Paul Doesn’t Worry About His Visible Panty Line…


I wrote this article on VPL and how to avoid it months ago, but it is has recently become a hotly contested topic.

Is VPL an issue, or isn’t it? Paul doesn’t think so, and he is not alone….

paul says:

Why worry about VPL if you were wearing Y fronts then the lines would be the same as panties they have just about the same shape, if you were wearing Y fronts then you would never think of VPL you would go about your day with no thoughts on the matter at all.

I have worn panties every day for over 25 years and never worried about it i started to wear them when my ex wife removed all my male underwear and left me with just female items she told me if i wanted to wear female items when not at work then i should do it all the time ( i think she thought i would stop but it had the opposite effect),

At the time i was in the army and to start with i was scared incase the people who i worked with found out but after a while i stoped thinking about it. Continue reading

Pantied Boy Is Strictly Panties

You men with your incessant use of the words ‘sexual fantasies’ in a sex free zone, I don’t know. Here’s another scandalous comment that had to be moderated from Hub Pages. I hope you are wearing all your protective gear for this because it is most certainly not family safe, and if it’s not safe for families, it will probably bring down Western civilization as we know it.

This comment was posted to Lingerie Secrets Revealed, The Three Types Of Men Who Wear Lingerie

Pantied boy  says:

If I would really have to fit myself in one of the gategories, it would be the Strict Panties Man, but that’s not the whole truth.

Currently the only female clothes I own are panties, which i’m wearing 24/7, and I would like to own much more panties than average female do. Besides I’m quite interested in skirts, knee/thigh high socks, and nightdresses. However panties are the only must ones while the others would be just bit extra fun which I wouldn’t be wearing all the time.

I also have no problems accepting the fact that I have feminine side. Though I don’t really have two personas, pantied me and the other one. It’s just the one very same me all the time. Having cute panties on is just good way to express the softer side. When wearing panties I feel being totally myself. Giving myself a female name or dressing myself as close to female-look as possible isn’t something I could ever imagine myself doing. Yet I sometimes like to play with idea of me being a woman. Continue reading

Before You Throw All Your Lingerie Away…

Leonardo Di Caprio may hold the secret to saving your lingerie collection...

Leonardo Di Caprio may hold the secret to saving your lingerie collection...

So you’re thinking about throwing all your lingerie out. You don’t need it and you shouldn’t be wearing it. At least, that’s what you think. This may be the first time you have bought lingerie and thrown it out, this may be the 50th time you’ve been through the cycle of lingerie binge and purge. Before you quite literally toss your hard earned money out the door, read this and see if you can’t save yourself a little money and sanity.

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The Cutest Little Lace Chemise Ever

How adorable is this lace chemise? Made by Hanky Panky, the people who make the lace thongs that drove Wall Street wild, this lace chemise is perfect for nightwear for the discerning man who loves lace. Oftentimes lace can be scratchy and uncomfortable, but Hanky Panky uses only the finest laces to guarantee the wearer total comfort.

With a sweet floral design and coming in innocent white, this is one piece of lingerie I think most men will find hard to resist.

More information on this sweet little number here…  Hanky Panky Rosalyn Chemise

Would You Be Loved More If You Were A Woman?

A reader left a comment on one of my articles, and I thought it went to the very heart of why some men like pretending to be women. He said:

“For those of us who are touch with our feminine side, I truly believe we do the best we can do to provide that comfort for our girlfriends or wives, so it seems unselfish to me to try to create an environment where we might possibly be able to feel some of that love and comfort”

It would seem then, that some men associate femininity with being loved, cared for and protected.

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Jimmy Shares His Love Of Slips

nylon slipIn which Jimmy shares his love of a nice nylon slip…

Naughty Nylon Dreams | Fabulous Full Slips For Men

JimmyC20593 says:

I wear a nylon full slip or half slip under my clothes to work everyday depending on what top I am wearing. I cannot get over how wonderful my full slip feels on my chest area and the way the nylon material glides over my panties and the straps pulling on my shoulders as I move. Most of my panties are VS Second Skin Satin Hi Cuts/briefs but have a few VF nylon hi cut panties. I find that the satin slips from Farr West feel wonderful the way it caresses my skin but it does not glide as smoothly over my panties than the nylon slips so that’s all I wear. I wear slips under my jeans, and shorts and love when a little lace escapes from the bottom of my shorts. I would love to have a lady see my slip showing and make a positive comment. I often drive around at night in my full slip, matching bra and panties and thigh highs for fun of it.

