fair, but wit a little more lace about the place. Much like Vanity Fair, Bali panties are designed to fit well without an overwhelming emphasis on appearance. The exceptions in their line are two panties which take very much after Olga styling, with a Bali twist. (I’d hate to imply panty plagiarism, I’m sure the penalties for that sort of thing are very steep indeed.)

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He Wears Panties Forum Update

I’m really pleased to announce that the forum has gotten off to a great start! Already we have 19 members, and that’s sure to keep climbing as people discover the place. Some new categories have been introduced, they include:

  • Advice (A section for asking for and giving advice.  I’ll be frequenting this forum especially, so if you have any questions for me, or other men and women involved with cross dressing, feel free to ask your question there.
  • Stories (A forum to share your stories and experiences with regards to wearing lingerie and women’s clothing.)
  • X Rated (Where all the naughty, adult oriented stuff goes. Nothing is moderated here unless it is illegal.)

As promised, the first to join have been awarded ‘Panty Vigilante’ status. There will be more forum rewards up for grabs as time goes  on.

Come, join free and participate in the He Wears Panties community!