How To Put Together Stunning Lingerie Outfits For Men

Wearing one or two pieces of lingerie is fun, but if you love lingerie, you’re eventually going to start wanting to wear whole outfits. This is where this hub comes in, a guide for men who want to know how to put together top-to-toe lingerie outfits. This hub is an interesting one for me to write, because in my experience, men who love lingerie have a talent for putting together stunning lingerie outfits using a range of lingerie.

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Why Nylon Panties Are Mens Underwear

Society, the fashion industry and department stores have got it wrong. Nylon panties aren’t women’s underwear, they are most certainly panties for men. How have I come to that revolutionary conclusion? It is simple. As a woman, I have been made well aware of what can happen if one wears nylon panties on a regular basis, and it is not nearly as much fun as what happens when men wear nylon panties on a regular basis.

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Givenchy Massacres Men’s Skirts

Further to my last post, I have disappointing news. Givenchy did not make skirts for men. They made hideous skorts.

So Givenchy recently came out with a line of what looked like skirts for men but turned out to be skorts called ‘Bermuda shorts’. I know fashion designers like to bend the rules and break with traditions etc, but let’s face it, a spade is a spade, a pair of Bermuda shorts are a pair of Bermuda shorts, and a skort is a skort. If we start redefining what words mean in order to sell over priced monstrosities, then where will it all end?

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This Winter, Men Will Be Wearing Skirts

Givenchy has picked up the torch of skirts for men and flown it high in its Fall / Winter collection. Not content with putting a solo skirt in there for a bit of gimmicky androgynous draw, skirts make up around half of the men’s collection, along with feminine jewelery, and shoes styled to look like strappy women’s sandals, sorry, correct that, strappy velvet sandals that are unashamedly for men!

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The Lingerie Prince | A Modern Tale For Men Who Wear Women’s Clothing

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there was a princess, who like many princesses of her time had been locked away in a tall tower because she was so pretty and her hair was so shiny and her feet so tiny and her eyes so large and her nose so pert and her femininity so feminine. She was so pretty that other women would projectile vomit with jealousy if they laid eyes on her.

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How To Find The Perfect Woman For A Man Who Wears Women’s Clothing

Here’s my theory of relationships between males and females. The male usually as masculine as the female is feminine. That’s why you see craggy faced, sort of ‘ugly’ men with pretty feminine women, it’s because his masculinity matches her femininity.

What lesson can men who wear lingerie and like to express a feminine side take away from this?

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When The Man Becomes The Other Woman

It is surely no secret by now that many women aren’t exactly on board with the men in their lives wearing women’s clothing. We can point out at great length how much of a double standard this is (I wonder how many women have been wearing jeans whilst they complained that the man in their lives wanted to wear a skirt or lingerie) but the type of woman who is put off by a man who wears women’s clothing doesn’t care about logic of that nature.

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A Guide To Stocking Denier and Sheerness

You asked, and I answered. This is an article for everyone who has ever wondered what denier rating is and how it relates to stockings and pantyhose.

The denier system is a system used for measuring the linear mass density of fibers. One denier is equal to one gram of fiber per 9,000 meters. Now I’m sure for many of you, that’s all the explanation you need and you can now safely return to your home based nylon stocking laboratories armed with that knowledge. Others of you may require conversion from metric to the lunatic based system enforced upon certain parts of North America by people with a native mistrust for base ten, and still more of you may wonder how that relates to actual stockings.

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He Wore Lingerie, And He Liked It

Much like Katy Perry with her lyrics about exploring the mouths of her gender and finding the experience  a fairly positive one, we like to talk about men who explore the underclothes of the opposite gender and who likewise, find the experience a positive one.

It’s hot, it’s in, it’s men who wear lingerie.

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