Magic Eye Panties from Vanity Fair

Every now and then Vanity Fair makes a pair of panties in which you can see a boat. Or a dolphin. Or some other thing. I don’t know, I can’t do those magic eye things, but I know these pantie meet the criteria for ocular confusion and are part of a longstanding line of fine […]

Give N’ Go Full Cut Briefs

Need some better panty coverage? Can you hear me now? These panties offer superior lingerie briefness for your backside and other parts of your anatomy as well. Their nylon spandex construction means they’re soft, comfortable and nice and stretchy in all the right places. They also come in a plethora of colors, so you’ll be […]

Italian Lingerie, Sweet Samba Panties

These plus size panties are HOT, with an Italian design flair which is evident in details big and small. The slightly retro, but oh so bold paisely inspired pattern takes the ubiquitous floral motif and elevates it, while generous black lace elegantly encases the body in a flattering cut perfect for wearers of any size. […]

Tommy Hilfiger Seamless Panties

Seamless panties are excellent for people who are sensitive to seams, or who really need a sleek pantyline for a tactical situation. Tommy Hilfiger has been managing to sell various riffs on the theme of red and blue for decades now, and I think we should continue to support them in that endeavor. Plus there’s […]

Prima Donna Does It Again… Beautiful Panties

These panties are just gorgeous with a pink and blue toned lace embroidery over a flesh toned fabric. I adore the way the blue shimmers against the delicate background, creating a delicate feast for the senses. These panties take the concept of a skimpy bikini cut and adorn it with the most alluring display of […]

Ladies & Men’s Story Dream Lace Panties

Ladies and men’s story (what a name for a panty company) makes panties which look like what a doily would look like if it took off its glasses and let its hair out of its ponytail in one of those teen movies which were so popular fifteen years ago. They come in the blazing red […]

Fantasie Sasha Not A Thong Panties

What if you could wear a pair of panties which looked a lot like a cute thong, but used the power of mesh and lace to provide more coverage to your undercarriage? What would happen if a bright spring pattern meshed with delicate floral accoutrements to create something aesthetically desireable? And what if the behind […]

Nipplex Bohemian Panties

I’m not sure who decided to call their line of lingerie ‘Nipplex’, but I think they deserve some kind of prize. These panties aren’t bad either. The patterns are simple but also reminiscent of wallpaper… which is a good thing? Yes. It’s bohemian. That’s what it is. Flowers in the hair, flowers on the underwear. […]

Bali Cotton Desire Panties

Time for something with a little more coverage, I think. These panties are cute, comfortable and offer some modesty for the panty wearer, if he desires such a thing. The smooth fabric makes for a lovely plane down the front of these panties, and there’s just a hint of lace at the sides. Click here […]

Lace Kiss Hipster Panties

Wacoal have discovered a naughty side with their B Tempt’d line of panties, lacy, skimpy pieces of lingerie which flatter the wearer. Lace layered upon lace, different shades and patterns meshed together to create sexy appeal. Much like the name of the label, these are modern, a little bit edgy, and always fun. Click here […]

One Smooooth U Panties

I’m not sure I approve of text speak in panty names, but I’m going to roll with it for these panties from Bali. Bali are experience lingerie designers, and they know what they’re doing. These cute two tone panties are quite striking, aren’t they? If you find the black on beige a little too exciting […]

Foxers Popular Panties!

Foxers make some of the most popular panties in 2017, according to Amazon’s review system. Granted, we’re only a month or so into 2017, and Amazon’s review system can be gamed better than Tetris, but trends like these should not, nay, must not be ignored. They specialize in comfortable, sexy designs which make the wearer […]