Panties Seen In Vogue…

These Julianna Rae silk thong panties have been featured in multiple magazines, and that has to mean something. (Mostly, it likely means the cost of the panties also includes marketing.) Putting capitalist cynicsm aside, their beautiful silk and lace skimpiness is guaranteed to satisfy the most desperate of housewives (or house husbands) (because they were […]

Brief Fantasie Panties

Need a short fantasy? Need some panties to give you a mood lift, a little break from the world of the plain and the mundane? These panties have an utterly adorable lace side panel and a white base against which flowers unfurl. There’s something whimsical and playful about these, hearkening to simpler times. Click here […]

Devote Yourself To Thong Comfort

Maidenform knows how to make a pair of panties, and these thongs are just lovely. They feature soft lace, form fitting, sleek style to make you feel comfortable and feminine in a range of styles and colors. If you’re looking for a little panty treat, these might just hit the spot. Click here for a […]

New Year, New Panties!

Happy Panty New Year! Here are three brand new panty releases for 2018, so you can update your panty wardrobe with the latest in lingerie. The first and brightest of the bunch comes from Hanky Panky, who, after years of producing the softest in lace thongs, are starting to get a bit manic with their […]

La Perla’s Perfect G String Thong

Lapis lace describes this beautiful pair of thong panties from lingerie powerhouse La Perla. The color is simply stunning, and the lace construction is elegant beyond compare. If you’re looking to treat yourself, or elevate your lingerie collection to new levels, these panties are a perfect addition. They also come in black, though I feel […]

Graphique Designer Thong Lingerie

La Perla knows how to take panties and turn them into an event. Or the Sydney Opera House. Or that new extension you were thinking of putting on above the garage. Basically, this is a company who sees a pair of panties and thinks about building to code. Those who seek innovation and girders in […]

Lise Charmel Splendor Thong

A teeny tiny, totally splendid thong awaits in the annals of Lise Charmel. (That is now how you use that word, but all meaning evaporates when one is faced with the beauty of these panties. What is the point of letters signifying words, signifying concepts when we have this caliber of lingerie to wear?) These […]

Never Say Never Low Rider Thongs

Italian lace low rider thong panties… need I say more? Probably not, but I will. These panties come in a huge array of colors. You could buy these panties in over 36 colors, which would make one pair for every day of the month. Which day should you wear the coral pictured above? Does the […]

Silk Exception Panties from Lise Charmel

Grege rose is the name of this color, in case you were trying to explain it to someone on the telephone, or perhaps through radio waves, not that those words would mean anything to anyone ever, thus making them the perfect descriptors for a color not quite of this world. These silk panties from Lise […]

Cheeky Satin Panties

Searching for something smooth and revealing, with just a touch of lace in the right place to turn what could be a thong into a booty shaping work of art? Well, you have some stringent criteria, but I believe these panties meet them :) Faceface, a lingerie designer with issues of the existential kind, boasts […]

Hanky Panky Retro Thong

Hanky Panky has made a retro thong, for lovers of thick lace and little coverage. I’ve featured it here in classic beige, but it comes in a range of bold colors for the more adventurous. (Beige panties are a staple of the lingerie traditionalist, of course.) Check out these hot and cheeky Hanky Panky panties!