Common Sense and Crossdressing Men

This post comes from GR8 Legs, one of our friendly moderators on the He Wears Panties forum and now, site contributor. It addresses a pet peeve of mine, which is women brainlessly attacking men for being too feminine whilst vigorously defending their own right to wear whatever takes their fancy. This vapid double standard needs […]

Guest Panty Bloggers Wanted!

The exciting times continue at He Wears Panties! Yes they do. As you’re probably aware, the forum is back up and buzzing with some lovely volunteer moderators helping out those who need a hand.  It’s a lovely thing to see, but it is only one of the lovelinesses I have planned for He Wears Panties […]

Meet Our Panty Moderators

The He Wears Panties forum is a supportive, friendly space for men who like to wear lingerie and women’s clothing.  I opened it originally because although sitting here in my blogging chair and making panty decrees to everybody is nice, there are lots of men out there with experience in the realm of cross-dressing on […]

Can You Cure Yourself Of Panty Wearing?

This is a topic I’ve written about before, but I think it deserves revisiting because it rears its head for so many men at so many different stages of their lives. We all know that wearing panties isn’t as simple for men as it is for women. Women buy and wear panties and nobody cares. […]

Patterned Fashion Tights For Men

We have John to thank for this selection of patterned tights, for it was he who introduced me to Funny Legs, a site that our European friends will enjoy, mostly because it caters to Europe and has plenty of delightful German sprinkled about the place for your enjoyment. Bittie sie bleiben, ihr warenkorb ist noch […]

Fabulous Rumba Boyshort | Reader’s Lingerie Pick

Thanks to all those of you who contribute suggestions and tips, this is a lovely tip I received from Erica, who found this adorable pair of rumba boyshort panties made by Lane Bryant, which is, in case you didn’t know, a great place to buy lingerie in the plus sizes, and therefore a great place […]

Hanky Panky Totally Made Some Bras For Men

Thanks to reader Cantsay for pointing out this lovely line of what I’m pretty much going to call lace bandeau bras for men from Hanky Panky. Did Hanky Panky ostensibly say they were for men? No, of course not, however I am willing to bet that the average male would be far more comfortable in […]

Plain Lingerie For Plausible Deniablility

Many men who wear lingerie are fortunate enough to have found partners who care more about who they are than what they wear. However not all men who love feminine garments have been this fortunate and face extreme prejudice towards their love of lingerie from their usually female partners. Stuck between a rock and a […]

A Guide To Sheer Pantyhose For Men

Pantyhose has traditionally served many roles. According to Wikipedia (the repository of all human knowledge, comparable to the library at Alexandria before it was destroyed by invading barbarians,) pantyhose are designed to do the following. What follows here is an exciting analysis of sheer pantyhose, aimed at the man curious as to the nature and […]