Flirty Ruffled Mesh Boyshort Panties

The thing I most love about these panties is that they are being worn by the invisible man. The thing I second most love about these panties is the combination of mesh and ruffles, which I haven’t seen a whole lot. Usually you get a lot of ruffles and no mesh at all, or mesh, but no ruffles to speak of. These panties combine the best of sheer and flounce to create a pair of devilish panties that will light the spark of lingerie love in even the most jaded lingerista’s heart.

Flirty Ruffled Dotted Mesh Boyshorts

Lace Kiss Bralette

A bralette is a bra for people who don’t really need to wear a bra for support, but like the way it looks. Thus the bralette is perfect for the discerning fellow who likes to not only wear a little lingerie, but an entire ensemble, or for the guy with an eye for lovely lace located a little north of the usual lingerie location. (I’m all hopped up on alliteration folks, it’s been a long weekend.)

The bralette featured in this little article is clearly beige, but guess what they’ve called it ‘mother of pearl’. I like to imagine mother of pearl as a distinguished woman just back from riding her favorite stallion across the English countryside, but this works too. This little lace bra also comes in black and in a rather lovely blue teal.

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Viaggio Italian Seamless Cheekie Panties

The Italians do have something of a reputation for being able to do fashion right, and these panties by Viaggio are no exception. Don’t let their relatively plain exterior fool you, these seamless panties are perfect for the everyday male panty wearer, not just because of their low cut, seamless edges and timeless ‘plausible deniability’ design, but because of the silver infused fabric that offers additional protection from sweat and odors that can accumulate during the day.

These panties come in a range of bright colors, including the sunshine yellow pictured above, perfect for bringing warm lingerie rays into the coming winter days. Other colors include a demure pink, a bright blue and a bold fuchsia.

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Bali Comfort Revolution Microfiber Panties

Are these the most comfortable panties of all time? The jury is still out on that (and will be until the end of time, after which we’ll wish we made a decision sooner). But these are the panties that are replacing the second most popular brief panties sold by the internet’s largest online retailer. So there you go.

Bali’s Comfort Revolution are simple seamless brief cut panties made in a super soft microfiber designed to do one thing, and one thing only – get your derriere from one end of the day to the other in comfort. They come in a range of plain styles, but also have a couple stripe options in among all the beige / black / white offerings. These panties come in four different kinds of beige, for people who want to get really specific about their taste in bland. They are also simple enough to provide the occasionally important┬áplausible┬ádeniability for male wearers – and the seamless cut means that you’ll have much less chance of visible panty line being an issue.

Bali Comfort Revolution Seamless Brief

Vassarette Comfortable String Bikini and Hi Cut Panties

Vassarette Silken Heather String Bikini Panty

Two panties from one designer today, the Vassarette range is known for comfort and restrained style. Judging by what I see on their listings, we can add ‘the lowest of all the hi-cut panties’ to that list of qualities. These panties actually remind me quite a lot of the Olga range of panties, because much like Olga, Vassarette don’t seem to be overly concerned with providing a wide range of styles or colors. What they prefer to do is make a simple, comfortable cut worth wearing. And that, my friends who like to wear simple lingerie that doesn’t necessarily look overly feminine, is probably going to be right up your street.

Vassarette Silken Heather Hi-Cut Panty

Ruffle My Feathers Panties

Well ruffle my panties, these are some adorable items of lingerie, are they not? With sweet frills (but not so many that one finds oneself irreversibly dipped into the perennially filly waters of the sissy style – not that there’s anything wrong with that, besides a certain amount of difficulty integrating it into every day wear) these panties combine fine mesh fabrics, soft textures and a respectable number of frills to create something a little bit unique. Ruffle my feathers panties come in three cute, playful color combinations ‘Punchy Pink’, ‘Salsa’ and ‘Water’s Edge’, which is pictured above. Perhaps my favorite detail are the half pleats along the leg seams. It just adds that little touch that tells you a pair of panties has been designed with love and care.

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Lace Panties For Active Men

Are you the sort of man who does a lot of physical activity in his day to day life, making traditional lacy panties pretty uncomfortable after the first mile of sprinting? Well chafe no longer my friends, here are some panties designed to keep you comfortable, wick moisture away and look sweet whilst they do it. You can see the soft active grid in the main panty fabric, trimmed with a lovely lace band that adds a touch of the feminine to your day. Ex-Officio makes these panties in a variety of styles, one of the plainer cuts (which could very well pass as male underwear if you prefer a stealth fit) has been featured on He Wears Panties before in the form of Adventure Panties. With a wide range of cuts and colors, you’d be wise to check them out. Check them all out!

