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Jon’s Moderated Panty Story

This comment was posted by Jon, to No Jack, You Can’t WearPanties, The Objectification of Men, unfortunately it was far too explicit for Hub Pages, so here it is in its full glory.

My little story about how this worked out for me.

I must admit that I have a fetish for women’s soft fuzzy angora and cashmere sweaters.

I was married for 16 years and hinted about this a few times by buying her a couple of sweaters. Guess what, she didn’t get it.

She was never a sensual woman and sexually I was never really happy with her. She told me it was the close I liked and not her! I give up!! Point is I’m glad it wasn’t the panties I told her about!

So came along the big D, and for a lot of other reasons beside this.

Anyway, after some time on my own and some sole searching, this year I met the most wonderful girl.

She is eastern European, tall beautiful, sensitive with an awesome personality.

We are both working professional, attractive and educated. We don’t work out, we sexercise and take walks.

She is the all time coolest babe in the world. We even go to the gentleman’s club together because she loves the sexy strippers.

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How To Handle A Lingerie Addiction

pretty lingerieBuying lingerie can be just as addictive as snorting glucose off the top of a doll house. And as many ‘sugar heads’ will tell you, the habit is even harder to break. Why? Well, scientific research conducted by the FDA indicates that 9 out of 10 people who buy lingerie do so because lingerie is ‘awesome.’ It looks good, it feels good and it makes you feel good about yourself. Just one piece of nice lingerie can be more effective than a whole pack of back alley Prozac.

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Lady Pirates And Women’s Liberation

bonnyBack in the days of piracy, there were hardly any lady pirates relative to the plethora of male pirates swarming the high seas buckling their swashes. Now don’t get me wrong, there were some lady pirates, however the bulk of them were forced to don male clothing and pretend to be men so as to not tip a scurvy crew right over the edge. Some female pirates even became pirate captains, but they still wore male pirate dress, and when they had the odd baby, as you do, they would usually dropped off somewhere on an island to be raised by people who were generally less swashbuckling. Day care on a pirate ship generally consisted of a tot of rum and a swim in a pickle jar.

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Wearing History, Most Excellent Vintage Dresses

vintage fashion dressVintage clothing is always in. Why? Well, mostly because allows us to play dress up and make believe in a way that still appears to be stylish and hip. It’s funny, the unspoken rules we have concerning dress. If you want to pretend that you are an 18th century lady, people will admire your vintage jacket and ask you where you got it. If you want to pretend that you are an astronaut, you’ll end up in an extended interview with human resources trying to explain away the fish bowl on your head.

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Stocking Quest | Finding Stockings For Men

sexy_stockingsA vision quest is a journey in which a man or woman goes out in to the wilds of the world to see solitude and discover spiritual truths. A stocking quest is when a man goes out into the retail wilds of the world to discover stockings for himself.

A stocking quest is usually much more fun than a vision quest, which will often involve hallucinogenics, starving a lot and imaging that you’re talking to animals and spirits. Stocking quests will see you wandering the real and electronic malls, searching for the perfect stockings, the ones which you have dreamed of for so long.

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Best Moderated Comments | Is The Female The Highest Form Of Evolution?

Responding to the Article ‘Is The Female The Highest Form Of Evolution?’

GoneNylon  says:

Apparently, Hope, your query is being pondered far beyond the digital edges of this hub. In the U.S., it is an article of faith among our bizarro right wing cultists that “America is being feminized.” Of course, these loonies see that as a BAD thing, and the generally equate it with homosexuality, liberalism and “Euro-centrism” (whatever, precisely, that might be).
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The Best Moderated Comments On Panty Wearing Men

I have  been making a lot of noise lately about readers commenting and sharing here. Why is that? Well it is because the venue where I publish some of my articles does not tolerate any form of adult language. Unfortunately, many men don’t seem to understand this no matter how often I say it, and to be fair, many of them probably just don’t know that they’ve stumbled into a semi puritanical zone. I often end up having to moderate away comments which were quite excellent because they would break the TOS of Hub Pages. Unfortunately, readers seem insistent on commenting there, not here, and on writing essays in the comments there rather than here, so I implore you one last time.

If you have something to say that involves even slightly adult terms (‘sex’, ‘fetish,’ ‘transexual’, etc,) then write it here. Not there. It will more than likely be deleted into oblivion over there.

However, to preserve some of the comments in which a great deal of effort has been expended, I will occasionally publish them here, along with a link to the article they were published on for context’s sake.

On How Women Pick Their Panties

Julliette – Jullianne  says:

Exploring into the topic of ones delight for things feminine and crossdressing, while comfortably and securely grounded as a happy male, I find today, increasingly, a great sense of ease, confusion dissipated, comfort throughout with who I am and a heightened happiness with the feelings I feel. Feelings and emotions which are described definitively as being from what is ascribed to the feminine.

Here I have pieced together some descriptions of things dear and true, which I found surfing for scholarly articles to gain further understanding on what makes, me Julliette and you Jullianne, tick.

On expressing ones hidden personality characteristics, the author wrote: ‘crossdressing allows some men the opportunity to express portions of their personalities that this society does not accept in “masculine” men. While these characteristics, such as gentleness, passivity, and emotional sensitivity, are neither specifically feminine nor masculine, they are most commonly associated with women. Some men also report that they have the need to be flirtatious, to feel beautiful and glamorous, or to act passive and helpless. The transvestite feels most free to express these traits only when he is dressed as a woman.
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Plaid Skirts For Men

tartan skirtsPlaid skirts for men are often referred to as kilts, because oftentimes they are. What’s the difference between a kilt and a mere skirt? Well, a kilt is a pleated skirt which is usually patterned with a clan tartan. Kilts close to the side at the front and are best worn with a large kilt pin which will keep them from flying open at inopportune moments and showing the world everything you have.

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The Perfect Bra For Men?

If you were thinking about the perfect bra for a man, what would your criteria be? Would the bra need to be pretty and feminine with unique colors? Would it have to incorporate a little lace? Would it have to have shallow cups which allow it to fit a man’s chest so much better than other women’s bras? Well men, I think I have found a bra that many of you are going to absolutely love! (And best of all, it even comes from a fearsomely masculine sounding designer, ‘Diesel’.)

Click the image to view more details about the Diesel Microfiber Kikka Print Push-Up Bra

Notes from Her Room: Enhance your cleavage while looking stylish in this fashionable and extremely soft bra. Bra features sexy ombre print with burnout stripes. Molded, contour, underwire cups feature graduated padding for modesty and maximum cleavage. Bra is made of soft, stretch microfiber and has a plunge front, so you can wear your lower-cut fashions. Embroidered Diesel logo on left wing. Black lace trim adorns the top of cups and bottom of wings. Twinned spaghetti straps in front with Diesel logo on adjustable elastic straps in back.