Cheeky Lace Plus Size Panties

These panties are designed to go big, and I love them. Their generous proportions retain a playful nature and their motif is both flattering and endearing, blue and yellow flowers playing across a field of white lace. If you’re built with a bigger frame, these delicate panties may very well delight in new and exciting […]

Vanity Fair Navy Lace Hi Cut Panties

These navy blue panties are quite charming, especially with their purple counterpoint details sitting against the black lace of the sides. Vanity Fair is a favourite brand for a lot of men who love panties thanks to their traditional styling and attention to fabric choice. Smooth, satiny pleasures await. And now you can pick up […]

Dandelion Lace Back Tanga Panties

Maidenform makes some of the most solid panties… in the worrrllld. And when I say solid, I don’t mean that they’re hard and unyeilding, I mean that they are made with superior attention to style, detail, and making sure the seams stay where they’re supposed to. (In this case, we have a center butt seam […]

Luminous Low Rise Lace Bikini Panties

These panties are so brightly colored I think they might qualify as hi-vis clothing for worksites. (Check with your foreman first.) If you’re looking for a bright, cheerful pair of bikini panties to welcome the new season, you might just have found your lingerie match. Innovative lace placement in the midsection of the panties rather […]

Jack Smith’s Lace Thong Panties For Men….

… who like their panties to have masculine names. Isn’t it refreshing to see some pretty lace panties made under a masculine moniker? There are so many panties out there with names like Elle or Chanelle, or Sashay Chantay, or Madeline, or Normandie Ellene. Now there’s a Jack Smith, a panty fox in the lingerie […]

Classic Lace Trimmed Hi-Cut Panties

If there’s anything better than a pair of panties it has to be several pairs of panties. In this instance, these lace trimmed hi-cut panties come in a pack of four, so you can ensure that your butt will be covered for at least half of any given week. What grabbed my attention about these […]

Bespoke Lace Lolita Panties

If you dream of panties made to your specifications and size and based on a series of pseudo-Victorian designs, this might be the designer you’ve been waiting for. M4U is a brand based on taking measurements from those who yearn for the perfect panties and creating them on a made to order basis in a […]

Microfiber Lace Boyshort Panties

Ready for something light and playful with a little more coverage than a bikini, but not so much as a full brief? These cute microfiber panties from Maidenform are gorgeous and come in a range of styles from the bright red polka dot pictured, to much more muted blacks and whites, and wild animal prints. […]

Large Lace Flower Panties

You might think, from the title that this is a post about large lace panties with flowers on them. That’s not what this is about. At. All. This is about teeny weeny skimpy thong panties with a HUGE lace flower adorning the front. I’m not so much recommending these panties as staring at them in […]

Foxers Lace Boxers, Panties For Men

These lace boxer panties are gorgeous, and I reckon they’d look mighty fine on the male form. Foxers make quite a range of these lace boxers, in a variety of colors, so if you don’t like the elegant black shown above (and really, how could you not like the elegant black panties shown above, I […]

Lace Back Panties

Bikini in the front, party in the back. These panties from Jezebel embrace the undying spirit of the mullet with a panty that boasts a sheer lace back panel, matched with a relatively modest microfiber front panel. Surprise yourself when you turn in front of the mirror – or simply enjoy the touch of lace […]

Renaissance Panties, Bows and Lace and Mesh, Oh My!

These panties need very little description, largely because anyone looking at them is unlikely to deign to lower their eyes to base script. These are some glorious panties, with thick satin bows, art deco tassels, mesh fabric, crocheted desire. These aren’t panties. These are an elaborate work of art. ECOSCO Lace Mesh Rose Floral Panties