Coquette Ruffle Panty Shorts

If this post had a sub-title, it would be ‘because I wouldn’t shut up about ruffles yesterday.’

cute ruffle panties for men

These very popularly ruffled panties are adorable, aren’t they? They come in red, black, pink and white. With a bow on the backside of these panties, you’ll be looking over your shoulder and into the nearest reflective surface all night long.

The sizing is what makes these panties interesting. They come in a ‘one size fits most’ and then a ‘one size plus’ and an ‘extra small’. It’s pretty clear that the manufacturer got all hopped up on frills and forgot that we already have words for those sizes – ‘small’ ‘medium’ and ‘large’.

They’re also technically speaking ‘shorts’ which means you can wear them as outerwear. Did I just give you the best idea ever? I hope so! You can wear your favorite panties underneath, then slip these ruffle panty shorts over the top. Layering is big among the panty wearing population, and for good reason. It looks great and it feels even better. Ruffle style panties and panty shorts are also excellent for creating and accentuating curves, so if you’re going for a feminine shape and feel, it’s hard to go past the a nice ruffling.

Batman himself recommends these panty shorts with an ardor I find quite charming:

batman buys panties (Click to enlarge image.)

Ready to check them out for yourself?

Coquette Ruffle Shorts with Back Bow

Bali’s Moderate Control Panties, For Men With A Moderate Need For Lingerie Control

comfortable sensible panties

These panties from Bali combine a sensible, no frills comfortable panty design with lace accents – or in other words, frills. Because let’s face it, nobody ever actually doesn’t want frills. We all want frills all the time. I’ve written the word frills a silly number of times for a pair of panties that actually aren’t frilled.

They are however, rather lovely with all their lace, and they come in a two pack, so you can wear one whilst hand-washing the others in an airplane bathroom sink. Or some other scenario. They come in pure white, deep black and dreary beige, so you won’t be flustered when it comes to a choice in colors – or overstimulated by bright patterns.

Solid. That’s what these panties are. Reliable. Like a jeep, but slightly easier on the eyes.

Bali Microfiber Moderate Control Brief Two Pack

Long Lingerie | Lace Slips For Men

lace slip shorts

Now this is an interesting item of lingerie, is it not? These long slip pants are perfect for men who like the feeling of smooth nylon all the way down their legs (or at least to knee length, in the case of these particular panty slips. I’m going to feature two styles today, the first is a less expensive, slightly shorter model made by Illusion. There’s a lovely thick band of lace at the bottom which does nothing but add a touch of femininity to the affair.

Lace Slip Shorts by Illusion

Velrose Slip Culottes

velrose culotte

The other are these Velrose Culottes, which can be adjusted, if by adjusted you mean can be snipped off like a net curtain. At 26 inches long, they provide a little more coverage than many slips, whilst also providing a nice loose fit. Wear them to bed, around the house, or even under business attire if you like. The occasional wisping of soft lingerie against your thighs as you go about your day is sure to boost your mood.

Velrose Snip-it 26″ Culotte Slip

Pretty Contrast Ruffled Boyshorts For Men

pink ruffle panties

A pair of delightful boyshort panties here, perfect for the male pantywearer who likes a bit of satin and sheen accompanied by ruffles. What’s very delightful about these panties are the vast range of color combinations. From the innocent pink and white above to the bumblebee black and yellow below, and running the full gamut of purples and reds and all the other delightful shades under the sun. (Maybe not all of them, but quite a number of them anyway.)

View the full range of contrast ruffled boyshort panties!

bumblebee panties

Wacoal Full Bloom Thong Panties

full bloom thong panties for men

These pretty floral panties come in the thong style, which means tasteful lace coverage in the front and a bare derriere in the back. Some people might be insulted at the description of thongs being the mullet of the lingerie world, but if you push that analogy to the extreme, that means, in lingerie time, we’re somewhere in the 1980’s (the height of mullet popularity), which means no Facebook or twitter and Winona Ryder is simply an elfin actress and not a woman interrupted. They were simpler times. Simpler times with fewer restrictions on the concept of good hair.

There’s nothing really all that 80’s about these panties however, they’re contemporary. They’re hip. Or they at least fit around your hips. And they’re sensually compatible with male panty wearers, which is the most important thing of all.

b.tempt’d by Wacoal Full Bloom Thong

Modal Panty Nothingness | Twelve Pretty Panties For Men

soft panties for men

These panties are so soft, so very comfortable that they are described as making the wearer feeling as if they are not there at all. But if one does not feel one is wearing panties, then is there any point in wearing panties at all? Fortunately for us, we’re dealing with hyperbole in advertising, so we don’t have to deal with that philosophical quandary this very instant. Modal is undeniably very soft, and with the little sequin sparkles on the side, you’ll be able to flutter away with the lingerie butterflies in supreme panty comfort. These panties come in seven colors – and in a twelve pack. Which means some, but not all of the colors will be repeated. But which ones? Well, that’s the thrill of it, isn’t it. Isn’t it?

