From Raunchy To Romantic | Wacoal Bras For Men

There is something romantic about a well made bra, a bra which has been designed carefully from the underwire up, a bra that is really less a garment and more a work of art. Wacoal have earned their name in the lingerie world by consistently producing gorgeous, well made bras that, once seen, are hard […]

Why Bras Love Men

It’s a well known fact that many men love bras. They love bras with a passion which can only come from being kept apart from such a delightful and entirely gorgeous taboo object. The women of this world can wear brassieres with impunity, and in a tragedy greater than they will every know, some women […]

Three Cheers For Convertible Bras For Men

Convertible bras were originally designed to allow women to wear all sorts of naughty pieces of outerwear without exposing their underwear. Men can enjoy the same benefits, plus the additional ones garnered from enjoying the sheer mechanical brilliance employed in the construction of such garments. I mean, to not secure the straps with thread, but […]

Sexy Lace Push Up Bras For Men From Lily Of France

Lily of France might look like every other lingerie brand ever created at first glance, a slightly pretentious, slightly nonsensical, highly whimsical name backing a relatively small range of brassieres. But I tell you men, you skip the Lily of France at your own peril, for among the collection are a number of brassieres capable […]

Sexy Designer Bras For Men From DKNY

Donna Karen has been running hither and thither about the place for decades now designing this, designing that, transforming average men and women into sleek, chic fashion machines. The say that DKNY lingerie is comprised of lace, love and the essence of New York itself. I think it’s a little better than distilled fraud and […]

Finding Feel Good Bras For Men

Bras for men are no different than bras for women. They have to feel good if they are to be of any real use. Men wear brassieres for different reasons, of course. Some men wear a bra just because it looks hot, or feels hot, and other men wear bras for support. Depending on your […]

Men Wearing Bras Videos

Here’s a few cute videos of men wearing bras. This all started with searching for a clip of Tori from Mythbusters (if you don’t watch the show, you should, it’s awesome) trying on brassieres, unfortunately the clip I found doesn’t have the best quality, but it did lead me to a little goldmine of other […]