The slip is a staple in my wardrobe.

Wives Are Not Jailers

I have received not one, but two separate comments today on various articles from men who wear lingerie and whose female partners either agreed to it up front, then changed their minds after 16 years, or who refuse to allow their men to wear lingerie at all.

First, here are the comments along with the articles they were posted to, following that, my response to men who find themselves in this situation.

Want To Wear Panties and Dresses But The Wife Says No?:

JimmyC20593 says:

Hope. Thanks for this Hub. My wife and I have been married 15 yrs and together for 22 years. I told her about how I liked to wear panties after 6 months of dating and she embraced it. It lead to us wearing matching panties each day, no thongs or cotton lingerie for us. We had numerous matching night gowns and matching baby-doll nighties w/panties we wore to bed, hosiery of all types, a few bras and slips and camisoles that were a match to hers also and a dress or 2 of my own. She was never worried about me looking better or sexier in my lingerie than she did in hers which is what made it fun. I would come home at the end of my work day and change into a casual tank style dress to lounge in until it was time bed. I even went out to pick up food in the drive in wearing this outfit. I received a few looks but never anything bad.

Continue reading

Black Lace Boyshort Panties

Is there any kind of panty  more darkly  alluring and mysterious than the black lace panty? The panties pictures are from Affinitas Intimates, a lingerie designer evidently highly skilled in the art of taking playful panty styles and coaxing the deeper allure out of them.

I love the slightly vintage feel of the large floral pattern mixed with a significant slice of modern minx.

These are panties you’ll be begging to be seen in.  Interested? Just click here for more information.

Pretty Polka Dot Lingerie

polka dot lingeriePolka dots, the remnants of a bygone era have an undeniable charm that becomes even more charming when it is displayed upon lingerie. Polka dot lingerie is sweet, fun, playful lingerie that flatters any body type and provides an admirable alternative to beige. We must always be vigilant in searching for alternatives to beige.

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Moderated Comments | Your Penis Is Still Attached

Originally posted on Manly Corsets for Men, this comment includes the word ‘penis’ which as we all know, is enough to make ladies pregnant if they read it. Please be a little more careful people!

Mikk says:

I think the term “manly” is a pretty warped perception for most men these days. I mean come on guys do we really have to be unshaven, fat or super buff, eat raw bloody animal flesh, and be an asshole to be considered a man? Think back in history to the heroes and soldiers of greece, rome, scotland, ireland, asia…every one of them wore dresses of some fashion and they’ve been exalted throughout history. What gives people the right to look down on men who wear anything other than what the latest GQ says we should wear. I say wear what you like and what’s comfortable to you, and if it does happen to be a corset or some kind of frilly underthing, take a good look. Chances are, your penis is still attached.

Also a bonus comment and a link to a story about getting caught with the lingerie. Oh what fun! I warn you, it is quite filthy.

jonquil says:

Above is a link to a story about a man caught red… Well never mind, let’s just say caught.

Buying Second Hand Lingerie

floralAh second hand lingerie. It has such a bad name for itself, thanks to Japan and its weird vending machines of days gone by, but second hand lingerie can be a boon for the lingerie lover. It is cheap, it quite often has something of a ‘vintage’ charm, and it is cheap. Did I say ‘cheap’ twice? That’s because it’s usually very cheap. It’s also good for the environment to re-use old garments rather than burying them in land fills.(It’s also very good for the environment not to breed, so keep that in mind the next time the pope breaks into your house through the bathroom window and tries to steal your prophylactics away.)

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Moderated Comments | Mike’s Bastard Child

This comment included the word ‘breasts’, which could potentially corrupt the minds of the many youths who seek out my writing and disperse it across the world in between episodes of Spongebob and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

This comment originally appeared on Men Who Wear Women’s Clothes vs Women Who Wear Women’s Clothes

Mark says:

Put me in the first group… no wait, the second… er… both!

It’s always Us vs. Them, isn’t it?

Your second group is the one that flabbergasts me. They say skirts are not to be worn by men who look like men. But it’s okay to wear them if you don’t look like a man. Even if you are a man dressing like a woman who quite obviously is a man dressing like a woman. But God forbid you forget your wig and prosthetic breasts, because then it’s wrong to wear a skirt.

A bastard child of irony and hypocrisy; that’s what you get.