Three Empowering Men’s Brassieres

When women wanted to be empowered, they burned their bras. When men wanted to be empowered, some of them put bras on. Thus the bra has transcended status as mere clothing and become something of a magical totem garment. No wonder men are so attracted to bras. Even if they don’t want to wear them, men are often fascinated by brassieres.

These are some bras, which when worn, may very well empower the wearer with femininity. Alternatively, they may just feel really good and look most excellent.

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And because people always ask me where I find these pretty pieces of lingerie, here are links to all the bras featured, plus one bonus bra for good luck!

Happy Men Wear Dresses

Look at this guy in this picture. Look how freakin’ happy he is. If dresses made me feel this happy, I might actually wear them a little more often. As a woman however, it is my job to steadily usurp male fashion, which is why today I am wearing a tweed jacket, smoking a pipe and preening a lush, false mustache. But enough about me, back to these happy guys in dresses.

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How To Name Your Panties

Have you named all your panties yet? No? Well this is the hub you’ve been looking for, I think I can safely say without exaggeration, all your life.

Lingerie manufacturers commonly assign their creations seemingly random female names, apparently in the hope that women (or men with female alter egos) will connect with the name.

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Men Look Great In Dresses

Ah the dress, the final frontier of feminine fashion. Do you dare go there? Would you know what to do if you went there? Today we have a dress special for men who have been curious about wearing dresses but were wondering just how to find dresses to suit them.

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Plain Lingerie For Plausible Deniablility

Many men who wear lingerie are fortunate enough to have found partners who care more about who they are than what they wear. However not all men who love feminine garments have been this fortunate and face extreme prejudice towards their love of lingerie from their usually female partners. Stuck between a rock and a hard place what is a guy to do?

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The Panties of Ultimate Feminine Knowledge

It is written (on a scrap of paper half covered in animal debris, don’t ask what animal debris is, you wouldn’t like the answer,) that there exist on Earth a pair of panties imbued with magical powers. The wearer of these panties is blessed with Ultimate Feminine Knowledge. For generations, these panties have been passed down through maternal lines, granting women a +10 intellect bonus which they have traditionally used to create innovative crochet products, knit booties that fit on tiny baby feet and create arguments with the simple sentence ‘you should already know why I am angry at you.’

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Patriotic Men Wear Stockings

I’ve just caught on to the fact that calling something ‘patriotic’ makes it instantly socially acceptable, so I suggest that all men who like wearing stocking do so under the crafty guise of patriotism. It’s always bad form to question someone’s patriotism, so you may very well get an entirely free ride simply by saying ‘I’m wearing stockings for my country,’ or at a pinch ‘I’m wearing stockings to support the troops.’ Everybody loves supporting the troops. This tactic will work in almost any country in the world.

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The Running Shoe Fetish

This is actually an excerpt from a Savage Love column. If you don’t already read Dan Savage, add him to your list. He gives great advice and his perspective on sex and sexuality may be very useful to those of you with lingerie fetishes who wish to integrated them successfully into relationships. The exchange you’re about to read is about a Running Shoe fetish,  but it could be about any fetish at all.

My husband and I have been married for one year, but we had been dating for 10 years prior to that. I thought we had a very understanding relationship. In the last couple of days, I have found out that he has a serious obsession with females wearing running shoes. He had in the past hinted at the fact that it turns him on, but I had no idea of the scope of this obsession. I’ve discovered that he spends a large number of hours a week devoted to this fetish. He was sloppy in covering his tracks one day, and I found evidence on his computer.

I should also mention that when he told me he thought running shoes are hot, I thought he meant on me, not on all living and breathing females.

I believed that he could trust me enough to be open with me, but he has been hiding this from me for 11 years! I am still in shock and not quite sure how to deal with it. He obviously feels ashamed, otherwise he would have told me years ago. Why did he not bring this up before we got married? I had a right to know what I was getting into. I don’t know if I can live with knowing that he gets a hard-on for every running-shoe-wearing woman who goes by. I feel betrayed and creeped out. He says that he didn’t want to hurt me, but he has done just that. I feel physically sick to my stomach knowing that I didn’t really know who he was all this time. We still have to work it out and really talk about our new situation. But I am beginning to think our marriage isn’t going to survive this. Am I being too sensitive? How can I fix my marriage?

Dumbfounded In Brooklyn

Does your husband like your tits only, DIB, or can he get a hard-on for every tits-wearing woman who goes by? Does he like your pussy only, DIB, or can he get a hard-on for every pussy-wearing woman who goes by?
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How To Walk In High Heels, A Guide For Men

High heels are lovely, but they do take some skill to wear without causing serious damage or even worse, looking silly. Oh the horror of looking silly! The women one occasionally sees striding down the streets of major metropolitan centers deftly avoiding subway grates in their four inch heels aren’t as stupid as they look you know, in fact any one of them could probably dance across a tightrope stretched over the Niagara falls.

If you would like to attain the same lithe grace, here are a few tips for walking in high heels.

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Where To Buy Large Womens Shoes For Men

If you happen to be a man who likes wearing women’s shoes, you’ll already be aware of the problems surrounding finding shoes in a size that fits you. Most women have smaller feet than men, and if you happen to be a particularly tall man, then you’re going to have even more problems finding pretty pumps, high heels and flats to suit your outfits. But never fear, I have found several sources of pretty, feminine women’s shoes you’ll love!

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Brooches For Men

This feminine trend started off on the streets of Europe and is sweeping the world of fashionable dandies, further pushing the androgynous agenda that we have seen recently embraced in Givenchy’s Fall / Winter 2010 collection. I tell you, it is an exciting time to be writing about the world of fashion, an exciting time indeed. Some people thought that by the time we got to 2010, we’d only have shell suits and antennae ornaments to write about, but instead we are watching the continual mutation of fashion back and forth through time. Brilliant.

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