Why Her Room For His Lingerie?

You’ll notice that the main sponsor of this site is Her Room. There’s more than one reason for this. Of course they supply a wide range of lingerie at decent prices and are known to have pretty good customer service (as reported by several readers of this blog), but over and above this, they openly support men who wear lingerie. This is evidenced by the page aimed openly and unashamedly at male wearers of lingerie on their website. A reader linked me to the page, which impressed me thoroughly with its very useful tips that help men find women’s lingerie that will fit and feel good. It’s great to see retailers responding to the market in a progressive and helpful manner, and it’s wonderful that some of the biggest online lingerie retailers are not only acknowledging that men wear lingerie, but are more than willing to help them find lingerie they’ll love!

Here are some of the popular panties as picked by male customers according to Her Room:

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Mike Rowe In A Pretty Pink Apron

Okay, so it’s not exactly lingerie, but it is clothing probably designed for a woman – and he looks more than a little desirable wearing it, in my frank opinion.

Thanks to all those who left comments of welcome on the Shadow Thong post the other day. What a wonderful response! I have manual approvals on for spam control so they didn’t appear right away, but I’ve just caught up with them now, they were very nice and put a big smile on my face :)

The Natori Shadow Thong

It has been a long and I do mean long time since I blogged on the site, but after a lengthy break, I think I’m ready to return to the serious business of lingerie for men, and lingerie for women that men also wear. I’m starting back reviewing a series of panties I think would work well for men.

The Natori Shadow Thong has slipped its way into my good graces by merit of the sense of subtlety and secretiveness about it. Not all men who wear lingerie can do so publicly, and the shadow thong seems to understand that. This mesh fronted panty doesn’t draw any undue attention to itself.  The thong cut ensures that there won’t be any visible panty line to give you away, but the contrast lace insert in the crotch embraces all things frilly and feminine.

It comes in two colors, black and nude and it’s on sale now for $17.99! Final closeout!

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“I am a transvestite” There, I’ve said it! | The Final Installment In The ‘Meeting My Anima’ Series

This is the final part of the series from GR8legs about meeting his anima. This has been a really interesting and insightful series and I’ll be posting it as a complete page soon. My thanks to Gr8legs for his considerable contribution to the site and to readers’ understandings of what it is for one man to wear women’s clothing.

Crossing the Rubicon

Following on from the elation that I‘d felt after trying the waist cincher for size before buying, I once again found myself in the same shopping centre on the Friday. As I wandered around, I found myself being drawn into one particular shop. I had never had the intention, nor did I feel I would ever move into the world of also wearing female outer garments, but as I was browsing in the store I found myself seeking out a skirt and top, as well as a belt to complete the outfit.

That evening my girlfriend came to my house and I dressed in the outfit to show her my new purchases. She loved the outfit and I talked with her about “Ava”. As we were standing outside on the patio, I walked across to put my empty beer bottle in the rubbish bin. I strode across in a relaxed, confident manner and when I returned to stand beside my girlfriend, she put her arms around my neck, gave me a big kiss and with a bigger smile told me that she’d never seen me so relaxed & confident in all the time she’s known me. She then said that she likes Ava and that she’s glad I’ve finally made friends with her.
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Helpless Women Are More Attractive

I know I said I wouldn’t be doing this anymore, and I don’t intend to do it too often, but I thought this article might be of interest to those of you who take an interest in the differences between men’s clothing and women’s clothing. This started off as an article about a purse, and morphed into one of my typical observational rants about clothing and gender inequality. You might enjoy it.

Purses never cease to amaze me. Actually the whole fact that women’s attire is still designed in such a way that the woman is functionally defenseless continues to amaze me.

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Last Week I Made Friends With My Anima | Part Two

This is the second post in what will be a series from our friend and moderator Gr8legs. It’s his personal tale of becoming acquainted and comfortable with his feminine side, panty wearing and cross-dressing. It’s a lovely deep read and my sincere thanks go to Gr8legs for sharing this with us all.

Meeting “Ava”

Recently I have found myself able to be a little more open about wearing female attire. Since I began reading Hope’s articles around 7 months ago, my level of acceptance of my love of lingerie has grown, in the same way that the sense of shame & guilt I’ve carried about it has diminished. This has also been helped greatly by the fact that new lady in my life not only accepts this, but actually enjoys it and finds it to be quite a turn-on.

