The Toga: An Acceptable Dress For Men

If a man of a certain (college) age wishes to wear a dress without arousing the suspicions or derision of his peers, he calls for a toga party. After one graduates, Togas must generally be put aside for fancy dress parties and Halloween. However, is there really any reason that men should not recover the old Roman fashions and a little bit of their un-bifurcated fashion glory?

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Black Men Wearing Dresses vs White Men Wearing Dresses

I told you I’d return to this issue, and so I have. Here’s a bit of a breakdown about race, gender issues and men who wear dresses for personal fulfillment or alternatively, to be laughed at.

This article came to be after I watched a video clip of Dave Chapelle talking about a time he refused to wear a dress in a movie. He went on to explain that he felt that Hollywood always tried to put strong black men in dresses for amusement value and that it was, on some level, degrading to black men. “They put every black man in the movies in a dress at some point in his career,” Chapelle says.

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Why Men Must Dress Nicely

Ah, nothing like a misandric assumption to begin an article with, n’est ce pas?

As I personally lack the vapid, shallow sort of mindset that making these sorts of statements requires, I’ve taken the liberty of borrowing the following findings from the most excellent,

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Men’s Skirts or Skorts?

Men’s fashion is fast becoming a delicious minefeild these days, especially with the slow trickle of skirted fashions into the mix. As something of a comprimise for men who are used to bifurcated garments, many designers and retailers are now putting out men’s skorts. What’s a skort? It’s a cross between shorts and a skirt. Outwardly, the man looks to be wearing a skirt, however, under the skirt, there are a pair of shorts to allow him to keep his modesty.

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Magical Vintage Lingerie For Men

Lingerie has gone through plenty of permutations throughout its history, and indeed, some vintage lingerie is just as popular now as it was back when it was modern lingerie. In fact, there are plenty of lingerie manufacturers who use vintage styles to create modern day lingerie, but there’s nothing like the real deal. If you’ve never spared much time for vintage lingerie, then you are in for a real treat today with a few pieces I’ve selected from the 1920’s and 1930’s.

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Rebellious Red Panties For Men

Sometimes, wearing panties isn’t just a matter of function, or a matter of enjoying the feel of a certain fabric, sometimes, wearing panties is about rebellion. Rebellion against the tyranny of boring men’s clothing. Rebellion against the unwritten law that if it isn’t made of cotton and modeled after a box of crackers, it must be for women.

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