Handbag-Fu, The Gentlemanly Art of Self Defense By Accessory

man-purse-2Many men are starting to see the value in carrying a handbag, or as some men like to call it, a ‘man-bag’. Whilst the homogenization of dress is inevitable, so to is the continuation of the human penchant for random acts of satisfying violence. A man who carries a hand bag may find that he is more often singled out for acts of violence, as the average thug lacks the brain power to realize that even though a man might be wearing a dress, he nevertheless is fully equipped with an entirely male physique.

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Christmas Stockings For Men Who Wear Hosiery

As kids, everyone loves Christmas stockings. They’re always full of treats which, in hindsight probably only pointlessly contributed toward global warming and the death of the planet as we know it, but at the time seemed quite excellent.  A little pink sticker set? Joy! Plastic animals? Super! More candy than your stomach can humanly hold? But of course!

For some adults, Christmas stockings are now an entirely different proposition. Instead of gleefully feasting their eyes on the fuzzy felt oversized sock nailed to the mantlepiece, some men now feast their senses on the delicate nylon of hosiery.

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Sinful Stockings for Men

Are stockings sinful? If they aren’t some of them should be.  Many men love stockings, and there are plenty of stockings out there to chose from. There are a few kinds of stockings however, that pack a little bit more of a punch than your average pair of sheer black stockings that droop around your ankles before eventually laddering with sheer boredom at their own averageness.

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Lace Handkerchiefs For Men

lace handkerchiefWorking lace back into male attire is something of a battle of stealth. Why do I say this? Mostly because I like calling things ‘stealthy’, but also because I believe that the slow integration of lace into male outfits and attire may one day lead to the reclamation of lace by the male gender. Men used to be able to wear as much lace as they wanted without being thought effeminate, but nowadays it can be difficult for a man to enjoy the delightful intricacy of high quality lace without drawing negative attention. Do not give up hope however lace loving chaps, this battle can be won.

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Why Hide When You’re A Man Who Wears Women’s Clothes?

I recently received the following comment on one of my articles, and I thought it raised a significant point, one that I’ve addressed before to be sure, but one that is worth addressing again.

Chris said,

Question: Why hide it? Let’s keep pushing the frontier so that I can wear at work a visible lace cami just as freely as you can?

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Lace Cravats For The Discerning Gentleman

lace cravatIf you’re a man wishing to reclaim lace, why not indulge yourself with a lace cravat? Once all the rage among Regency gentleman, a lace cravat can be worn without drawing accusations of femininity, and many women, the type of women who lap up Regency romance novels, will absolutely swoon for a man who shows that he can wear lace and stockings with style.

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Excellent Earrings For Men

beckhamEar jewelry has been ‘in’ for men since the days of pirates. Sadly, many modern men have lost touch with their bejeweled roots, aside from those few brave alternative souls who pierce everything that looks like it might possible be able to be pierced. A happy medium can be struck however, and a man can look both business like, dependable, trustworthy and all round presentable whilst wearing earrings, depending on how he wears them. He can also look eccentric, attractive, interesting, charming, alternative and a great deal many things more desirable that traditional and dependable.

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Freedom Is A Well Fitting Man’s Bra

man braFor many men who require brassieres, much freedom can be found in a well fitting bra. Women, and men fortunate enough not to struggle much with weight and hormonal issues might think it odd, or strange that a man might require a bra, but for the many men who have found themselves with substantial amounts of breast tissue, a bra provides just as much support and freedom for them as it does for the average woman.

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Having Fun With Bras For Men

ballon bra daddyBrassieres, ever the domain of the buxom woman, are becoming a popular fashion item amongst male wearers. Why? Well, in some cases, wearing a brassiere provides a man with much needed support (in these modern days of hormone imbalances, significant numbers of men suffer from medical conditions which cause them to grow sufficient tissue to require support from a brassiere.) In other cases, men simply rather like the idea of wearing a brassieres, and why not?

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Real Men Wear High Heels

man wearing high heelsMen’s high heels, now there’s a fashion trend likely to blow the mind of clothing conservatives. But why shouldn’t men wear high heels? Why should a man be restricted to his natural height, or wearing complicated lift arrangements that make him taller in a stealthy kind of way?

In the past, men could wear high heels as much as they wanted, in fact, high heels were an essential part of the well dressed gentleman’s wardrobe.

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Modern Men In Frilly Stockings

White Lace StockingsMen’s tights are making a comeback, but there’s a secret many men who wear hosiery harbor – they don’t want to wear men’s tights, they want to wear women’s tights. And why not? Although several small companies have sprung up making hosiery for men, Activskin being perhaps the most well known, as with most male garments, every effort has been made to remove the softer side of the garment. For some reason, when clothing is made for men, be it outerwear, underwear or intimate wear, an emphasis on blocky construction and minimalist ornamentation seems to be considered key.

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