Soft Modal Spandex Panty with Rhinestones 12 Panties, 7 Assorted Colors

American Apparel Lace Lingerie Shorts

american apparel lace lingerie short

American Apparel Lace Shorts

Sweet, summery and oh so lovely, these lingerie shorts blur the line between underwear and outerwear even more successfully than leggings. I love the line they create, a rather retro curved triangle that provides room to move whilst pretending at modesty.

The bad news is that these lingerie shorts only come in size small. The good news is that they come from American Apparel, where they pretty much think everybody should get to feel small, so the clothing actually runs large.

American Apparel Lace Ribbon Lingerie Short

mesh bloomers for men

American Apparel Mesh Bloomers

Also from American Apparel, and running a little larger, are these mesh bloomers. They’re fun to wear over another pair of panties, and we all know how much many men like to layer their lingerie, these add to the fun of any outfit. They come in the black pictured above and also in beige. Probably because of some sort of beige bylaw or something.

American Apparel Nylon Spandex Micro-Mesh Bloomer

No Slip Bikini Panties For Men

no slip panties for men

Are your bikini panties forever riding up? Slipping into places they have no place being at three pm on a Tuesday afternoon? If so, Bali have the lace lined, rubber reinforced panty solution for you. That might not sound appealing, but when the smooth sensation of nylon is kept snug against your skin by means of subtle and almost unnoticeable anti slip innovations.

These panties come in a very wide range of prints and styles, from the flamboyant leopard skin pattern shown above, to a plain white that rather put me in mind of panties by Shadowline, Olga and Vanity fair. Whether you’re a panty classicist or someone who prefers hot pink lingerie, there’s a pair to suit your taste – and probably your decor, come to think of it. A nice pair of panties really can tie a room together.

Bali One Smooth U No Line No Slip Bikini Panties

Shadowline Nylon Hipster Panties (Triple Threat 3 Pack!)

shadowline blazing white panties for men

Shadowline has long been a favorite of the male panty wearer, and you can discover why for yourself, or expand your collection with this three pack of nylon hipsters from the great manufacturers of silky smooth nylon lingerie. In each pack you’ll receive one black pair of panties, one ivory pair and one white, a color for every occasion and for every outfit. (Assuming that there are only three occasions and they all call for neutral tones.) Seriously though, these are some of the most comfortable panties avaialble on the market and though they have a distinctly feminine cut, they also hold a certain amount of plausible deniability. If you thought nylon was only good for parachutes and fishing line, you’ll get a very pleasant surprise when you slip into this sensual lingerie.

Shadowline Nylon Hipster Panties, Three Of A Kind

shadowline panties in the wild

Jockey Panties, A String Bikini For Men

jockey string bikini panties for men

String bikinis can be surprisingly comfortable, and these super soft cotton bikini panties from Jockey’s Elance range are no exception. The low rise and flexible string fit make them perfect for male panty wearers (that is, panty wearers who happen to be male, and not wearers of male panties, because panties don’t technically have a gender.)

Now we’ve clarified that potentially sticky issue, lets look at these panties a little more. They come in simple styles as well as bright colors, shades and patterns. And if you click the link below, you’ll find that they come in a three pack of your choosing, so you can experiment with new patterns, soft pearl colors, floral medallions, oblong dots, or one of the several other collections being offered by Jockey.

Elance String Bikini Panties

Bali Microfiber Diamond Pattern Brief Panties

bali panties for men

Ninety percent nylon, ten percent spandex, the Bali microfiber pattern brief provides comfort and a pretty fit in a relatively modest cut that, if you get it in one of the more restrained color options (like black) can probably pass as being non-gender specific underwear.

If you’re into flaunting your panties, these come in a really cute purple shade called ‘Bayou Blue Diamond’, they also come in a couple different variations of white, a rose pink and the aforementioned black. If you want something in beige, you can always go with the ‘nude diamond’. Oh, and there even appears to be an emerald green iteration floating about too, which is a fairly rare shade. So whether you’re collecting all the panty colors of the rainbow, or just looking for a highly comfortable pair of panties, you might want to check these out.

Bali Microfiber Pattern Brief Panty