I love pantyhose and tights. I have been wearing them either under my trousers when I’m out and about, or when I’m at home alone for more than a year now. It has now reached the stage where I almost no longer feel “normal” if I am not wearing hosiery in some form. I have taken to wearing tights with shorts when going home from the gym. I wear black opaque tights. They feel more comfortable than wearing long trousers over my legs after a workout, as I find that, the material of the trousers can cling to my legs in a manner that is most uncomfortable. Tights, on the other hand, cover my legs and keep the chill off them, but without clinging and restricting movement. The first time I did this I was a bit apprehensive. I put them on in the men’s changing room in front of and whilst talking to a couple of guys who had been participants in my boxing circuit class. Neither of them batted an eyelid or even gave them a second glance as I rolled up the legs and rolled them up my legs, pulled my shorts over the top of them & stuck my feet in my shoes. Continue reading

Last Week I Made Friends With My Anima | Finding The Woman Within The Man

This is the first post in what will be a series from our friend and moderator Gr8legs. It’s his personal tale of becoming acquainted and comfortable with his feminine side, panty wearing and cross-dressing. It’s a lovely deep read and my sincere thanks go to Gr8legs for sharing this with us all.

If you’d like to make a guest post on He Wears Panties, feel free to email me: hope-alexander@hotmail.com

Last week, I made friends with my Anima. She’s been with me all of my life and right throughout my life she’s tried to let me know she’s there, but in a some ways I’ve felt more than a little ashamed and embarrassed about her. You see, the society in which we live is very much defined by stereotypes that are invented and promoted by the media, stereotypes that reinforce the way we see and perceive both other people and, more importantly, ourselves. From an early age, around the time we start school, we are told that little boys are made of “rats and snails and puppy dogs’ tails”, whereas little girls are made of “sugar and spice and all things nice”. Furthermore, big boys don’t cry.

Over the years I have had straight and gay friends of both genders. Indeed, most of my closest and enduring friendships have been with females and, unlike many of my male friends, I have always felt perfectly comfortable in otherwise exclusively female company. As a young boy I would play sports, race my bicycle with my friends, climb trees and engage in typically masculine “adventurous” activities. However, although I had no desire to play at “tea parties” or with dolls (other than Action Man soldier dolls), I would be quite happy to be in the company of and engage in other, non gender-specific games and activities, such as board games with girls.

In The Beginning

My first crossdressing memories were of wearing one of my Mum’s slips at around the age of 5. My Dad had died when I was very young and, although my Mum remarried, for a couple of years there were just the three of us (Mum, sister & I) in the house. At first Mum didn’t seem to mind, but then I suppose she got worried because it was becoming a regular thing. One day, she took the slip off me and threw it into the open fire, saying that it was dangerous for me to walk around the house dressed like that as a spark could set fire to the slip & I’d be burned.
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Guest Blogger: An Army Man In Panties

Thanks to Paula, who sent this post about his experiences as a man who wore panties during tours of duty in Iraq, and how he came to discover the joys and benefits of being a panty wearer.

If you’d like to contribute your own experiences or perspectives to the blog, please do email me: hope-alexander@hotmail.com

I am a 36 year old straight man that enjoys wearing panties. A little of my background: I doubt that anyone could call into question my masculinity. I had a career in the Army with three combat tours, led convoys around Baghdad, always scored highly on my physical fitness tests, and was in charge of my own platoon. I rose up through the ranks quite quickly, serving in many leadership position. I am also married and the father of two boys that are as into sports as I am.

Nothing about me looks or seems feminine, but just like others that have posted here, I had been frustrated with limited options of what was being sold/marketed for men to wear. I hate boxers in that I want support for my parts, and just can’t stand the look and feel of tighty-whities. I hate the feel of the rough cotton that we are limited to. Not only that, but there is no variety whatsoever in men’s underwear. After looking and looking, I was able to find some underwear made by Marona that was a micro-fiber type material. I started wearing those, but was still limited to black, white, and dark blue…that’s it. Let’s see, what should I wear today? Oooohhh, I get to choose from three. :( Kind of like when I was in the military: What should I wear today? How about green!

