Two Dollar Floral Panties

yellow panties for men

The previous panties I featured were super floral and super expensive. These panties are also floral and not at all expensive. Not at all. They also come in four color trim combinations, black, purple, pink and yellow. Because these are panties designed for the budget concious they didn’t bother making up expensive names for ‘pink’, they could have called it ‘rosy dawn’ and they could have called the yellow ‘golden hibiscus’ and they could have called the black ‘noir noir’ and they could have called purple ‘fuscia folly’. And now I’ve called them all those things.

Bijou Bikini Panties On Sale Now!

Tattoo Panties | Lingerie Pour L’Homme

tattoo panties for men

These panties aren’t cheap, but they are unique and they are stunning. A strong floral motif is blazed across the wearer’s flesh, creating a visual effect that is as bold as it is beautiful. These panties don’t simply cover the wearer, they become one with the wearer. This is some high caliber French lingerie folks, yes it is.

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Chantelle Spandex Beauty Hi-Cut Panties

beautiful satin panties for men

Occasionally I come across a pair of panties that is special. Well, all panties are special, but some are more special than others, as the saying goes. These black and violet hi-cut panties from Chantelle are beautiful. They have sheen and shine and grace – and let us not forget the tasteful black lace. I love the way the center panel is presented with contrast piping and a light lace cover. They’re elegant, they’re ladylike, they’re a cut above – and I suspect they know it.

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Under Armour Panties For Men

underarmor thong panties for men

These aren’t just panties. These are action panties, designed for active wearers. They feature anti-microbial material that inhibits the growth of bacteria and therefore smelliness. These panties come in both a cheeky and thong cut, so it depends how much or little material you like in the rear. Though the cuts are undeniably feminine, I feel that these might make good crossover panties for men who are kind of sort of pretending that the panties they’re wearing weren’t originally designed for women (Under Armor has lines for both men and women), or for men who like plausible deniability. Or for anyone who is active in hot conditions.

(As a side note, thanks to everyone who has responded to the call for contributions for the He Wears Panties Book. I’m having some trouble returning email to aol adresses, so if I you’ve mailed me from such an address and not recieved a reply, that may be why. I’ve been overwhelmed by the response so far, but I will reply to all emails. Thank you all!)

Check out Pure Stretch Thong Bottoms by Under Armour

Cleo Marcie Pretty Panties With Two Names

pretty mesh frill panties for men

You know a pair of panties is going to be nice when it has not one but two female names hanging off it like secretaries on the arms of a magnate. These panties are delicate and feminine fresh, but also quietly involved with heart scalloped front panel flanked by contrasting bows. These panties also come with matching brassiere, which makes them perfect for mixing and matching, or anyone who likes complete sets of things.

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Thanks to everyone who responded to my note about the upcoming book. If you’d like to share your experiences, good, bad or indifferent of being a man who likes to wear lingerie, the email address is:


He Wears Panties – There Will Be A Book

Hello lingeristas! I have good news – I’m working on a proper book, the result of years of writing on the subject of lingerie freedom for men. There’s no drop date as yet, but I am anticipating some time in the not too distant future. I’ve played around with the idea before, four years ago, but there’s a lot more material now and the manuscript is well under way. In the meantime, if you’d like to contribute any personal tales to the book about your experiences being a man who wears lingerie, positive and negative (names redacted, privacy fully respected) please drop me a line at the following address:


Here’s an excerpt from a section of the book thus far simply titled: Touch

Some men like lingerie purely because it feels better than the underwear produced ‘for men’. Men’s fashions tend to focus on the utilitarian aspects of clothing. If a man wants to find thick, heavy cotton underwear, he can do that all day and all night. If he wants to find something that slides sensually against his skin – well, then he is told that he has a fetish.

This is a serious point of contention in the world where men wear panties. Whilst some men do undeniably wear lingerie for fetishistic reasons, others, who simply want to wear something much nicer than has been allotted to them by General Society (a hard bitten entity if ever there was one) find themselves shoved suddenly in the same category as full time crossdressers by people who have never really thought about lingerie and why they believe it should only be worn by women, and never intend on doing so. Whilst there is nothing wrong with being a fulltime crossdresser, men who are not, yet are treated as if they were, find that a tad tedious. It is both tiresome and disrespectful to avoid the effort of trying to understand a person by simply applying the closest label that comes to hand and shuttling them off to the ‘too hard, too silky, too soft’ basket.

