Lace Panties For Active Men

Are you the sort of man who does a lot of physical activity in his day to day life, making traditional lacy panties pretty uncomfortable after the first mile of sprinting? Well chafe no longer my friends, here are some panties designed to keep you comfortable, wick moisture away and look sweet whilst they do […]

Natori ‘Feathers’ Beige Lace Panties

Today’s lingerie selection was something I poured over for quite some time. I wanted something special, and when you’ve looked at as many pair of panties as I have (which, to be fair, many of you probably have,) you know that a sort of lingerie fatigue can set in after a while. But Natori is […]

Laura White ‘See Through’ Lace Panties

These are adorable. There’s just something about white panties that speaks to a certain innocence and purity, and in the case of these panties that ambiance is only enhanced by the lace that provides tantalizing peeks through to the skin beyond the garment. Laura White makes quite a few of these ‘see through’ panties that […]

Good Devil Lace Panties For Men

Here they come, the lace panties made for men, lace panties that not only fit the male figure, but also, and I quote ‘provide lift for your package’. Lovely. These are brilliant panties for men who don’t want the (social or perhaps spousal) hassle of wearing women’s underwear, and whilst that’s not every man who […]

Cheeky Lace Panties For Christmas

We’ll get to the pretty panties in a second, but first, Christmas madness! December 15th or thereabouts should be remembered as the day that went a bit mental and started putting choking hazard warnings on their panties and noting that they should not be given to children under three. I’d advise not giving adult […]

Lovely Lace Panties For Men

Lace panties are some of the most popular panty styles amongst all lingerie demographics, and for good reason. Lace looks amazing, is entirely feminine and also has a naughty little side effect of making your undergarments somewhat see through whilst still seeming to be refined and classy. Hanky Panky make one of the top lines […]

Very Naughty Lace Panties For Men

Panties are fun, panties are flirty, panties are the petticoats of the new millennium, which is why panty design has come so very far in the past 50 years or so. You see, at one time, a woman’s panties were really irrelevant. She wore so many layers of corsetry and petticoats that by the time […]

Bare Lace Hipster Panties

Want something low cut and so see through the point of panties is made almost, if not entirely redundant? If so, have I got the panties for you! Calvin Klein produces a rainbow of beautiful skimpy lace offerings. The color shown is ‘pink slip’, but you can find these in everything from ‘amplified blue’ to […]

Violet Lace Desire Panties For Men

Bali understands lace desire, and also the need for full rear coverage. These are panties with every day wearability and beauty all wrapped up in one silky smooth package. Nylon microfiber ensures that you’ll be comfortable as long as you’re wearing these panties, and the high cut ensures that there’s plenty of fabric to go […]

Pretty Lace Hipster Panties

Tommy Hilfiger knows how to structure layers of lace so they have the same effect as an Aztec pyramid without any of the need for blood sacrifice. And if that doesn’t make you want these panties, then I don’t know what will. Geometric panty hallucinations await those who don these panties, red, white and blue […]

Lace Kiss Hipster Panties

Wacoal have discovered a naughty side with their B Tempt’d line of panties, lacy, skimpy pieces of lingerie which flatter the wearer. Lace layered upon lace, different shades and patterns meshed together to create sexy appeal. Much like the name of the label, these are modern, a little bit edgy, and always fun. Click here […]