Guest Panty Bloggers Wanted!

The exciting times continue at He Wears Panties! Yes they do. As you’re probably aware, the forum is back up and buzzing with some lovely volunteer moderators helping out those who need a hand.  It’s a lovely thing to see, but it is only one of the lovelinesses I have planned for He Wears Panties in the coming months!

As you know, He Wears Panties is a site I started for men who wear women’s clothing. For the last three years, it’s pretty much been me pontificating in bloggy fashion about the issue, and the forum is the first step to balancing that equation somewhat.

The second stage is opening the blog itself up a little bit too.  So here’s my plan for that. If you have something to say about any issue related to men wearing women’s clothing (it can be a type of clothing you love, a social issue you feel is connected, your experiences in dealing with partners who have issues with men wearing womens clothing, or not, really, anything at all on the topic,) why not guest post on He Wears Panties?

If you have your own blog or site on the subject, it is a good way to draw attention to your own musings, and if you don’t have your own blog, it’s a good place to have your say about an issue and have it read. He Wears Panties received over 40,000 unique visitors last month and ticked up almost 100,000 page views, so rest assured, if you say it here, people will see it.

If you’re interested in guest blogging for He Wears Panties send me a PM on the forum, or email me: hope-alexander(AT)

FALL IN! Commando Lace Low Rise Thong

For  men who are commanded by panties comes the commando lace low rise thong, an incredibly sexy, nigh undetectable pair of panties that not only make themselves scarce, but look sexy doing it. The pair you’re viewing are the Grey Leopard Commando panties, however these panties also come in a range of basic colors, in which the lace is dyed to match, so as to keep itself a secret. In addition to the Grey Leopard, you can also wear the Brown Leopard, which also comes with black lace.

But colors are incidental to the true genius of these panties, what really makes these panties special is the raw cut technology that means no panty lines and no muffin tops. These panties will not define your body by cutting into any fat reserves you might have, they will conform to it in the most pleasant way possible.

The Leopard Commando Lace Low Rise Thong. Rawr innovation.

Go Commando! (Buy these panties)

Meet Our Panty Moderators

The He Wears Panties forum is a supportive, friendly space for men who like to wear lingerie and women’s clothing.  I opened it originally because although sitting here in my blogging chair and making panty decrees to everybody is nice, there are lots of men out there with experience in the realm of cross-dressing on all levels and I thought it would be nice if there was a space for panty wearing men to socialize and compare lace with one another.

I shut down the He Wears Panties forum a few months ago because I got overwhelmed with the flow of men and their panties.  (Which was a most excellent thing, but too much work for a single mere mortal.) Now that it is back open again, I’ve been fortunate enough to recieve help from two members who will be serving as moderators. My sincere thanks to these two pillars of the panty community :D

Gr8Legs Those of you who frequented my hubs on Hub Pages will be familiar with Gr8legs already. His contributions there were numerous and notable for their sensitivity and depth.  If you’re looking for advice or tales from the great world of lingerie, gr8legs is likely to oblige.

Jeanette A longstanding member of the cross-dressing community, Jeanette runs, a site that offers free and discrete web-hosting and email services for transvestites  and crosdressers who want to create an online space for themselves, but don’t want to be linked to their ‘real world’ personas.

Moderators on He Wears Panties are there to help and to provide gentle guidance.  If you have questions about what is and what is not appropriate,  they will be able to help you on that score.  If you’re not a member of the forum, you’ll only see the general section, however creating an account unlocks picture threads and an x-rated section for those topics that don’t quite blend seamlessly into polite conversation over tea and biscuits.

Vanity Fair String Bikini Panty

Did you know that Vanity Fair makes a lovely bikini cut shimmering nylon panty? It’s sort of beige, but I’ve noticed that other people aren’t quite so down on beige as I am, and it does have its benefits in the stealth department. These panties will sit comfortably below your pants line and even if they do peek up a little (perhaps during mandatory manly under sink inspections) then you may get away with them anyway. Of course, the pretty shimmery shine is sure to be eye catching, so avoid flashing them under bright lights if you’re not quite ready to be a beacon of panty excellence.

These panties are part of the ‘body caress’ series, so they’re guaranteed to feel silky smooth against your skin, an important factor to consider when purchasing any panties.

My ‘ end’ verdict: These are sort of the ugly duckling of lingerie. They don’t look like much at first, but once you roast them over some buns, they’re incredibly tasty.

Get The Vanity Fair Body Caress String Bikini Panty

Can You Cure Yourself Of Panty Wearing?

