Jack Smith’s Lace Thong Panties For Men….

… who like their panties to have masculine names. Isn’t it refreshing to see some pretty lace panties made under a masculine moniker? There are so many panties out there with names like Elle or Chanelle, or Sashay Chantay, or Madeline, or Normandie Ellene. Now there’s a Jack Smith, a panty fox in the lingerie […]

Groovin’ Thong Panties For Men

Groovin’ makes panties for men, real panties for real men. (As opposed to fake panties for fake men. Or imaginary panties for imaginary men, or something along those lines. I can’t imagine what a fake pair of panties would be. Maybe some trousers in disguise? Spy pants?) Anyway, these are gorgeous, tailored with the male […]

Emotions, Thong Panties From Calvin Klein

These beautiful panties have a stunning lace mesh band across the waistband, a thick splash of sensuality which offsets the skimpyness of the thong experience. And they’re made by Calvin Klein, which is sort of nice if you like that sort of thing. The panties featured above could be a perfect personal Christmas present in […]

Rosme Lace Thong Panties

These panties have a very distinct European flavor, being light and lacy with a touch of refinement in the fabric pattern. If you’ve ever wanted the experience of wearing panties to be akin to a silky holiday in a castle, then these may get you to that point. They may also tell you that absinthe […]

Shapely Long Thong Panties

The thing about thong panties is that the wearer is often denied the pleasure of a great expanse of lingerie. With these long line shaping thong panties, that’s not so much of an issue. You can have the cute thong cut that leaves your derriere bare for activities of one shape or another, and also […]

Wacoal Full Bloom Thong Panties

These pretty floral panties come in the thong style, which means tasteful lace coverage in the front and a bare derriere in the back. Some people might be insulted at the description of thongs being the mullet of the lingerie world, but if you push that analogy to the extreme, that means, in lingerie time, […]

Calvin Klein Bottom Up Thong Panties

Thong th- thong thong thong. Here are some panties that will have you singing a pretty lingerie song! These are some CK panties with a cheeky little name. A pun for your buns as it were. The pair pictured at the top of this little piece are what CK calls a ‘catwalk print’. They did […]

On Gossamer Layered Luxe Thong Panties

These panties have a name that makes them sound like one of Santa’s Reindeer, which is a strong selling point. Aside from that they’re also gorgeous, shiny and many layered oh and they have dark contrasting lace. What more can you want? What more do you want? They’ll adorn your crotch region whilst leaving your […]

Jezebel Thong Panties

These pretty pink thong panties simply look good enough to eat. The details are complex, with hints of ruffles, patches of lace and smooth pink satiny material set off with string style sides. The rear triangle of satin and lace is the perfect ornament for any discerning behind. Men who love detailed panties will be […]

Hipsters and Thongs, Blooming Panties

Today’s panty post is bought to you by pink and purple, a gorgeous duo which don’t appear often enough in the panty palette. These panties are by Passionata, who understand that bold colors aren’t just enough, you also need original lace designs, a super fine cut and cheeky dimpled dots to have a panty party. […]

Ermagherd, Eberjey Boythong Beige Panties

Two instances of beige within one week? Do my eyes decieve me? They do not, because there is a lot of mesh and lace going on in a very small amount of surface area here, which makes these panties highly technical and probably suited to anyone in the fields of Engineering or Entropy or English. […]

Thong Multi-Pack Means Many Panties

90% Nylon. 10% Spandex. 100% coverage (if by coverage we mean having panties for every day of the week, because these are thong panties and let’s face it, coverage isn’t precisely what thong panties do best.) These thong panties come in a 3, 4, 5, 8 or 10 pack and a range of pretty prints. […]