Western women, used to our almost limitless options when it comes to adorning our bodies, can find it difficult to understand the challenge a man faces when he wants to wear anything besides a suit or jeans. Fashion options for men are locked way down, and any deviation from the norm is harshly noted and occasionally even punished by society at large.

Eda2000 Plus Size Panty Sale


Right now on, Eda2000 pretty plus size panties are flying off the shelves. They all seem to be at about half price and they’re utterly gorgeous. These panties feature mesh backs, satin embroidery, lace panels and so much more. There are more designs and styles on sale than can easily be counted, and the panties listed here are only the beginning of the plus size panty sale mayhem. Click on any of the images in this article to find out more about these panties.

satinpanties for men

black lace panties for men

white lace panties

pink satin panties for men

wine panties for men

Ermagherd, Eberjey Boythong Beige Panties

boythong panties for men

Two instances of beige within one week? Do my eyes decieve me? They do not, because there is a lot of mesh and lace going on in a very small amount of surface area here, which makes these panties highly technical and probably suited to anyone in the fields of Engineering or Entropy or English. Or Eneything. You see what I did there and you wish I hadn’t. But look, pretty panties!

Eberjey Cleo Boythong Panties!

Chirping Sunshine Hanky Panky Thong

chirpy pantiesOkay, this thong is seriously cute, and the reason it is seriously cute isn’t the birdies fluttering around the flowers. It’s the fact that these are high waisted panties in the front and cheeky thongs in the back, with a thick waistband sitting above the scrap of fabric which tucks neatly in between the wearer’s cheeks. Very light, very summery, and fashionably on-trend! The only possible problem you might find with these is that they are one-size fits all, so if you’re much bigger than a 12, it could be a stretch.

Hanky Panky Chirping Sunshine Thong Panties

The Thrill of Secret Panties

There are a lot of reasons why men like to wear lingerie. In some cases it is about tactile sensation, in other it is a feeling of femininity, and for some men it is all about the taboo – the secret breaking of the social contract which says men’s underwear should be nothing but functional. For men who wear lingerie for the taboo, sharing their fetish might very well defeat the purpose entirely. After all, it’s hard to get a thrill from rebellion if those around you know about it and don’t mind it.

This creates quite a quandary for some panty wearing men. In order to enjoy a dirty little secret, it must stay a dirty little secret. And are we entitled to such secrets in our lives? Surely we must be. There is no law, written or unwritten that says we must be an open book to the world.

Now, I’m well aware that this contradicts 90% of my previous advice about wearing lingerie and having an intimate relationship. I still do think that it is a good idea to share one’s love of lingerie when and where possible, for the betterment of the relationship and for the expressing of the self. At the end of the day, or indeed, at the bottom of the panty drawer, it may not be the secret that matters. The motivation might be the more important thing. It’s one thing to hide a lingerie fetish because one enjoys it. It’s quite something else to be hiding one out of shame.

And now… for our Featured Panties!

beige hipster panties

In this post I’m also breaking a taboo of my own: I’m featuring a beige pair of panties. The first such pair of panties I’ve liked in a very, very long time. These panties managed to charm me with mesh detailing and original embroidery, not to mention darker chocolate accents. These are made by Intimates Boutique, which is such a generic name for a lingerie house that I’m mildly suspicious it could be a front for something even more deliciously lacy and deviant. (I say deviant in a good way of course, the earth would not exist if it weren’t for the willingness of all creatures great and small to deviate from the norm once in a while.)

Intimates Boutique Beige Shirley Hipster Panties

Peachy Keen Bliss Mesh Briefs

peach mesh panties for men

These adorable mesh panties are just some of a very colorful range from Natori. Some of the patterns and colors are almost good enough to eat. They’re also wonderful for adding some seasoning and spice to your lingerie collection, with colors like a lime green ‘lemongrass’, which is really quite hard to collect. There are also a couple of pattern prints there, both animalistic and primal in nature. And of course, Natori represents quality, so you know that these will be heavenly comfortable to wear.

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