This is a topic I’ve written about before, but I think it deserves revisiting because it rears its head for so many men at so many different stages of their lives. We all know that wearing panties isn’t as simple for men as it is for women. Women buy and wear panties and nobody cares. Men, on the other hand, are struck down one day with an urge to wear panties and from that point on board the roller-coaster of lingerie guilt until such time as they accept themselves fully, and surround themselves with supportive partners. (Or, you know, one supportive partner will probably do, let’s not be greedy here.)

Why is it such a big deal for men who like wearing lingerie to accept their fetish?

At some point after you discover you like lingerie, you’re going to realize that it’s not ‘normal’ and that wearing lingerie is therefore viewed as being a negative thing to do.  As humans, we tend to internalize the values of the societies we live in, even the silly shallow ones. This makes us vulnerable to feeling like bad people if we don’t want the same things everyone around us wants.

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Cotton Panties With a Difference | DKNY Cotton Cutie Cheeky Hipster Panty

Now usually I shy away from cotton because cotton is my lingerie kryptonite and the mere mention of the fabric causes parts of my psyche to wither up and die a little. But not everyone is that way inclined, and if anyone can make cotton worthwhile, it’s probably a large designer label like DKNY, right?

At any rate these panties caught my eye for their slightly art-deco feel, the undulating nature of the lace certainly sets these apart from many stock standard cotton panties designed to crush the soul. The satiny bows are also a little larger than the petite bows one often sees on simple lingerie, and add a nice overt feminine touch.

Finally, the dark scalloping along the top of the panty line and the slight ruching at the seams of the panties make for a coherent though simplistic designer piece. (You see what they’ve done to those sides there, don’t you? Made them a feature rather than an embarrassing fabric seam)

If you want to buy these panties, you can do so here. (At time of posting, they were just $10.)

Full Disclosure: This isn’t a sponsored posting per se, however if you follow the link and buy the panties, He Wears Panties does get a cut, which means not only do you get to see plenty of cute lingerie featured on the site, but He Wears Panties is able to pay for server hosting, etc.

I am, however, open to featuring any lingerie you love, so if you come across some lingerie you think really deserves to be showcased on He Wears Panties, then you should feel free to make a post on the forum or alternatively, email me about it.

He Wears Panties, Now Being An Awesome Community

Hey guys :) Hope again here. (Well, who would it be, I guess.)  Anyway, I wanted to say thanks for everyone who has been so supportive and commenting and being generally lingerie fantastic! I have a bit of a ‘well duh’ confession to make, I missed a lot of the comments that were posted because I was looking for them in the wrong place, which is not very useful, is it? And I was sitting here going ‘why is nobody commenting’? and then I look in the actual comments section and *faceplam* there are heaps and heaps of them.

So there you go, human error wins again.

I hope you all continue to comment and to enjoy the site, I will be posting more lingerie reviews soon, and I am also reinstating the He Wears Panties Forum, so feel free to pay a visit there if you want to chat more deeply with other male lovers of lingerie (and the occasional female as well.)

Your Favorite Panties For Men | Results Round One

Over a year ago I wrote an article asking men what their favorite panties were. I also asked a bunch of more specific questions  including what cut men liked, what color they liked, what brands they liked, and what they most liked wearing with their panties. I received hundreds of comments and overwhelming amounts of feedback, which was exceptionally awesome, and I am now ready to impart the results unto you, my fine readers.  In one category at least, my lingerie scientists (that’s me and my kitty mittens) have not quite finished tabulating all the results.

Today I can reveal the favorite panty cut for men is the: Continue reading

Frilly Tutu Skirts For Men

It’s a well known fact that frilly tutus are about the most anti manly type of attire a fellow can wear, which is precisely why men should wear them. It’s also well known that women who wear pants are home wreckers only good for burning cheap lingerie, but we women have never let that stop us.

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Mineral Foundation For Men

Cosmetics and men used to go together like oil and a pristine ocean, but as Western Society has progressed, we’ve started to uncover secrets that ancient Egyptians knew. Not that there’s a jackal-man waiting to consume your soul when you die (though knowing our luck, there probably is,) but that make up is just as much for men as it is for women.

Let’s learn about mineral foundation, shall we?

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Mascara, Masculine Manly Make Up For Men

We’ve all seen the advertisements for mascara. Impossibly smooth skinned women with faces so symmetrical they may as well have been designed by a computer turning their faces and fluttering their long, dark eyelashes as smooth as silk butter voice-overs tell us how much this particular mascara will make our lashes longer and thicker and darker. It’s always aimed at women of course, but in reality, mascara should be men’s make up. Why? Allow me to elaborate.

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Patterned Fashion Tights For Men

We have John to thank for this selection of patterned tights, for it was he who introduced me to Funny Legs, a site that our European friends will enjoy, mostly because it caters to Europe and has plenty of delightful German sprinkled about the place for your enjoyment. Bittie sie bleiben, ihr warenkorb ist noch leer!

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