How Many People Are You?

I’ve always thought that I was just one person, and because in Western society we associate multiple personalities with mental illness I assumed that was the way it was meant to be, however, recent events have caused me to look more deeply at this issue.

It would seem that I may have been to hasty to view myself or anyone else as a singularity. Indeed, it would seem that inside every person are a myriad of personalities. This is quite evident when we look at men who cross dress, wear women’s clothing and take on female personas…

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Leading Lady Bras, Large Band, Small Cup

leading ladyIt’s always challenging to find a bra that fits if you happen to be on either end of the fitting spectrum, that is if you require a large cup size and small band size, or if you happen to require a large band size and a small cup size. However readers who require a large band size and a small cup size may just find a lingerie home with Leading Lady.

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Manly Nightgowns For Men

pretty nightgown

They don't look anything like this...

Ever wanted a nightgown that felt lovely and smooth, but didn’t make you look like you had gotten into your wife’s wardrobe? Well at AllNylon, you can find just that! There you will find nightgowns made out of the finest, smoothest, most colorful nylon, but cut in such a fashion that you may as well be wearing a nylon sack, which makes them manly, and therefore acceptable.

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Jamie’s Wonderful Nights In Silk, Satin And Nylon…

Definitely not safe for families or good wholesome drones, originally posted on Why I Like My Men To Wear Lingerie

jamie  says:

I am 61 and have worn female panties and tights all my life. I was raised with two sisters and three girl cousins and we were all around the same age. I worn thier hand me downs and later in life I bought my own style and material. They were cotton back then but so soft and pretty prints. I loved the tights and nightie to wear to bed. My wife new while we were dating in high school. She bought me so satin ones and we had the best make out sessions. We both loved the feel and the feeling we were equal. When pantyhose came out she hated them but i loved then so silky rubbing on your legs, well she felt mine and asked why do they feel so much sexier on you then when she was wearing them she was very excited rubbing them with her hand and we had wonderful nights in silk, satin and nylon

Life’s Too Short Not To Wear Panties

I’ve been working on the He Wears Panties book, Panty Vigilantes, and one point that I really want to make in the book, and this site in general, is that life is too short not to wear panties. Assuming you want to wear panties. You know what I mean.

This might sound like a glib one liner, but its really not. It’s something that goes to the very core of our existence as humans on this rock. You have but one life to live, and that life should not be lived denying yourself simple harmless pleasures like wearing lingerie because of a misplaced sense of guilt or self loathing.

All we can know for sure about life is that our time is limited, and even if the reincarnation crowd is right, you don’t come back as the same person in the next life. Everything in our lives is precious, and that includes our fantasies and desires.

Oftentimes people think that desires and fantasies and day dreams and everything that goes into the rich inner life we experience is less important than what is ‘real’, but when you die, your dreams die with you too. So seize every moment to live your dreams and indulge your fantasies, for we exist for but a blink of an eye and then we are gone again. This day truly is precious and numbered. Live it to the fullest, not in chasing riches or other temporary so called achievements that will fade with age and end in death, but in fully experiencing what it is to be alive. When your time comes, you will not count your time on earth in terms of the money you have in the bank, or the rank you rose to in your work, but in the joy you experienced and brought to the world.

Conservative Metrosexual Heels For Men

Another comment that didn’t quite make the Hub Pages purity cut, from the charmingly named ‘VitaminPig’,this was originally left on the hub, Men Wearing Women’s Shoes In Public

Vitaminpig says:

I wear women’s heels in a very conservative manner (I only wear pointed pumps, since I think pointed ones seem to be more metrosexual). The added height makes me feel more confident, but walking in them took some practice. My girlfriend encouraged me, and my co-workers were quite accepting, especially some guys who praised me for bravery. I actually find a pair of heels more comfortable than pair of men’s work shoes under some conditions.

Chantilly Lace Garter, Gentlemen?

This garter is just so sweet I couldn’t help but write about it.  Not only is it made from pretty feminine chantilly lace, it is also made to sit up high on the body, which makes it perfect for male wearers of lingerie. If you’re sick and tired of popping out above your panties and garter, I suggest you invest in this garter belt, or one much like it, it will keep you comfortable and caress you all day long.

Her Room says:  This beautiful lace garter features a high waist to conveniently cover any tummy or hip issues. Front panel is made of lace and has no seams. Made of 100% nylon lace. Satin-ribbon waistline for a flattering touch. Garter hooks are covered in satin. Elastic back for custom fit and comfort. Adjustable clasp for all sizes in back of garter. Adjustable garters.


Alana Raso Is More Productive In Women’s Clothing… Are You?

From the article, Are Men Women When They Wear Lingerie? The Fantasy of Reality

Alana Raso  says:

When I wear lingerie, I imagine myself as a feminine creature.  I know my sex, I just like to choose an alternative gender when an opportunity arises.  I telecommute twice a week, I usually dress in a silk blouse and skirt when doing so.  Interesting, I usually accomplish much more when I am wearing the clothing (and lingerie) of my preference.  Does anyone else feel like they are more product ive when dressed?

Mara Sophia, From High Heels To Full Dress

They couldn’t handle such a tale over at Hub Pages, but I bet you stoic chaps here could… Originally posted on Men’s High Heels, this is the tale of a teen male who tried on a pair of high heels many years ago and is now his wife’s ‘girlfriend’…

Mara Sophia says:

Out of curiosity I tried on a pair of high heeled shoes when I was a teen. I liked it and since then made progress into crossdressing. I needed silk stockings to ease my feet into the shoes; then pantys to complet the lower outfit. It was just a step to add a bra and get some padding for it. Now, once you are in bra, pantys, stockings and heels why not going on and try a blouse and skirt. Though not easily I found an understanding girl, that now is my wife, and she enjoys me as her “girlfriend” and work together, she being the boss, me the secretary at her business. I wear 5″ stiletto heels all the time when at office and that´s the dress code my wife ruled for me. I must say I LOVE IT.

Torsolette Lingerie | Bustier – Corset Hybrids

torsoletteI recently discovered a whole new species of lingerie, the torsolette. What is a torsolette? Well it is kind of a cross between a bustier and a corset. It covers the body from the chest to the waist, and is much lighter than a corset, not being designed to truly cinch in the body, but rather to highlight and conform to its curves. Most torsolettes have removable straps for the shoulders and also detachable suspenders for the stockings, in other words it is kind of a corset-lite, and after purchasing and wearing one, I highly recommend it.

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Vintage Nylon Nightgowns

nylon nightgownYou’d be surprised what good taste our grandparents had when they were young, that’s what I always say. Nowadays people just slouch around in denim and hoodies, grunting at one another in modified text speak, unable to truly connect with their fellow man sans cellphone.

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Panman Says Men Should Wear Pink…

More rescued comments from the den of prudish censorship. This was originally posted on Pretty Pink Bras For Men

Panman0304 says:

I love wearing pale pink panties and bras as they make me feel so totally feminine. I have also found that women love seeing me in pink as well…

So, if you want to feel more feminine and be seen as more feminine by the females in your life, wear pink, especially pale or pastel pink. I love my sheer pink panties and bras as well and yes, I do shop exclusively ay Victoria’s Secret where they help fit me with each bra and pair of panties I buy. What a wonderful, and exciting, service. I just love being fitted for panties and bras and standing there in front of the salesgirls in my pretty sheer thong panties and matching bra. God, I do love it so!!! I think they enjoy it as well – seeing through my sheer panties… :-)