Hipster Hippy Art Deco Panties For Men

Art Deco Panties

The hipster in this description of hippy panties refers to the current (some would say admirable) trend of reaching into the past for fashion cues. Usually the recent past. Usually the 60’s and 70’s, which must never cease to amuse those who were young during that period and likely never expected to see a twenty something in 2013 smoothing an epic beard whilst wearing bell bottoms. But it’s happening. History repeats, and on a shorter and shorter cycle if our eyes are to be believed.

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Choose Comfort Panties For The Plus Sizes

comfort panties

These panties are very comfortable, and will make their own waistline if you don’t have one. Look at them, with their little see through lace waistband. These panties are made with plus size people in mind, which is good news if you happen to be plus sized and like these panties. (Actually, I find the whole ‘plus size’ concept sort of odd, I mean, surely all sizes are just sizes. ‘Plus’ size seems like an arbitrary distinction to me, much like ‘womens’ panties.

Comfort Choice Plus Size Panties!

High Cut, High Texture Panties for Men

amorette high cut panties for men

I know how much men who wear lingerie love hi-cut panties, and I think these particular panties will be a winner. The red is particularly stunning, but if you don’t like red, there’s black and white and even a pink option to choose from. The detailing on these panties is not overwhelming, I’d call it subtle. But it works. There’s attention paid to textural touches, which will make running one’s hand over the front panel an additionally pleasant experience, methinks. One could even say that these panties are textured for his pleasure.

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Xzyd Panties For The Artistic Man

van gough panties for men

Are these panties weird, or amazing, or both? Yes. Yes they are. I knew I was on to a winner when I saw the brand name Xzyd. That’s the name someone chooses when they’ve been trying to come up with something good for a while, but they’ve freshly given up and thrown the task of naming to their kitten, Mr Smooshykins, who just won’t stop walking on the keyboard. Oh Mr Smooshykins, you’re lucky we love you.

The panties pictured put me in mind of a picture of a Van Gough painting taken by subterfuge in a museum that doesn’t allow any pictures. The dark option is not the only option in this range, there are bright yellows, stunning reds and even a winter ocean gray, each of them displaying a panel of tie dye fabric center stage, rimmed by lace and embroidered with good taste.

Check out the full range of Xzyd Lace Floral Panties

Adorable Mesh Ribbon Panties

thread bow panties

These panties have been designed with a hot pink ribbon threaded about the waist. I find these so adorable, both because of the ribbon, and the polka dot of the mesh fabric. These are light panties, playful panties. Low cut panties that do not cover too much, but also do not cover too little. In addition to the pale blue panties pictured, you can also get these in black and white – although not at the same time. The black is dark and sensual, the white creates a more innocent, nigh bridal look.

Curvy Kate Portia Panties…

Tommy Hilfiger Has Ruched Panties For You

ruched panties from tommy holfigher

These ruched thong panties also look like boyshorts on occasion, but that’s probably because Tommy Hilfiger knows what’s important is what’s in the rear of panties and what’s on the seam of the panties. What’s in the rear is a thong. What’s on the seams is ruching, a method of gathering fabric so it sort of looks as though your waistband is a set of nice curtains. That is not how Tommy Hilfiger would describe it (because they describe black and white polkadot panties as ‘Doo Wop Dop Twilight’.) They know no limits.

Tommy Hilfiger Ruched Thong Panties…

Honeydew Havasu Ikat Panties

yellow panties for men

Ikat: a resist dyeing process akin to tie dyeing.

There. That should clear up at least 1/4 of the possible confusion caused by the name of these panties. However, as our old friend Shakespeare once asked, what is in a name? Would a pair of yellow trim low cut panties be any less sweet if their name were accessible to people who hadn’t taken a ‘fabrics of indigenous peoples’ paper in university? The asnwer if course is nay. Their allure is entirely independent of their hipsterish and altogether accurate name.

Honeydew Intimates Havasu Ikat Panties

Fantasie Floral Short Panties

fantasie floral short panties

Look at these panties! It’s as if a floral bikini met a pair of mesh shorts and mated all night long to create these theoretically boyshort panties with a very pretty purple pastel floral body. With results like these it’s safe to say that the mad panty scientists are doing some excellent work in the lab these days. These panties also have a name, ‘Amanda’, which is good, because knowing a panty’s name is the first step to obtaining its secret panty power, or something like that. There has to be a reason they give panties names, right ?

Fantasie Amanda Short Panties

On Sale Now, Delectable Dot Panties with Panache!

silver panties for men

With shimmering silver sheen, these are some fancy mesh panties with an interesting dot pattern, that I, for one, find visually appealing. These panties are no doubt just as much at home in glittering nightclubs as they are on the Sorbonne. Or eating Sorbet. Or whatever else you might choose to do with them.

Delectable Dots Boyshort Panties

Panache panties

And, because the panties mentioned above are in tremendously short supply, here are some cute as a cupcake pink and white panties – also running short on stock, so get in quick if these whet your appetite :)

Panache “Sophie” Short Panties