A Guide To Sheer Pantyhose For Men

Pantyhose has traditionally served many roles. According to Wikipedia (the repository of all human knowledge, comparable to the library at Alexandria before it was destroyed by invading barbarians,) pantyhose are designed to do the following. What follows here is an exciting analysis of sheer pantyhose, aimed at the man curious as to the nature and […]

The Revolution Will Be Pantied

People sometimes wonder what the future will look like. Politicians and scientists paint an ominous picture of a burned out husk of a planet covered with ashes. Religious folk will have you believe that a Sky King will come down and torture the baddies whilst the goodies float up to heaven to receive harps and […]

Feminine Hair For Men

Of the many traits associated with femininity, pretty hair is one of the strongest associations after strategically placed curves and baby feeding devices. If you’re a man who likes to appear feminine, hair can be something of a challenge, but it can also be an asset if you put your thinking cap on. Read more…

Modern Men In Frilly Stockings

Men’s tights are making a comeback, but there’s a secret many men who wear hosiery harbor – they don’t want to wear men’s tights, they want to wear women’s tights. And why not? Although several small companies have sprung up making hosiery for men, Activskin being perhaps the most well known, as with most male […]

A Bunch Of Guys and Gals Write Saucy Things About Lingerie

The scandal continues,  with lots of comments left on Hub Pages that simply can’t see the light of day in a ‘family friendly’ environment. On the Hub The Panty Pyramid: alan grimsby  says: spot on again hope,i have large pantie collection allso because i have far to many to wear so lots go into the collection […]

Wrap Around Skirts For Men

Also known as a sarong, wrap around skirts are common in tropical places where they are quite often considered to be very suitable male attire. Samoan men wear a wrap around skirt called a lavalava, and interestingly enough, whilst it is also worn by children, it is not often worn by women. To think that […]

Jimmy Shares His Love Of Slips

In which Jimmy shares his love of a nice nylon slip… Naughty Nylon Dreams | Fabulous Full Slips For Men JimmyC20593 says: I wear a nylon full slip or half slip under my clothes to work everyday depending on what top I am wearing. I cannot get over how wonderful my full slip feels on […]