Only Hearts, Lace Venice Panties

lace panties for men

These loose panties are rather charming in their own unique way. With an almost skirt like appearance complete with lace inserts, you’ll be able to enjoy plenty of space in your lingerie. These are also available in ‘toast’ and ‘antique white’. Those who enjoy a classic lingerie aesthetic will find that these panties have a certain allure that cannot be long denied.

Only Hearts Venice Hipster W/Lace Insets

The Ladies Are Squeeming

squeem lady shapewear for men

If you’re interested in trends in feminine lingerie, then you might be interested in the latest wildly popular piece of intimate apparel designed to create an ideal female form. It’s called Squeam, a brand umbrella-ing a bunch of shapewear

I chose the image of the pretty lady leaning nonchalantly against a tree in her bra, panties and shapewear because it is perhaps the most unintentionally hilarious thing I’ve seen in a while. It seems to imply that this underwear can become outerwear, as long as your make up is neat and you intend on accessorizing with a smile.

Made with rubber and cotton, the shapwear pictured is designed to cinch the waist, creating something approximate to a hourglass shape. Waist definition is a marker of good health and fitness, which is why we find it so appealing in our mates.

If you find this appealing, find out more at the link below…

Squeem Magical Lingerie Shapewear

A Return To Naked Glamor…

naked panties for men

Remember these panties? No, probably because these are naked glamor panties as you’ve never seen them before. With a new range of patterns, up to ten different styles, including a pale pink ‘fairy wings’ and a bolder ‘rock candy’, there’s a print and a color designed to fit your mood and panty personality. I love panties that are not only made to be comfortable and pretty, but which also allow for an expression of the inner self, something a little bit playful. Something a little unique. These panties fit the bill.

View the new range of naked glamour bikini panties…

Boudoir Blooms Hip Tanga Panties

lace band panties for men

‘Boudoir Blooms’ is a delightfully evocative phrase. These panties are also rather evocative, with a thick three inch lace band traversing the wearer’s midline, framing the little triangle of mesh below. I love the colors these panties come in. Pictured above are ‘Seashell’, a delicate pale blue pair, and Cosmopolitan, a spicier red and purple blend.

On Gossamer Boudoir Blooms Hip Tanga

Elegant Panties For Men

It’s funny, isn’t it, that when you search for ‘elegant lingerie’ you find lingerie that is anything but. I think there’s a certain lesson to be learned there, I’d be more sure but I’ve been thoroughly distracted by crotchless skin tight shiny spandex undergarments. (Closer inspection has revealed that I featured these in black two years ago, but I figure a reminder wouldn’t hurt anybody.)

bong thong for menIn the spirit of truly elegant lingerie made specifically for men, I’d like to suggest these panties, which are very non-elegantly named ‘the bong thong’. The bong thong comes in two colors, black and white and is made of a very nice lace that has been popular with male wearers of lingerie.

Men’s Sexy Stretch Lace Bong Thong



minishorts panties for menIf a thong doesn’t say ‘elegance’ to you, perhaps because of the lack of coverage, allow me to suggest the ‘mini short’, a pair of panties with a vaguely suggestive name and lovely styling.

Check out Mini Short Panties For Men!



Pretty Patterned Panties of All Sizes

zebra panties for men

If you like interesting panties complete with charming patterns, but find such panties to be difficult to obtain in a size of your liking, you might want to check out these patterned panties, which come in everything from houndstooth to chocolate zebra and beyond. These panties also come with matching bras, so you can put together a very unique panty set. If wild animal colors don’t appeal, there are some very nice muted designs to choose from as well. This is definitely a range worth viewing.

Patterned panties for men, view the full range here!

Smooth Move Panties For Men

vanity fair panties

Are you tired of getting you panties in a bunch? Finding that your lingerie is creeping into crevices you’d rather keep it out of? These high cut panties from Vanity Fair are designed to stay where you put them, whether that be in your dresser drawer, or on your derriere. They come in a relatively wide range of colors, by which I mean you can get the usual beige, white and black along with an interesting pink dotted number shown above and a ‘grey steel’, which puts me in mind of Zoolander’s Blue Steel. And a little of Le Tigre, but now we digresse.

Made of super soft microfiber, these are panties designed for your personal comfort and enjoyment. Yes, they’re high cut, no a Victoria’s Secret Angel probably wouldn’t strut them down the catwalk – mostly because it would be a breach of contract, but you can’t say that these panties aren’t incredibly well designed. And with a special ‘no ride up’ guarantee, you can wear these in confidence.

Vanity Fair Smooth Moves Hi Cut Panties

Secret Lace Panty Four Pack

four pack panties

I can’t work out if these are pretty panties or ugly panties. I think they might be both, depending on context, mood and historical era. At any rate, these are a four pack of very uniquely styled panties including houndstooth panties, faded curtain lace panties, floral panties and even the famed ‘dowager’s mattress’ panties. These will appeal to anyone with a retro aesthetic, but not to anyone who is frightened by ornate wallpaper.

4 Pack: Secret Lace Variety Boy-short Panties

Vanity Fair Body Caress Panties

leopard print panties for men

A well fitting pair of panties is like a gentle caress, which is why these panties are so aptly named. These come in all the normal ‘simple’ Vanity Fair colors, whites and beiges and everything on the spectrum of plain. They also come in the leopard print pictured and a shocking pink pair that adds a much needed blush of color to the range.

(Oh, and these panties are on sale, so if you’re reading this around the time of writing, you could get yourself a bargain!)

Vanity Fair Body Caress Brief Panties

Coquette Ruffle Panty Shorts

If this post had a sub-title, it would be ‘because I wouldn’t shut up about ruffles yesterday.’

cute ruffle panties for men

These very popularly ruffled panties are adorable, aren’t they? They come in red, black, pink and white. With a bow on the backside of these panties, you’ll be looking over your shoulder and into the nearest reflective surface all night long.

The sizing is what makes these panties interesting. They come in a ‘one size fits most’ and then a ‘one size plus’ and an ‘extra small’. It’s pretty clear that the manufacturer got all hopped up on frills and forgot that we already have words for those sizes – ‘small’ ‘medium’ and ‘large’.

They’re also technically speaking ‘shorts’ which means you can wear them as outerwear. Did I just give you the best idea ever? I hope so! You can wear your favorite panties underneath, then slip these ruffle panty shorts over the top. Layering is big among the panty wearing population, and for good reason. It looks great and it feels even better. Ruffle style panties and panty shorts are also excellent for creating and accentuating curves, so if you’re going for a feminine shape and feel, it’s hard to go past the a nice ruffling.

Batman himself recommends these panty shorts with an ardor I find quite charming:

batman buys panties (Click to enlarge image.)

Ready to check them out for yourself?

Coquette Ruffle Shorts with Back Bow

Bali’s Moderate Control Panties, For Men With A Moderate Need For Lingerie Control

comfortable sensible panties

These panties from Bali combine a sensible, no frills comfortable panty design with lace accents – or in other words, frills. Because let’s face it, nobody ever actually doesn’t want frills. We all want frills all the time. I’ve written the word frills a silly number of times for a pair of panties that actually aren’t frilled.

They are however, rather lovely with all their lace, and they come in a two pack, so you can wear one whilst hand-washing the others in an airplane bathroom sink. Or some other scenario. They come in pure white, deep black and dreary beige, so you won’t be flustered when it comes to a choice in colors – or overstimulated by bright patterns.

Solid. That’s what these panties are. Reliable. Like a jeep, but slightly easier on the eyes.

Bali Microfiber Moderate Control Brief Two Pack