Pettipants For Men

The pettipant is somewhat anachronistic, but there are plenty of men who enjoy this kind of lingerie for a range of reasons. A certain old-fashioned charm is certainly one reason, add to that the unparalleled soft nylon coverage and abundance of lace and you’ve got piece of lingerie that combine comfort, sensuality and classic appeal. […]

Amazon’s Top Panty Sellers

Ever wonder what women are buying? Here are the top three best selling panties on, as chosen by those who vote with their cash and leave positive reviews. What’s really nice about these three panties is that they’ve proven to be not only comfortable and aesthetically pleasing but economical too. The most expensive panties […]

Deux Chemise by Natori

A chemise is a lovely piece of lingerie sleepwear that descends from the bosom to the upper thigh with light grace, aiding the transition from the world of wakefulness to the realms of fantasy. Here are two chemises I rather fell in love with, from eminent designer Natori. (Click any image in this article to […]

Grenier Serenade Garter Belt

Just for something a little different, let’s talk about garters. I think that this garter will be popular with the ‘lingerie for sensuality’ and ‘lingerie for femininity’ crowds because well, it’s utterly gorgeous and comprised of thick bands of lace that will swaddle your midsection in the way only loving lingerie can do.  The lace […]

Shadowline’s Luxurious Nylon Nightgown

The nights are growing colder in the northern hemisphere and many are changing their skimpy lingerie for warmer woolen garments. But you need not fall prey to nature’s assault on your wardobe, you can choose a different kind of lingerie with fuller coverage. This lace gown from Shadowline is immensely popular, those who buy this […]

Alexander Del Rossa Sensual Sleepwear

When pondering the richness of lingerie, one should never forget the many silky sleepwear sets that you can wear whilst you drift of into a world of lingerie dreams. From full length nightgowns to shorter babydolls, there really is sleepwear available for every mood and season. In this article I’m featuring some of the wonderful […]

Adult or Mature?

A few months ago, I made a decision after some consultation with members of the He Wears Panties forum to remove the picture and adult sections from the forum. This came as a surprise to some, although I did post a thread about the matter, not everyone reads every thread ever posted and as it […]

The Natori Shadow Thong

It has been a long and I do mean long time since I blogged on the site, but after a lengthy break, I think I’m ready to return to the serious business of lingerie for men, and lingerie for women that men also wear. I’m starting back reviewing a series of panties I think would […]

Last Week I Made Friends With My Anima | Part Two

This is the second post in what will be a series from our friend and moderator Gr8legs. It’s his personal tale of becoming acquainted and comfortable with his feminine side, panty wearing and cross-dressing. It’s a lovely deep read and my sincere thanks go to Gr8legs for sharing this with us all. Meeting “Ava” Recently […]