Natori Essence Panties

Natori loves to bring new variations on the theme of elegant lingerie, and these Essence panties are no exception. With lovely scalloped lace and a super soft fabric, you can buy these panties in beige, or slightly lighter beige. I really like Natori’s approach to panties, (even though I am not at all a fan of beige) they make no excuses for their bland color schemes. They’re not falling back on anything so gaudy as color. Their designs stand on their own, like the classic manilla envelopes of panties.

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Raise Your Panty Awareness

A beautiful violet bloom heralds these awareness panties from Wacoal, esteemed creator of lingerie, titled, ‘Awareness Hi Cut Panties’. These are panties guaranteed to raise your awareness, though what you will become aware of precisely, I cannot say. They are lovely though, and I do very much enjoy the sheen of the waistband contrasted with the mesh lace below. There is something mysterious about the lacy garden bordered by the hems and waist of this garment.

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Give N’ Go Full Cut Briefs

Need some better panty coverage? Can you hear me now? These panties offer superior lingerie briefness for your backside and other parts of your anatomy as well. Their nylon spandex construction means they’re soft, comfortable and nice and stretchy in all the right places. They also come in a plethora of colors, so you’ll be able to suit your mood, whether its wanting to be pretty in purple (that’s a mood, right?) tight in teal, right in red, or even coco for chocolate. Feelings are difficult, but panties don’t have to be.

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Kiwi Panties From Hanky Panky

Need more zest in your lingerie life? Are you struggling to reach your panty five plus a day! Do not despair, these lovely kiwi panties from Hanky Panky are just what the doctor ordered. With a tang and zing and pop, these panties are impossible to ignore and come in Hanky Panky’s trademark super soft lace, so you’ll be comfortable – while anyone who sees you in these panties is green with envy!

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Lingerie on the Runway, Men In More Than Panties

It’s no secret that I love Ru Paul’s Drag Race. This past week was the lingerie runway challenge, and I think you’ll adore some of these looks and pieces, as commented on by queens supreme, Raja and Raven. My favorite of the week has to be Valentina, with a classically sensual lingerie look.

Comfortable Wide Waistband Panties

These comfortable and economical panties boast a beautiful waistband in wide format for those who enjoy panty excellence at a reasonable price as they’re on sale now! Usually almost $20, they’re down by 75%, making them an excellent buy. I really like the geometric patterning on the band, and the sleek fabric which covers the rear. Lingerie elegance on a budget is within reach.
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Hnggggg! Royal Panties For Men

These royal blue panties from Panache are a layered dream frosted with white lace, providing full coverage for the royal jewels and a little peekabo slit ribbed for your viewing pleasure. These panties are GORGEOUS. I love the lace details, I love the polka dot innocence, I like the way every part of these panties has been attended to from hip to hem.

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High Visibility Panties For Men

Whether you’re seducing someone, or doing a little roading construction, these panties from Wacoal have you covered in their high visibility orange, a hue which is near and dear to my heart as the city I live in has been in a constant state of rebuilding since it fell down about six years ago. (We’re slow builders, and hi-vis is becoming a fetish of mine. No road cone is safe.)

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