ExOfficio Give-N-Go Lacy Low Rise Bikini Panties

Jezebel Lace and Mesh Cami Panty Set

Smooth, soft, silky. A little touch of harem-esque fabric with a meshy, see through fall that will let your panties show through underneath, so nothing is lost in the layers. This cami set from Jezebel is perfect in numerous ways. And it comes in a range of styles, each complimented with feminine bows and a little flounce and frill. Innocent white, sexy black or dance of the seven flames red, this cami / panty set has a color and a shade to suit your every mood.

View the full range of color options here:

Jezebel Lace and Mesh Cami Panty Set

Calvin Klein Bottom Up Thong Panties

Thong th- thong thong thong. Here are some panties that will have you singing a pretty lingerie song! These are some CK panties with a cheeky little name. A pun for your buns as it were. The pair pictured at the top of this little piece are what CK calls a ‘catwalk print’. They did it again! Oh the lingerie induced hilarity!

These panties come in too many delectable colors and shades to feature in this small space, so pay Amazon a visit to view them all in their full glory. From Salsa to Stargazer, from Jelly Bean to Buff (their own special term for beige). There truly is something for every man who has ever loved thong panties.

Calvin Klein Bottom Up Thong

Simple Panties For Men

There have been an awful lot of showy panties on display here lately, so I figure it is time for a change of gear and a little look into the plainer styles of panty wear that focus on comfort and feel rather than peacock showiness.

Shadowline Nylon Lo-Rise Panties (Pkg of 3)

It’s always nice to see Amazon customer reviews left by men who wear panties, and these panties have a comment left by a fellow who nonchalantly mentions that he loves them on his wife – and himself. These panties come in a pack of three, so you have enough to last you almost half a week all in one go. They come in white or ‘assorted’ colors, by which I’m pretty sure they mean black.

Olga Women’s Secret Hug Nylon Scoop Panties

Olga’s secret hug panties are pretty much the most popular panties of all time with both men and women. With a high waist and plenty of smooth silky nylon to slide around in, it is fairly easy to see what makes these a winner.

Vanity Fair Women’s Perfectly Yours Ravissant Premium Tailored Nylon Brief

I’m not going to review these panties. I’m going to let ‘Silky’ the Man in Panties do it for me: I just received 3 pairs of these silky feeling, roomy, sexy panties. I was amazed at how good they feel on my skin. They fit perfectly on the waist and legs and have more than ample room in front to support and caress a happy wearer. The full rear coverage is appreciated and the bright colours are a treat to look at. My wife and I now have matching undies ! I had never tried these wondrous slippery panties before but I will be getting more and wearing them all the time !

(I will however add, that I love the name they have for their off-white shade, which is ‘candleglow’ – how romantic.

Barely There We’ve Got You Covered – Microfiber with Lace Brief (2 Pack)

And we end our little trip down the plain lane with these lower cut panties that are nevertheless very simple and classic in their styling. Made from polyester and spandex, these are light synthetic panties in microfiber, which is notorious for being super soft and comfortable to wear – a brilliant alternative to nylon and cotton. You get two pairs of panties for under $9.00 as these are currently on sale. These panties from Barely There might not be there at all for much longer, so check them out whilst they’re still scampering about the internet.

Piikabu Opaque Lace Mini-Cami

This isn’t a bra, it’s a sweet little lace mini-cami which can be worn atop your chest as a means of balancing a lingerie outfit. Life is all about balance of course. If you’re wearing a nice pair of panties, it is very possible that more northern regions of your body might clamor for something of their own. Obnoxious cutesy misspellings of the product’s name aside, this is a rather nice mini camisole that might very well be your first step into expanding your lingerie repertoire – or simply be an addition to an already impressive collection.

This isn’t a secretive ‘stealth lingerie’ item, unless you plan on wearing it under a buttoned up shirt and tie that will not come unbuttoned or untied during the course of the day. Letting a few buttons slip open will result in the prominent display of lacy frills and then lord only knows what will happen. I’m assuming it involves planets falling out of orbit or something to that effect.

(I’ve realized that I already mentioned this item back in May, but damn, it is a nice little cami.)

Piikabu Opaque Lace Mini-Cami

Mya Bikini Panties by Natori

Some panties are comfortable. Some are pretty. These Mya bikini panties are in a realm of their own, soaring with the majestic peacock in a riot of purple and lime green. These are not panties to be ashamed of, these are panties to be proud of, unique works of art. The rear provides ample coverage, for these panties are a simple bikini cut, but the front, the front erupts in feminine glory. You don’t even need to wear these panties to enjoy them, heck, you almost don’t even need to own them, they are just that beautiful to look at. I love the many layered effect of the fabric which creates a rather avant garde and multi-dimensional appeal. The mesh allows a little skin to peek through, skin touched with a royal shades of purple.

Mya Bikini Panties by Natori