Black Lace Boyshort Panties

Is there any kind of panty  more darkly  alluring and mysterious than the black lace panty? The panties pictures are from Affinitas Intimates, a lingerie designer evidently highly skilled in the art of taking playful panty styles and coaxing the deeper allure out of them. I love the slightly vintage feel of the large floral […]

Wearing History, Most Excellent Vintage Dresses

Vintage clothing is always in. Why? Well, mostly because allows us to play dress up and make believe in a way that still appears to be stylish and hip. It’s funny, the unspoken rules we have concerning dress. If you want to pretend that you are an 18th century lady, people will admire your vintage […]

Jade Green Rose Red Lingerie

Lingerie is best when worn in combination with other lingerie. Lingerie lends itself to layering, but it doesn’t much lend itself to lending. Something about hygiene or something along those lines. I don’t know. Who can keep clean thoughts in their head when feasting eyes on satin and lace in colors which are frankly more […]

Satin French Knickers by What Katy Did

I’ve got three words to say to you. Satin. French. Knickers. (Tattooed thighs optional.) These panties sport vintage styling, so you can time travel in lingerie that doesn’t just cover the important parts, but bathes your entire nether area in satiny softness that has to be felt to be believed. The little flick type skirt […]

Lovely Silky Smooth Lace Camisoles For Men

I do like a man in a camisole, probably for similar reasons that men like women in camisoles. That lovely smooth fabric (especially if silk or fine nylon) sliding over skin is a sensual pleasure like no other. Panties are lovely of course, but a panty / camisole combination provides so much more scope for […]

Buying Second Hand Lingerie

Ah second hand lingerie. It has such a bad name for itself, thanks to Japan and its weird vending machines of days gone by, but second hand lingerie can be a boon for the lingerie lover. It is cheap, it quite often has something of a ‘vintage’ charm, and it is cheap. Did I say […]

Pretty Floral Skirts For Men

Floral prints, I’ve talked about them at length before, noting their vintage charm, their ye olde appeal and their undeniable association with femininity. Floral print skirts can work for men just as well as they do for women, and come in a wide range of styles and designs. Read on…

Kiss Me Deadly Girdles and Suspenders

Lingerie isn’t worth wearing if it doesn’t imply some sort of dire physical threat, at least, that’s how I’ve always felt. It wasn’t until the advent of Kiss Me Deadly lingerie that I felt a lingerie designer truly understood the needs of the dark side of the lingerie wearer. Fortunately, Kiss Me Deadly isn’t some […]

Lovely Ladies Lace Gloves

Lace gloves, how pretty, how lovely, how feminine, how proper, how delightfully Victorian retro vintage.  They’re like lingerie for your hands! Lace gloves are the perfect fashion accessory when one wants to say ‘My, look at how quirky and fashionable I am,’ without sacrificing manual dexterity in one’s digits. Wearing lace gloves one is still […]