Croota, Pretty Man Panties

For those of you who, for one reason or another, find it necessary to occasionally wear underwear made unambiguously ‘for men’, here’s a lingerie line that will keep you looking pretty and suitably masculine. From Australia, the Croota line of male lingerie mixes satin accents and bright patterns with the traditional broad bands of men’s […]

Flourishing Floral Panties

These two florally themed panties from Freya are perfect for anyone with a green thumb or an appreciation for classic motifs presented with a black lace trim. The thong panties are perfect for anyone who likes a minimal lingerie experience and the briefs are perfect for anyone who likes a little support from their panties. […]

Secret Flap Panties

Panties with a secret flap!These panties don’t look like low slung thong panties, but they actually are. It’s the secret flat, which is actually not a secret, because you can totally see it. What’s really secret is the silky micro bikini thong underneath the lace trimmed flap. White Satin & Black Lace With Secret Flap […]

Full Brief, Full Panties for Full Men

These stylish floral mesh panties are part of the lingerie designer Elomi’s Imogene collection, which includes a brassiere, a thong and a ‘waspie’ cincher, which acts as a bustier of sorts if you’d like to manually control your waist. Sizes start at medium and go all the way to 4X, so if you have trouble […]

Hanky Panky Panties, Now With Sequins!

Hanky Panky are known for their butter soft lace, now they’re moving into the sparkling world of panty sequins. There are plenty of cuts in this sequin collection, you got your normal thong, you got your super low rise thong, and you got your sequin boyshorts. The important thing is that sequins are involved. Shiny […]

Spanish Dreams French Cut Bikini Panties

These European style skimpy lace panties in a rocking red, featuring a transluscent mesh design are quite gorgeous – and what’s more, they come male panty wearer approved! “All I will say is very very skimpy quality and sizing for the US market needs evaluation and close scrutiny. Large = Size 5 in the panty/thong. […]

Tommy Hilfiger Has Ruched Panties For You

These ruched thong panties also look like boyshorts on occasion, but that’s probably because Tommy Hilfiger knows what’s important is what’s in the rear of panties and what’s on the seam of the panties. What’s in the rear is a thong. What’s on the seams is ruching, a method of gathering fabric so it sort […]

Under Armour Panties For Men

These aren’t just panties. These are action panties, designed for active wearers. They feature anti-microbial material that inhibits the growth of bacteria and therefore smelliness. These panties come in both a cheeky and thong cut, so it depends how much or little material you like in the rear. Though the cuts are undeniably feminine, I […]

Chirping Sunshine Hanky Panky Thong

Okay, this thong is seriously cute, and the reason it is seriously cute isn’t the birdies fluttering around the flowers. It’s the fact that these are high waisted panties in the front and cheeky thongs in the back, with a thick waistband sitting above the scrap of fabric which tucks neatly in between the wearer’s […]

Elegant Panties For Men

It’s funny, isn’t it, that when you search for ‘elegant lingerie’ you find lingerie that is anything but. I think there’s a certain lesson to be learned there, I’d be more sure but I’ve been thoroughly distracted by crotchless skin tight shiny spandex undergarments. (Closer inspection has revealed that I featured these in black two […]

Cute Argyle Low Rise Panties

Finally, a pair of panties that has a chance of matching your socks! These diamond argyle panties come in three sizes and four colors – simultaneously. Not only are these panties super cute, they also have a pretty decent chance of matching your golf outfit – if you have one in pink, red, green and […]