I discovered panties quite a few years ago when my wife as a joke, dared me to wear a pair of hers. I was hooked. They felt good, they supported me well, and I must admit, I got turned on as well. Throughout the years, she has gone back and forth on if she likes it or not. For a while we even shopped for panties together for me, and allowed me to wear them to bed along with a nightgown. Interesting, she “allowed” me, since when should me have to be “allowed” to do something? However, she is now totally against it, she does not like any bit of it even though I wish I could wear them 24/7. I have to actually hide the fact that I wear them, which I hate having to lie to her. BTW, if there are any women reading this that refuse to let your husband wear panties and lingerie, you are only forcing them to lie to you.

Not only do I love the feel and look of panties, but being the military had made me aggressive, combative, and assertive. Sometimes this is good, sometimes not. Wearing panties under my uniform was a good way of calming me down. At one point in the military, I almost had a breakdown where all the expectations of my family, my soldiers, and society got to be too much. I felt that I was carrying the burden of our nation on my shoulders, and along with that, my family. When people see a soldier they expect them to be the protector, the one to fight for the nation, a perfect example of manliness. Society does not allow a male soldier to show feeling, any kind of softness, or any type of weakness. That is a lot to carry on your shoulders. I don’t know when, but I started wearing panties once again under my uniform, and every once in a while, a bra or camisole. With our uniform tops, it was easy to hide. I didn’t wear a bra or camisole while deployed, but still wore panties.

A curious thing started happening. My soldiers told me that I was more approachable, my leadership style was more fair and balanced, and that I was able to listen and understand their problems that they brought to me better. The stress started melting away and I was able to function better. I became a better father and husband. So even though I love wearing panties due to the variety, feel, and the overall sexiness of it, there are some great side effects from wearing panties!

Common Sense and Crossdressing Men

This post comes from GR8 Legs, one of our friendly moderators on the He Wears Panties forum and now, site contributor. It addresses a pet peeve of mine, which is women brainlessly attacking men for being too feminine whilst vigorously defending their own right to wear whatever takes their fancy. This vapid double standard needs to end!

If you’d like to make your own blog post contribution to He Wears Panties, email your post to hope-alexander@hotmail.com.

Hi Guys

I was messing around on the net the other day and, when I googled “Mantyhose”, one of the sites that came up was a Stylelist posting from 2008 by a lady named Annie Scott that begins with the declaration “All right, men. Guess what you didn’t know you needed? Pantyhose.” She then goes on to talk a little about the e-MANcipate website, before ending her little pontification with this little gem “Unless you’re playing Robin Hood or pretending to be Louis XIV (like you do), we think maybe you should pass this trend up in favor of, you know, looking hot. But to each his own, right? Whatever.”

There then follows a discussion a number of people putting forward their views on the subject, including crossdressers, men who are not crossdressers but wear pantyhose for comfort and support and also women with mixed views on the subject. Most notable are some of the negative comments from women, including the following; “[i]I have been watching men become more and more effeminite since the 1960’s when they began to let their hair grow long and style it like the ladies…….. This is the generation of the wimps.[/i]”

Then, along comes the_kcar, with the following post:

“I’m a married mother in a rural locale. Does that clear my heterosexual credentials? Good.

Stockings. Hosiery. Legs.


Scanning the pages on this new trend, I don’t know whether to shake my head ruefully or laugh aloud.

Women wear jeans, stomp boots, baseball caps, wide leather belts. They drive cars, smoke, vote, and own property.

They cut their hair short, emerge from the home without makeup, and make their own purchases at Home Depot.

Women attend – and lead – business meetings, work in fields such as automobiles, technology, construction. Know and use databases and search engines, and how to operate computers.

In the previous generations, these things were what made a woman be stereotyped as a dyke. Are there any dykes in the room? Anyone? Anyone?

Hint: you used a computer to find this forum….

Now I step back a bit….

Men have been chefs for years, preparing confections of delicate nature and a balanced palate, much as women have done for many generations. Would you dare call Chef Ramsay of Hell’s Kitchen odd, or a queer?

Men have been teachers for years, not just in the college campuses and universities, but in grade schools as well. Many generations ago, this was the forte of women, and women alone. I sincerely doubt that the gender credentials of the teaching staff of most public and private schools would need to be questioned.

