1920’s Flapper Dresses | Find The Rebellious Flapper Within

I don’t know about you, but I like the idea of the 1920’s. It’s been portrayed as a glamorous time filled with tassels and outrageous frills and willowy women named ‘Bea’ who ran fashion houses and had scandalous affairs with the dashing men who would come by. Women emerged briefly from their place in the kitchen to dance the night away in sordid Jazz houses, bare arms and legs scandalously flashing in wanton displays of frenetic dance.

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I Failed At Quitting – Here’s An Article About Men, Hats and Skirts

Quitting fail. Oh well. Here’s an article all about cowboy hats and skirts for men.

I think I said I wasn’t going to do this anymore, but you know, old habits die hard. And I can do what I want, it’s the Internet! I make the rules! Mwa haha ha ha! (I think I made it at least a week without one of these articles.) Anyways, I was recently looking at men wearing cowboy hats and pondering just how very flattering cowboy hats are on guys and girls. There’s just something about covering the forehead and having stiff fabric brimming out at right angles about the head that really compliments the average human face.

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Why I Don’t Wear Girly Things

One of my readers recently wrote an awesome article about what he called ‘deny-vestites’, (if you want to read it, you can do so here) women who don’t wear feminine clothing, who instead prefer simple clothing of a more androgynous kind and who don’t bother too much about make up. He was surprised when I replied back and said that I thought his article was brilliant and that I myself could probably identify as a ‘deny-vestite.’ His response was one of surprise. How could I write about women’s clothing and lingerie so much if I didn’t wear a great deal of uber feminine things?

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How To Discretely Buy Lingerie

This question comes from a reader, who asks:

Hope, I am a 25 year old man who enjoys wearing lingerie and panties under my clothes. I can’t order things online as I am currently living with two college buddies who are often going through my mail. I prefer the line of lingerie and panties at Victoria’s secret but I also want to try the items on before I purchase them. Any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated.

This is a great question, and no doubt one that is relevant to many men who wear lingerie.

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H&M Skirts for Men Hit The Mainstream

For decades, men who like skirts and suchlike have been complaining that there are no fetching skirts on the market for men. H&M have changed all that with their Spring 2010 collection that includes skirts and hosiery for men. That’s right, skirts and hosiery for men. The fashion revolution continues to roll along, how many of you will take up the gauntlet thrown down by H&M and their ilk and vote with your dollars, purchasing these skirts for men and showing manufacturers and the world that yes, men do want skirts.

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Frederick’s of Hollywood Lingerie Sale

I don’t usually make posts purely about lingerie sales, but Frederick’s of Hollywood are one of those companies that make lingerie you’ll treasure for years.  Unfettered by concerns associated with store brands, Frederick’s of Hollywood create sexy, sensual lingerie that women rave about and men drool over. They have an incredible sale on at the moment, two bras for $10 and four panties for $15. This is the lowest you’ll probably ever be able to buy Frederick’s of Hollywood lingerie, so if you have a spare twenty / twenty five bucks sitting around, this is your chance to stock up on some seriously sexy lingerie. Click the links on the side bar to visit and take advantage of their offer!

What If Men and Women Really Were Equal?

Like many of you, I grew up being told that girls can do anything that boys could do, but as a biological set bonus, they also got the power to bleed for several days every month and bear live young . It was the mid 80’s when feminism was hot and hip and terribly important. Gender equality was all the rage then, and some people would say that we are closer to true gender equality than ever before, but are we really? And what would happen if we actually achieved true gender equality? Take a look into the magical pool of equality and see what the world would be like if men and women truly were equal.

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Leggy Lingerie | Knee High Stockings For Men

knee highEver wished that you could wear stockings in a way that it still looked like you were wearing traditional masculine attire? Well friends, knee high stockings may just be the droids you are looking for. Knee high stockings, as the name implies, are stockings designed to rise only to the knee. They were originally designed for women who were wearing long skirts and couldn’t be bothered pulling a pair of stockings all the way up their legs (those last 6 or so inches are a killer,) so to save time and energy, the stockings only go to the knee, allowing a lady to look as if she has donned a lovely pair of stockings when in reality she has simply thrown on some knee highs. Scandalous!

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Deny-Vestites – Crossdressing Women

This is an article written by Dusty, a He Wears Panties reader. I think that it raises very salient points and indeed, holds great insight into why some women dress the way they do and would rather poke their eyes out with a mascara wand than actually wear mascara.

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It’s been broadly accepted opinion that nowadays there are virtually no female crossdressers. This conclusion is based on observation that women can today wear pretty much anything without being judged, categorized or even frown upon in the sexual, social, family, maturity or any other value system.

While I fully agree with the latter one, only recently I discovered that I do not agree with the former one. I used to, but not any longer.

You see, I am a male crossdresser. The typical one: middle aged, married, hetero, great in many things, envied by many others, but with that one little “flaw”: I like the feeling and appearance of fine lingerie on my body, of makeup, stockings and those divine, cruel things: heels. Continue reading

Lords of Lace Lingerie

hanky pankyLace is generally regarded as being something of a genteel fabric. Historically it was worn by the aristocratic elite, both male and female. In modern times, lace has faced something of a gender barrier, but a few brave souls still contend with these fickle morays and pursue lace with all the vigor it deserves. These men are rewarded with the many joys of wearing lace, indeed, many say that lace lingerie is lingerie you’ll never regret owning.

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Fabulous Frilled Lace Shirts For Men

frilled manA gentleman of taste who likes a little ornamentation on his clothing is frequently disappointed in modern times by the lack of choice he is afforded in the clothing department. The modern trend is to dress men as if they were automatons, interchangeable by definition, and very plain to look at. Yes, the modern trend is to mute men’s fashion to the point where all men look the same.

Throw off your shackles and wear lace and frills!