French Passion Lingerie

My obsession with lingerie Francaise continues with these panties which turn the derriere into a lingerie landscape. I love the way the feminine crease is demarked with a dotted mesh display, contrasting the nigh lace tattoo over the hip. These are utterly beautiful, and make the wearer beautiful too. Check out the front of these […]

Never Say Never Low Rider Thongs

Italian lace low rider thong panties… need I say more? Probably not, but I will. These panties come in a huge array of colors. You could buy these panties in over 36 colors, which would make one pair for every day of the month. Which day should you wear the coral pictured above? Does the […]

Olga Invigorates An Old Style With A New Twist

The very first man in panties I ever knew was a huge fan of Olga lingerie. It was almost twenty years ago now that I knew him, but Olga continues to make sleek stylish panties which are ever so comfortable to wear. I like these panties very much. They’re styled after the incredibly popular ‘Secret […]

Enter A State of Lingerie Pleasure…

These panties from Pleasure State are like what Marie Antoinette would have designed if she’d lived in 2017 and not been obsessed with hobby farms. An adorable French lace inspired design puts the wearer into a state of pleasure. I love the way the ribbons evoke the notion of stockings and suspenders without being either […]

Hanky Panky Retro Thong

Hanky Panky has made a retro thong, for lovers of thick lace and little coverage. I’ve featured it here in classic beige, but it comes in a range of bold colors for the more adventurous. (Beige panties are a staple of the lingerie traditionalist, of course.) Check out these hot and cheeky Hanky Panky panties!

French Lingerie for Masculine Tastes

These steel gray panties with delicate lace made in a smooth microfiber combine French design, lace loveliness and a comfortable fit to make them the perfect choice for any occasion. Playful polkadots on the main panel contrast with the sheet steel hues beneath to create an impression which is simultaneously hard and soft – a […]

Tutti Rouge Cobalt Semi Sheer Brazilian Brief

Sheer, blue, Brazilian lingerie framed with black lace and topped with a leopard print bow. If you’re in the market for something skimpy, this mesh based panty is perfect for you. The interplay of darker mesh and lighter side panels makes for a delightful contrast with a shining fabric sheen. Click here to check out […]

Studio Jelena Thongs For Discerning Men

Studio Jelena is known for its endlessly delightful lingerie, and these panties are no exception. Purple mulberry lace enhances the wearer’s assets with a ribbon ‘V’ highlighting certain areas of interest. These panties combine suggestive design with high quality lace for shimmering style which will have you in front of your lingerie mirror for hours. […]

Make Your Backside A Feature Presentation…

I love these panties. I love. these panties. Love them. They’re gorgeous, with a truly innovative rear design complete with frills, lace, ruffles and mesh. These panties are an event, perfect for the bedroom and private fun times, with a hint of retro rockabilly and all the modern allure of ultra stretch nylon and spandex. […]

More Bamboo For Your Butt!

These new ecofabrics are super fun to write about and super cute to wear. I love these panties, largely for their thick mesh appeal. I also like the chunky lace around the hem and hips. If you don’t like these in the pink, they come in a hot red and a whole lot of other […]

Wacoal Dahlia Bikini, Delicious Designer Lingerie

Dahlia is the sort of name one heard a lot of in the 19…mumble mumbles, but it isn’t often used these days. Unless your name is Wacoal and you’re one of the premier lingerie designers on the globe. Pointing out the detailing on these panties is like taking a tour of an art museum. The […]

Lacy Intentions by Olga

I think it’s safe to say that most everyone reading this has some seriously lacy intentions. Olga understands that, and has created panties with a fully realized lace fantasy. These panties come in a range of typically classical colors, the beiges are well represented, but we do also have a royal blue for those with […]