Men have also worn earrings, necklaces; they’ve grown their hair long for years. They purchase hair products not only to clean the scalp, but also styling products, colorants, etc. Much to the expanding market therein.

The 80’s reintroduced pastel oxford shirts to the men’s wardrobe.

Ladies: do any of your men use hair styling products, wear pastels, or own specific shaving products which do more than stiffen the stubble – such as aloe softening agents? Scents?

Do you doubt the veracity of your mens’ claim to masculinity?

On another sidenote, I challenge anyone to tell a Scott(sic) to eliminate his kilt!

Fashion and fad is a fickle thing. A “real man” and a “real woman” is more to be based upon the person, not on his or her choice of clothing.

Ladies: is your choice of denim jeans a “fetish”? Or is it a practical garment?

Gentlemen: is your choice of leather and/or vinyl goods, the snakeskin boots with the heels – is it a “fetish” or are these accessories purchased for practical purposes?

I’ll never understand people….”

Wow! The world needs a whole lot more people like her, someone with common sense and no agenda to pursue.

“Common sense is very uncommon.” (Horace Greeley)

Steve’s Sports Bra Buying Guide For Men

As you’re all aware, I recently asked for guest bloggers to share their experiences with wearing lingerie with the He Wears Panties readers. SteveD answered that call with a great run down on buying sports brassieres from Lane Bryant that are cost effective and control his gynecomastia, and provides some helpful tips on braving a real world store and coming out with lingerie you’ll love.


I wanted to tell everyone I have finally found a sports bra that works. I picked up eight of these bras to help hide my gynecomastia and control the resulting bounce. I am 48b because of medication and being overweight.

I was very hesitant to purchase these at first because of the non standard Sizes sold at Lane Bryant. Instead of selling by bra size, they sell by dress size. Since I wear an 26w Top I went with the size 26. I was presently surprised when I got them, but that is getting ahead of myself.

I went down to the Lane Bryant store hoping to try them before buying, but alas none were carried locally.  So I had one of the salesladies (they all know me by name) order them using Coupon (You can use 050001552 $25 off $75, $50 off $150, $75 off $225). I highly recommend you sign-up for Mail Coupons or Email ones or both!

Right now until the 11th July Lane Bryant has Buy 2 Bras and Get 2 Free!    Combine that with the coupons for some real savings. I also use my Lane Bryant Credit Card and get Rewards points that way too. Double Points right now.600 points and I got $25 check. So I used that also to reduce the costs and ended up paying 10-11 dollars for each Bra. Free Shipping when you order from the Store.

I found the Microfiber Racerback Sports Bra quite snug. At first I thought that it waas a little big and difficult to put on, but they have some side hooks that allow it to be put on easily. I just left the rear hooks done up and it went over my head with minimum effort.  I found this bra provided excellent control of the bounce and even compressed ‘the girls’ down so they were less noticeable.  It did not get rid of them, but helped quite a bit. The only thing I had to think about was making sure the straps don’t show with the shirt I choose.

The Microfiber Criss-Cross Sports Bra was easier to get on and provided adequate support and also helped hide the girls. The downside to this bra were the foam removable pads. Without the pads I found that my nipples stood out more. When the pads were put in, I had a softer, rounder shape, so I eventually opted to wear the pads. They have to be removed for washing but they are very easy to remove and ‘install’.

The Cotton Criss-Cross Sports Bra was the easiest to put on. On a hot day I can see this bra quickly becoming an favorite.  It fits similarly to the Microfiber Criss-Cross Bra.

Now for a note about Lane Bryant. Initially the salesladies were not all that helpful, but there are ways of turning that around. Firstly, I suggest you go when the store is not busy. Talk to the manager before to get a Bra Fitting if you’re unsure of your size. I always go back with a ‘thank you gift’, like some Wine or candy or even gift cards to Wal-Mart or Olive Garden. In this way, I get excellent customer service. A big fear of many men who wear bras is trying on bras with women, but when women come into the store I have had zero problems, I stand in line with the ladies and say hi. In the dressing rooms, remember to be well mannered is all I can say.

I now have the proper support I wanted in a bra that fits and does the job!