Paradise Silk Panties For Men

Today I present you with not one, but three silken panty options for your perusal! The panties pictured above are a gorgeous string bikini fashioned in the softest silk guaranteed to make you feel sensual all day long. Visit Paradise and check out these pure silk string bikini panties here… If you’re a larger fellow […]

Pink Camo Thong For Men

Finally, a thong for men which comes in unabashed pink camouflage (as well as lime green and brilliant blue.) This cute but practical thong features bold colors, and prints and the opportunity to wear something pretty while still shopping in the men’s section. Which is nice if you or a loved one is concerned about […]

Hanky Panky Graffiti Thongs For Modern Men

(As opposed to Regency Men, or Cave Men. It’s good to be specific about these things.) I wanted to feature these super cute thong panties from Hanky Panky in their ‘graffiti’ line. One size fits most, which is handy if you’re somewhere in the ‘most’ range of people, but not entirely sure what your size […]

Welcome The Sun With Panties

Spring has sprung, the grass has riz, and it’s time to update your panties gentlemen! For your consideration, the latest offering from Hanky Panky, a beautiful pair of panties with gold thread inlaid in the shape of golden suns. In charming butter-silk lace, these panties come in the ever popular thong cut, letting your cheeks […]

Holy Rainbows Batman, Lace Panties

This self described ‘daringly low’ thong comes in the boldest rainbow color ever seen before. A mistake at the panty factory? Or your opportunity to taste the rainbow? Perhaps both. Hanky Panky is calling these tie-dye panties, but there’s none of the free spirit hit and miss of the traditional tie dye look here. This […]

Large Lace Flower Panties

You might think, from the title that this is a post about large lace panties with flowers on them. That’s not what this is about. At. All. This is about teeny weeny skimpy thong panties with a HUGE lace flower adorning the front. I’m not so much recommending these panties as staring at them in […]

Are These Panties Worth $180?

Most panties cost somewhere between $5 – $20. But these panties cost $180. Why? Well, why not. (I suspect that answer might be devastatingly close to the actual reason.) These panties are from La Perla, purveyors of the finest European lingerie. These panties are made from the following fabrics: 5% Elastane 30% Nylon 30% Polyester […]

Croota, Pretty Man Panties

For those of you who, for one reason or another, find it necessary to occasionally wear underwear made unambiguously ‘for men’, here’s a lingerie line that will keep you looking pretty and suitably masculine. From Australia, the Croota line of male lingerie mixes satin accents and bright patterns with the traditional broad bands of men’s […]

Flourishing Floral Panties

These two florally themed panties from Freya are perfect for anyone with a green thumb or an appreciation for classic motifs presented with a black lace trim. The thong panties are perfect for anyone who likes a minimal lingerie experience and the briefs are perfect for anyone who likes a little support from their panties. […]

Secret Flap Panties

Panties with a secret flap!These panties don’t look like low slung thong panties, but they actually are. It’s the secret flat, which is actually not a secret, because you can totally see it. What’s really secret is the silky micro bikini thong underneath the lace trimmed flap. White Satin & Black Lace With Secret Flap […]

Full Brief, Full Panties for Full Men

These stylish floral mesh panties are part of the lingerie designer Elomi’s Imogene collection, which includes a brassiere, a thong and a ‘waspie’ cincher, which acts as a bustier of sorts if you’d like to manually control your waist. Sizes start at medium and go all the way to 4X, so if you have trouble […]