Ruffled Sides Polka Dot Bikini Panty

These panties are perfect for a hot day, or for trying to remember what a hot day might feel like on a cold day. I love the adorable little side ruffles, which are just pronounced enough to provide feminine flounce, but not so thick that you won’t be able to wear them under every day […]

Jezebel Thong Panties

These pretty pink thong panties simply look good enough to eat. The details are complex, with hints of ruffles, patches of lace and smooth pink satiny material set off with string style sides. The rear triangle of satin and lace is the perfect ornament for any discerning behind. Men who love detailed panties will be […]

Sexy Sheer Panties For Men

Sheer panties hold a special place in my heart, I’m not entirely sure why, but I’m pretty sure it is something to do with the way they feel and look so incredibly sexy. Amongst the panties I have selected for you today are offerings from high end designers like Armani, and more cost effective brands […]

Sweet Intimate Sensual, Sexy Yummy Panties

Sweet – Sweet lingerie you feel better just slipping into… Intimate – Intimacies kept locked away within yourself for so long… Sensual – A world of sensation is waiting for you… Sexy – Unleash the desires within… Yummy – And taste that which awaits you… Oh yes, this is S.I.S.S.Y Lingerie for every man. Focusing […]

Lace Bralettes For Men

2 PACK: Black Lace Bralette A bralette is a little lacey introduction to the world of bra wearing. It is subtle, tasteful and does not require you to know your cup size. It is therefore perfect for men who do not have the time to stand about measuring themselves or who have a physique that […]

Make Your Backside A Feature Presentation…

I love these panties. I love. these panties. Love them. They’re gorgeous, with a truly innovative rear design complete with frills, lace, ruffles and mesh. These panties are an event, perfect for the bedroom and private fun times, with a hint of retro rockabilly and all the modern allure of ultra stretch nylon and spandex. […]

Jezebel’s Skirted Garters for Men of Taste

Skirted garters are fairly self explanatory, like many other good things in life, the clue is in the title. What I love about these most is that they combine just a little hint of a skirt with the lingerie that so many men love, so you can dabble in additional feminine attire whilst remaining firmly […]