Fun Purple Panties!

Old meets new in a blend of lace patterns, modern fabrics and a cute hipster cut for a pair of panties which can be fun no matter where you wear them. Chantelle is a line of panties with an elegance and playfulness which I think are two elements of the charm of wearing lingerie. Feminine […]

Warner’s No Pinching Panties

If there’s anything which irritates, it is a pair of panties which pinch. These panties are guaranteed not to so assault their wearers, and so are notably recommended for anyone looking for delicate lingerie which is also designed to avoid the dreaded ‘muffin top’ (the prejudice against baked goods continues.) Warner’s makes these panties in […]

Elegant New Panties From Vanity Fair

These panties from Vanity Fair combine elegance with black and silver. The charming European styling mixed with a comfortable hipster cut make these both comfortable to wear and pleasing to behold. If bras happen to be your thing, there are two matching brassieres available in this style, making these panties the basis of any stylish […]

After Midnight Sexy Animal Hipsters For Men

Hanky Panky has acknowledged its inner Jungian shadow and brought out a line of sexy lace panties which incorporate dark lace, metallic animal prints and the sort of bold construction and contrast guaranteed turn your nether regions into a sensual evening event. Click here to check out the hot rear of these animally attractive panties…

Panty Packs, Ten Panties For The Panty Addict

Do you need ten pairs of the same kind of panties but in different colors? Are you in the mood to recreate a rainbow over the course of a week? If so, these deeply discounted panties from La Isla should be in your shopping cart. Just $35 for ten, that works out to $3.50 per […]

No Pinching No Problems Panties

Continuing the theme of comfort and style, these no pinching, no problems panties from Warners are perfect for the man about town, or the man about country. Basically, they are for the man who is about in general. A light microfiber fabric cut in a low rise V makes for the perfect cut, a variation […]

One Smooth U No Lines, No Slip Panties

These panties have no lines, won’t slip down and won’t ride up. A comfortable fit all day long that gives nothing away under your work or casual wear. These are the panties you want when in the mood for silky soft sensation without the hassle of too much design. The thick lace waistband provides a […]

Intimate Portal Panties

With the high point of the festive season come and gone, it’s time to get down to the brass tacks of life, the basic facts. And the basic fact of panties is that they’re designed to cover intimate portals. Heh. I can’t quite believe that someone branded their line ‘Intimate Portal’. The potential jokes are […]

Bali Comfort Indulgence Panties

Comfort with a hint of lace, beige with a flash of black, pristine panties in purest white, all the way through to gray steel. These panties are restrained and refined, but also very, very comfortable. Indulge yourself with these sleek, stylish panties from Bali. Bali Comfort Indulgence Hipster Panties

Calvin Klein Brief Encounters Panties

Coming in a rainbow range of colors that will satisfy any rainbow lingerie collector, the brief encounters line of panties from Calvin Klein matches delicate lace and mesh with an occasionally contrasting trim to create a panty that is light, slightly delicate, but very feminine and quite gorgeous to behold. You can be as bold […]

Four Dollar Panties

These panties cost less than four dollars, feature black lace and an animal print center panel, plus pink bows. What more can one ask for? Perhaps for these panties to come in all pink lace with purple animal print? We can do that too! Check out all the Wurl Animal Print Lace Hipster Panties